U.S. Highway 76 South Carolina

U.S. 76 East
U.S. 76 & South Carolina 28 (Clemson Boulevard) eastbound at the Exit 19 cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 85. Pictured here is the southbound on-ramp to the freeway for traffic bound for Atlanta and points west. Photo taken 07/23/04.
The northbound loop ramp onto Interstate 85 departs U.S. 76 & South Carolina 28 eastbound for Greenville and Spartanburg. U.S. 76 & South Carolina 28 (Clemson Boulevard) continue two miles to their split at U.S. 178 outside of the Anderson city limits. U.S. 76 & 178 overlap along Main Street into town. Photo taken 07/23/04.
U.S. 21 & 321 north and U.S. 76 east & 176 west
(Business Spur Interstate 126 east)
Descending from the Elmwood Street viaduct over the CSX Railroad line on U.S. 76-176 east/west & U.S. 21-321 northbound in the capital city of Columbia. Ahead are the intersections with Lincoln Street, Park Street, and Assembly Street (South Carolina 48). Photo taken 01/18/04.
Span wire supported signs advise motorists of the impending U.S. 76 eastbound split with U.S. 21-176-321 north ahead of the Assembly Street intersection. South Carolina 48 sees its northern terminus at the intersection ahead. Photo taken 01/18/04.
Interstate 126 & U.S. 21-76-176-321 shield assembly posted at the South Carolina 48 northern terminus at Elmwood Avenue. South Carolina 48 travels from central Columbia southward to Interstate 77 and U.S. 601 at Wateree. Photo taken 01/18/04.
U.S. 21-176-321 turn northward onto Main Street from U.S. 76 (Elmwood Avenue). From there U.S. 176 westbound departs U.S. 21-321 (Main Street) for River Drive on one half mile. Photo taken 01/18/04.
U.S. 76 eastbound reassurance shield on the block between Main and Sumter Streets. It is unclear as to whether or not Business Spur Interstate 126 ends at the intersection of Main Street or that of Bull Street (South Carolina 277). Photo taken 01/18/04.

Elmwood Avenue comes to an end at the southern terminus of South Carolina 277 (Bull Street). From here U.S. 76 turns southward along Bull Street to U.S. 1 & 378 (Gervais Street). There the U.S. highway turns east. Photo taken 01/18/04.
U.S. 76 East
U.S. 76 meets Interstate 95 at a five-ramp parclo interchange west of Florence in eastern South Carolina. The U.S. highway widens to four lanes on its approach to Florence and meets Interstate 95 four miles west of the city. Pictured here is the loop ramp onto Interstate 95 southbound for motorists bound to Manning and Savannah, Georgia. Photo taken 06/25/05.
A second loop ramp carries drivers onto Interstate 95 northbound ahead of its interchange with the east end of Interstate 20 and Business Spur Interstate 20 (David H. McLeod Boulevard) into Florence. U.S. 76 meets Business Spur 20's end two miles west of downtown. Photo taken 06/25/05.
U.S. 76 West
U.S. 76 westbound on the approach to junction Interstate 95 outside of Florence. Interstate 95 bypasses Florence to the west between Fayetteville, North Carolina and Lake Marion, South Carolina. The freeway generally serves through traffic interests in South Carolina, however a six-lane section exists as Florence. Photo taken 06/25/05.
Westbound at the northbound on-ramp to Interstate 95. Interstate 95 interchanges with Interstate 20 & Business Spur Interstate 20 in three miles. The freeway sees four Florence area interchanges before heading northeast to Dillon and Lumberton, North Carolina. Photo taken 06/25/05.
U.S. 21 & 321 south and U.S. 76 west & 176 east
(Business Spur Interstate 126 west)
Junction shield assembly for U.S. 21-176-321 on U.S. 76 (Elmwood Avenue) westbound in the city of Columbia. U.S. 21 & 321 south and U.S. 176 east turn onto Elmwood Avenue two blocks ahead at Main Street. A traffic signal exists beforehand with Sumter Street. Photo taken 01/18/04.
An old set of signs adorns a span wire ahead of the Elmwood Avenue intersection with Main Street (U.S. 21-176-321 north). Included in the assembly is the only remaining sign for Business Spur Interstate 126. The spur travels 0.5 miles east of the Elmwood Street viaduct and Interstate 126. Photo taken 01/18/04.
A closer look at the lone Business Spur Interstate 126 sign and the U.S. 21-176-321 northbound sign. The area to the right of the Business Spur shield includes a badly deteriorating U.S. 76 shield. Photo taken 01/18/04.
U.S. 76 westbound merges with U.S. 21-176-321 southbound at Main Street. Ahead the four highways add Business Spur Interstate 126 for a half mile drive to the Elmwood Street viaduct and Interstate 126. Photo taken 01/18/04.
One block into the five-way overlap is the northern terminus intersection of South Carolina 48 (Assembly Street). South Carolina 48 travels southward through downtown to the State Capital Complex and University of South Carolina campus area. Photo taken 01/18/04.
Entering the Elmwood Street viaduct over the CSX railroad line at Interstate 126. U.S. 21-176-321 turn southward onto Huger Street toward the left. Elmwood Avenue becomes Interstate 126 and carries U.S. 76 westward to Interstate 26. Photo taken 01/18/04.
U.S. 76 West
U.S. 76 west & 178 north split at the Main Street intersection with South Carolina 28 north of Anderson. From there U.S. 76 & South Carolina 28 join together along Clemson Boulevard two miles northwest to junction Interstate 85. A full-cloverleaf interchange join the tandem with the freeway below. Photo taken 07/23/04.
U.S. 76 & South Carolina 28 westbound reassurance shields posted after the interchange with Interstate 85 (Exit 19). The paired routes continue north along a four-lane divided highway to Clemson and U.S. 123. Photo taken 07/23/04.
U.S. 76 & 123 West
Business counterparts of U.S. 76 & 123 and South Carolina 28 once served the downtown area of Seneca (pop. 7,652) along North First Street. Retired in 2001, the bannered highways now carry South Carolina 130 southward to South Carolina 59 (South Oak Street). From the new southern terminus of South Carolina 130 westward, North First Street now carries South Carolina 59 north. Photo taken 08/19/00.
U.S. 76 west & U.S. 123 south and South Carolina 28 northbound reassurance shield assembly, posted after the junction with South Carolina 130. The three way overlap carries four lanes along a commercialized corridor between Seneca and Clemson. Photo taken 10/15/01.
The western end of the 25 mile U.S. 76 & U.S. 123 overlap occurs at the town of Westminster (pop. 2,743). The paired highways travel Windsor Street to the partition of North Avenue (U.S. 76) and Main Street/Toccoa Highway (U.S. 123). The guide signs display Georgia based control cities, as both routes traverse rural areas between Westminster and the state line. U.S. 76 westbound follows the northern tier of Georgia en route to its western terminus of Chattanooga, Tennessee. U.S. 123 sinks southwestward to the Tugaloo River crossing into the Peach State. Photo taken 10/15/01.

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