U.S. Highway 25

U.S. 25 bypasses Jessup along side U.S. 301 from U.S. 341 (Golden Isles Parkway) to North 1st Street. AASHTO approved the realignment of U.S. 25 and U.S. 301 onto the 2.4 mile long controlled access highway on June 30, 1970.

U.S. 25 north
U.S. 25-341 & Georgia 27 northbound reassurance shields posted after their merge at Bay and Gloucester Streets in the city of Brunswick. Bay Street merges with Newcastle Street three blocks ahead. U.S. 25 & 341 overlap from Brunswick north 39 miles to the Wayne County seat of Jessup. Photo taken 07/22/04.
At Jessup, U.S. 25 splits with U.S. 341 and merges with U.S. 84 & 301. The trio then turn northeast across the Altamaha River on the 11-mile drive to Ludowici and Georgia 57. 21 miles northwest of there is the town of Glennville and split of Georgia 27 & 57 from the U.S. 25 & 301 overlap. Georgia 27 & 57 continue northwest 14 miles to U.S. 280 at Reidsville. U.S. 25 & 301 enter Claxton in 15 miles. Photo taken 07/22/04.
22 miles north of Claxton is the Bulloch County seat of Statesboro and U.S. 25 & 301 merge with Georgia 67. The multiplex enter downtown Statesboro and intersect U.S. 80. There U.S. 25 northbound turns westerly with U.S. 80 & Georgia 67 toward Hopeulikit. U.S. 301 meanwhile maintains a northward heading to Dover and Sylvania. Photo taken 07/22/04.
U.S. Highway 25 south
The southbound split of U.S. 341 & Georgia 27 from U.S. 25 at the intersection of Bay and Gloucester Streets in Brunswick. U.S. 25 turns east with Georgia 25 Connector though downtown along Gloucester Street to U.S. 17 & Georgia 25. U.S. 341 & Georgia 27 continue south along Bay Street to 1st Avenue. The Norfolk-Southern Railroad line parallels Bay Street southward to the Brunswick River marine terminal. Photo taken 07/22/04.
U.S. 25 & Georgia 25 Connector southbound at Newcastle Street west of downtown Brunswick. Newcastle Street becomes part of U.S. 341 & Georgia 27 south of 1st Avenue. Photo taken 07/22/04.
Southbound reassurance shield posted at the Gloucester Street intersection with Norwich Street. U.S. 25 & 341 follow Norwich Street into Brunswick from Georgia 303 (Blythe Island Highway) southward to Newcastle Street. Photo taken 07/22/04.
Gloucester Street maintains four-lanes between Bay Street (U.S. 341 & Georgia 27) east to U.S. 17 & Georgia 25 (New Jessup Highway). Pictured here is the signalized intersection with Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard east of the central business district. Photo taken 07/22/04.
Gloucester Street enters its intersection with U.S. 17 & Georgia 25 (New Jessup Highway). U.S. 17 & Georgia 25 straddle the eastern reaches of Brunswick between the Sidney Lanier Bridge and the Golden Isles Parkway at Cypress Mills. Guide signs posted at the U.S. 25 southern terminus direct motorists to the south Georgia communities of Darien and Woodbine. Photo taken 07/22/04.
An end sign resides at the intersection of Gloucester Street and U.S. 17 & Georgia 25 for both U.S. 25 and Georgia 25 Connector. U.S. 17 comprises a four-lane divided highway from Interstate 95 northward to the Glynco Jetport Airport. Use U.S. 17 north for the Saint Simons Island Causeway and U.S. 17 southbound for Georgia 520 (Jekyl Island Road). Photo taken 07/22/04.

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