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U.S. 84 overlaps with U.S. 27 for 3.1 miles along a freeway through the city of Bainbridge. The freeway was designated as Georgia 38 Loop when it was completed, with AASHTO approving a relocation of both U.S. 27 and U.S. 84 onto it on October 14, 1967. U.S. 84 Business was assigned to Shotwell Street (old U.S. 84) across the city, and dropped from Dothan Road across the Flint River to West Bainbridge. Dothan Road was renumbered as U.S. 27 Business.

The Thomasville bypass takes U.S. 84 around the north side of the city to U.S. 19 and U.S. 319. AASHTO approved the relocation of U.S. 84 onto the 4.8 mile long four-lane highway on June 26, 1985. The same action established a Business loop for U.S. 84 along the former route to Downtown, and realigned U.S. 84 to run in tandem with U.S. 19 south for 2.8 miles to a diamond interchange with Smith Avenue (former U.S. 84 west).

U.S. 84 angles northeast from Valdosta along a four-lane corridor (construction continues through 2018) to Waycross, where it meets U.S. 1, U.S. 23 and U.S. 82. The route bypasses Downtown Waycross to the south, which was approved by AASHTO on May 23, 1984.

Prior to 1988, when AASHTO approved an exchange between U.S. 82 and U.S. 84, U.S. 84 extended east from Waycross to the city of Brunswick. Both U.S. 82 and U.S. 84 were relocated so that U.S. 84 continued northeast from Waycross to I-95 at Midway, and U.S. 82 overtook former U.S. 84 east to Interstate 95 outside Brunswick. The changes were made to simplify navigation, with the corridors from Valdosta to Savannah and Tifton to Brunswick using a single route number.

The arterial route U.S. 84 takes through Blackshear in Pierce County was completed in 1968 as a new alignment of U.S. 82 (per AASHTO on June 18, 1968).

U.S. 84 Georgia Highway Guides

U.S. 84 Business
U.S. 84 sees a business loop through the city of Bainbridge that is cosigned with Georgia 38 Business. The routing follows Shotwell Street through downtown as the U.S. 84 mainline travels with U.S. 27 along the Bainbridge bypass freeway. Pictured here is a span-wired supported reassurance sign posted after Boulevard Drive in east Bainbridge. Photo taken 02/12/06.
Just a 0.75 miles east of Boulevard Drive is the U.S. 84 Business & Georgia 38 Business return to U.S. 84 & Georgia 38 at the Bainbridge bypass east end. Photo taken 02/12/06.
A small guide sign directs motorists onto U.S. 84 west to Donaldsonville, which is west of Bainbridge, and Climax and Cairo for U.S. 84 eastbound on the drive to Thomasville. Photo taken 02/12/06.
An end sign exists for U.S. 84 Business at the junction with U.S. 84 and the Bainbridge bypass. The junction between the two highways is at-grade. Photo taken 02/12/06.
Motorists to U.S. 84 west to U.S. 27 (Tallahassee Highway) depart U.S. 84 Business (Shotwell Street) west. A wide grassy area exists between the U.S. 84 carriageways at the freeway end. U.S. 84 eastbound (Thomasville Road) otherwise overtakes Shotwell Street for the 36-mile drive to Thomasville. Photo taken 02/12/06.

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