U.S. Highway 129

Unlike its parent within the Peach State, U.S. 129 strays away from Interstates for the most part. The U.S. Highway travels the height of Georgia from the Florida state line southeast of Valdosta, to the Tennessee state line in the north Georgia Mountains. U.S. 129 serves the cities of Warner Robins, Macon, Athens and Gainesville on the 375 mile route.

Through Gainesville, U.S. 129 was relocated initially to the south. Athens Highway / E.E. Butler Parkway was completed as a new four-lane facility to the west of Athens Street (old U.S. 129) by 1970. AASHTO signed off on the new alignment on November 6 of that year.

A second change in Gainesville took place when a new alignment (Limestone Parkway) was constructed from Cleveland Highway south to Jesse Jewell Parkway on the east side of the city. The relocation was approved by AASHTO on June 4, 1990. It included the recognition of U.S. 129 Business over the former route along Park Hill Drive south to Downtown.

U.S. 129 Alternate branches east from U.S. 29 at Hawkinsville to connect U.S. 129 with U.S. 23 at Cochran. U.S. 23 and 129 Alternate overlap north from there to Macon. AASHTO approved the temporary marking of U.S. 129 Alternate along what was previously the U.S. 129 mainline, between Hawkinsville and Macon, on November 12, 1976. The Alternate route remains signed today, with U.S. 129 traveling northwest to Warner Robins and with U.S. 41 into Macon. AASHTO made the U.S. 129 realignment northwest over SR 247 and SR 49 to Macon official on July 13, 1976.

U.S. 129 north
Four blocks removed from the Exit 1 interchange of Interstate 16, U.S. 129 intersects Georgia 22 and the northern terminus of U.S. 129 Alternate (Clinton Road). The alternate route follows U.S. 80 to the east out of Macon before turning southward along U.S. 23 (Emery Highway) east of Warner Robins (pop. 48,804). The highway rejoins U.S. 129 at Hawkinsville (pop. 3,280). Photo taken 12/15/01.
Span wire diagram sign for the split of U.S. 129 and Georgia 11 at the town of Gray (pop. 1,811). Where one Georgia route leaves, another begins. This transition involves the beginning of a 23 mile overlap between U.S. 129 and Georgia 44 between Gray and Eatonton (pop. 6,764). Photo taken 12/15/01.
Just south of Eatonton is split of U.S. 129 with Georgia 44 and the beginning of Business U.S. 129 & 441. U.S. 441 enters the area from the southeast via Milledgeville. At Eatonton, U.S. 129 and 441 begin a lengthy overlap to the city of Athens (pop. 100,266). Photo taken 12/15/01.
U.S. 129 south
U.S. 129 southbound within the Interstate 985/U.S. 23/Georgia 365 interchange near Gainesville (pop. 25,578). This photograph displays U.S. 129 southbound at the northbound Interstate 985 ramp. Note the lack of companion U.S. 23 and Georgia 385 shields. Interstate 985 terminates at the next northbound interchange (Exit 24 - Georgia 369). U.S. 129 continues southward 14 miles with Georgia 11 to Interstate 85. Photo taken 10/15/01.
A myriad of routes are displayed on span wire sign assemblies on southbound U.S. 129 near the interchange with Interstate 16: Georgia 11 follows U.S. 129 from Gray (pop. 1,811) southward to the Florida state line. A wrong-way multiplex with U.S. 23 begins at roughly this location, as U.S. 23 and Georgia 19 enter U.S. 129 from the east. The last element on this assembly is Georgia 49. Georgia 49 connects Macon with Milledgeville (pop. 18,757) 30 miles to the northeast at U.S. 441. The state route joins U.S. 129 less then a mile north of the Interstate 16 interchange and follows U.S. 129 southward through Macon (before departing for Byron [pop. 2,887] at Interstate 75). Georgia 22 also flows through this interchange with U.S. 129 to U.S. 80. Note the downtown skyline of Macon in the background. Photos taken 01/18/04.
U.S. 129 southbound at Interstate 16 within the city of Macon (pop. 97,255). The interchange with U.S. 129 marks the last on the Interstate 16 mainline before the freeway terminates at Interstate 75. U.S. 129 continues southward into downtown Macon on an overlap with U.S. Highway 80. Photo taken 12/15/01.

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