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Connecting Florida with Indiana, U.S. 27 serves a major north-south corridor near the western border of Georgia, connecting the cities of Bainbridge, Blakely, Columbus, La Grange, Carrollton, Cedartown, Rome, Summerville, and La Fayette via Georgia 1. While many sections of U.S. 27 are a four-lane divided highway, some sections remain rural with just two lanes.

U.S. 27 (Tallahassee Highway) meets U.S. 84 at a diamond interchange on the south side of Bainbridge. The two overlap along a freeway west around Downtown and across the Flint River to West Bainbridge. U.S. 27 Business, approved by AASHTO on October 14, 1967 along with the relocation of U.S. 27 onto the SR 38 Loop (U.S. 84) freeway, navigates through the Bainbridge street grid to Downtown. U.S. 27 Business takes Scott Street north, Shotwell Street (U.S. 84 Business) west, Broad Street north and Dothan Road west across the city.

U.S. 27 and 280 overlap 17 miles northwest from Wells Street in Cusseta to the Columbus Civic Center south of Downtown Columbus. The two routes originally met at Broad and Wells Street in the Cusseta city center. A new four-lane bypassed opened by 1974 to the south, shifting both routes away from town. The relocation was approved by AASHTO on November 16, 1974.

The section of U.S. 27 between Fort Benning and Columbus and Interstate 85 at LaGrange is superceded by Interstate 185. U.S. 27 Alternate loops east from Columbus to Greenville and Newnan, returning to its parent at Carrollton.

U.S. 27 shifts onto a 3.4 mile bypass of Lafayette as approved by AASHTO on December 12, 1988. The change also included redesignated the former route through the city as U.S. 27 Business.

U.S. 27 Georgia Highway Guides

U.S. 27 Alternate
Interstate 185 Georgia shields located on northbound U.S. 27 Alternate/Georgia 85 at Interstate 185 (Exit 7). U.S. 27 Alternate follows the Columbus-Manchester Expressway east northeast out of Columbus. The bannered highway does not return to U.S. 27 until reaching the city of Carollton (pop. 19,843) west of Atlanta. Photo taken 10/15/99.
U.S. Highway 27 Business
U.S. 27 sees a business loop through the city of Bainbridge as the highway mainline follows a freeway bypass to the west and south of town. U.S. 27 Business ventures east from the Bainbridge freeway bypass interchange with U.S. 84 along Dothan Road to West Bainbridge. U.S. 84 eastbound joins U.S. 27 south along the freeway, allowing for the U.S. 27 Business overtaking of Dothan Road through their diamond interchange. Photo taken 02/12/06.
A set of traffic lights governs the movement between U.S. 27 Business (Dothan Road) and the U.S. 27 north & 84 westbound off-ramp. Motorists turning north onto U.S. 27 head toward the Decatur County Industrial Air Park and Colquitt. Interests to Albany and Newton should remain on U.S. 27 Business south to its junction with Georgia 253 (Newton Road) north. Photo taken 02/12/06.
A half mile east of the Bainbridge freeway bypass interchange is the U.S. 27 Business merge with Georgia 253. Georgia 253 enters the scene from the Bainbridge State Docks area to the southwest along Spring Creek Road. The state route joins U.S. 27 Business briefly along Dothan Road to dogleg over to Newton Road. Photo taken 02/12/06.
The split of Georgia 253 (Newton Road) northbound from U.S. 27 Business (Dothan Road) southbound. Georgia 253 continues northeast 20 miles to Georgia 91; Georgia 91 travels northeast from there to Newton and Albany. Photo taken 02/12/06.
U.S. 27 Business spans the Flint River between Georgia 253 (Newton Road) and downtown Bainbridge. The Flint River bisects town on its southward flow from the Jonesboro and Albany areas. Photo taken 02/12/06.
Approaching Georgia 97 & 309 (Broad Street) on U.S. 27 Business (Calhoun Street) southbound. The forthcoming junction sees U.S. 27 Business join Georgia 97 & 309 southbound for a five-block merge along Broad Street into downtown Bainbridge. Photo taken 02/12/06.

Bainbridge, Georgia Road Map - SoutheastRoads

U.S. 27 Business (Calhoun Street) southbound at the turn onto Broad Street south. Georgia 97 & 309 enter the intersection from the northeast. The tandem join Bainbridge with northeastern Decatur County and the community of Vada. Photo taken 02/12/06.

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