South Carolina 12

South Carolina 12 follows a short freeway between West Columbia (pop. 13,064) and Columbia (pop. 116,278). The four-lane facility crosses the Congaree River and sees two interchanges. South Carolina 12 itself parallels U.S. 1 between Interstate 26 and downtown Columbia. The alignment between U.S. 1 (Augusta Road) and Huger Street (U.S. 21-176-321) is known as Jarvis Klapman Boulevard. From there the state highway partitions between the one-way couplet of Hampton Street (eastbound) and Taylor Street (westbound).

South Carolina 12 East
The freeway portion of South Carolina 12 (Jarvis Klapman Boulevard) begins at the intersection with North 12th Street. The freeway sinks below 9th Street for a diamond interchange. Photo taken 01/18/04.
The downtown Columbia skyline draws into view at the 9th Street interchange of South Carolina 12 east. 9th Street provides a north-south surface boulevard between U.S. 21-176-321 (Knox Abbott Drive) and U.S. 378 (Sunset Boulevard). Photo taken 01/18/04.
South Carolina 12 eastbound descends into the Congaree River valley. Ahead is the overcrossing of U.S. 378. There is no access from Jarvis Klapman Boulevard eastbound to Sunset Boulevard. For access to U.S. 378 drivers need to take 9th Street northbound. Photo taken 01/18/04.
A loop ramp dumps traffic from U.S. 378 (Sunset Boulevard) onto South Carolina 12 eastbound at the Congaree River. There is no westbound on-ramp but there is a westbound off-ramp. Photo taken 01/18/04.
The Congaree River Bridge of South Carolina 12 carries six overall lanes with no shoulders. The Jarvis Klapman Boulevard is the northernmost of three river crossings between Columbia and West Columbia. Photo taken 01/18/04.
Peering southward at the Congaree River crossing of U.S. 1 & 378 (Meeting Street). South of the Meeting Street Bridge is the final river crossing from Columbia, that of U.S. 21-176-321 (Blossom Street). Photo taken 01/18/04.
The Jarvis Clapman Boulevard freeway alignment for South Carolina 12 ends. Here westbound traffic enters the boulevard from Taylor Street. South Carolina 12 eastbound intersects U.S. 21-176-321 (Huger Street) one block ahead as Hampton Street. Photo taken 01/18/04.
The intersection of Hampton Street (South Carolina 12 east) at Huger Street (U.S. 21-176-321). Huger Street ends nine blocks to the north at Interstate 126 west & U.S. 76 (Elmwood Avenue). The trio turns east on Elmwood Avenue with Business Spur Interstate 126 & U.S. 76 to Main Street. South Carolina 12 continues six blocks into the central business district to South Carolina 48 (Assembly Street). The highway continues from there to Interstate 77 and Fort Jackson. Photo taken 01/18/04.
South Carolina 12 West
Interstate 126 trailblazer posted on Taylor Street westbound ahead of the intersection with Huger Street (U.S. 21-176-321). Interstate 126 & U.S. 76 travel westward from Elmwood Avenue to Interstates 26 and 20. Photo taken 01/18/04.
Crossing the Congaree River into West Columbia on South Carolina 12 (Jarvis Klapman Boulevard) westbound. The right-hand lane drops at the off-ramp to U.S. 378 (Sunset Boulevard). Photo taken 01/18/04.
A lone off-ramp departs South Carolina 12 westbound for U.S. 378 (Sunset Boulevard). There is no return access to Jarvis Klapman Boulevard directly. Motorists must use the nearby Ninth Street diamond interchange to return to South Carolina 12. U.S. 378 splits with U.S. 1 (Meeting Street) just south of the junction. From there Sunset Boulevard continues west to Interstates 26 and the town of Lexington. Photo taken 01/18/04.
Approach guide sign for the Ninth Street off-ramp of South Carolina 12 westbound. Ninth Street begins two blocks northward at U.S. 378 (Sunset Boulevard). Photo taken 01/18/04.
South Carolina 12 (Jarvis Klapman Boulevard) westbound at the Ninth Street off-ramp. Ninth Street intersects U.S. 1 (Augusta Road) two blocks to the south. South Carolina 12 itself concludes at Augusta Road in two miles. Photo taken 01/18/04.

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