U.S. Highway 45

U.S. 45 North
Mileage sign posted on U.S. 45 northbound after it crosses the Alabama/Mississippi state line. Although U.S. 45 is only two lanes throughout this stretch, it is slated to be widened to four lanes from Buckatunna northward to Shubuta. Photo taken 02/10/02.
Welcome to Mississippi sign on U.S. 45 northbound. U.S. 45 nips the extreme northeastern corner of Green County upon entering the state. Soon thereafter it crosses into Wayne County as pictured with the guide sign in the background. Photo taken 02/10/02.
Northbound U.S. 45 at Mississippi 42. Although this signage only reflects that Mississippi 42 turns west, it indeed travels eastward to the state line of Alabama. This stretch, however, is unsigned. Photo taken 02/10/02.
A contextual photograph of the intersection of U.S. 45 north at Mississippi 42. To the west is the small town of State Line (pop. 395) and the De Soto National Forest. Photo taken 02/10/02.
U.S. 45 northbound at the Interstate 20/59 overlap east of Meridian. The original routing of U.S. 45, signed as Mississippi 145, had traveled within the city to the west. The highway is accessible from the freeway to the south and north. Mississippi 145 south of Meridian reminds one of northeastern Pennsylvania rather than eastern Mississippi! Photo taken 12/08/00.
U.S. 45 South
Situated in downtown Quitman, is this confluence of Mississippi 18 and the eastern terminus of Mississippi 512. This congested stretch of U.S. 45 has since been bypassed with an expressway to the east. The original routing pictured in this photograph is now signed as Mississippi 145. Photo taken 12/08/00.
Southbound U.S. 45 approaching the same intersection with Mississippi 42 yields different signage. To the east a short distance unsigned Mississippi 42 transitions into Alabama 56. This roadway continues on to Chatom and Wagarville, Alabama. Photo taken 02/10/02.

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