Miscellaneous Statewide Photos

Future Interstate 73 Corridor sign on South Carolina 9 outside Cheraw (pop. 5,524). The path of Interstate 73 is still uncertain as some proponents wish to send the freeway eastward toward Myrtle Beach and others continue to focus on Charleston as the eventual southern terminus. Photo taken 06/23/00.
South Carolina 277 Freeway
Approaching the Farrow Drive (South Carolina 555) diamond interchange of South Carolina 277 northbound. The Northeastern Expressway commences at the intersection of Bull Street and Sunset Drive to the south. Pictured in this northward photograph are the Broad Street and Colonial Drive overpasses. Photo taken 12/15/01.
The third northbound South Carolina 277 interchange exists between the Northeastern Expressway and Interstate 20. The directional cloverleaf interchange provides access to both directions of Interstate 20. Movements between Interstate 20 west and South Carolina 277 north and South Carolina 277 south and Interstate 20 east are accomplished via the nearby Interstate 20 & 77 stack interchange. Photo taken 12/15/01.
U.S. Highways
The downtown Columbia area intersection of Gervais and Huger Streets represents the junction between five U.S. Highways. U.S. 1 north & U.S. 378 westbound travel Gervais Street and encounter this guide sign for the U.S. 21, 176, & 321 Huger Street overlap. Photo taken 08/05/00.
U.S. Highway 176
U.S. 176 east & South Carolina 9 southbound (Pine Street) approaching the eastern terminus of South Carolina 295 (Southport Road) in eastern Spartanburg County. South Carolina 295 loops south of Spartanburg between U.S. 176 & South Carolina 9 and Business Loop Interstate 85. Photo taken 09/04/04.
The westbound beginning of South Carolina 295 (Southport Road) departs U.S. 176 & South Carolina 9 (Pine Street) for White Stone and Spartanburg (pop. 39,673). Photo taken 09/04/04.
U.S. 176 east & South Carolina 9 south continue another 0.3 miles from South Carolina 295 to their split outside of Pacolet. South Carolina 9 continues eastward to Pacolet and Jonesville en route to Chester. U.S. 176 turns south to Union and Whitmire (pop. 1,512). Photo taken 09/04/04.
Westbound U.S. 176 & South Carolina 9 north (Pine Street) at the eastern terminus of South Carolina 295 (Southport Road). The Norfolk-Southern Railroad line crosses over U.S. 176 & South Carolina 9 ahead. The city of Spartanburg lies to the northwest. Photo taken 09/04/04.
South Carolina 11 (Cherokee Street) eastbound at U.S. 221 (Alabama Avenue) and the northbound beginning of U.S. 221 Alternate. Situated within the town of Chesnee, the split between U.S. 221 & 221A represents a partition in North Carolina traffic interests between Rutherdfordton and Alexander Mills. South Carolina 11 itself continues eastward to Interstate 85 and the city of Gaffney. Photo taken 09/02/01.
South Carolina 11 (Cherokee Street) eastbound at U.S. 221 (Alabama Avenue) in downtown Chesnee. The intersection pictured in the above photograph is pictured again here. The U.S. 221 Alternate shield posted in 2001 however was removed by 2004. Locals refer to U.S. 221 Alternate ahead as simply South Carolina 11 until the U.S. route splits with South Carolina 11 (Chesnee Highway) at South Carolina 110 for Cliffside Highway north within two miles. Photo taken 08/29/04.
State Highways
South Carolina 9
The split of South Carolina 18 from South Carolina 9 on Main Street in Jonesville (pop. 982). South Carolina 18 follows Pacolet Street out of town on the 18-mile drive to Gaffney (pop. 12,968). South Carolina 9 continues 6.8 miles northwest to Pacolet (pop. 2,690) and South Carolina 150. Photo taken 09/04/04.
South Carolina 9 (Pine Street) southbound approaching South Carolina 150 (Glenn Springs Road) in the town of Pacolet. South Carolina 150 joins Pacolet with nearby Pacolet Mills to the north. Photo taken 09/04/04.
South Carolina 9 (Pine Street) south at South Carolina 150 (Glenn Springs Road). South Carolina 150 travels 23 miles from South Carolina 56 near Glenn Springs to the city of Gaffney on the U.S. 29 corridor. Photo taken 09/04/04.
Entering the town of Jonesville (pop. 982) on South Carolina 9 (Main Street) southbound. Ahead is the Church Street connector between South Carolina 9 and the U.S. 176 corridor (Furman L. Fendley Highway). Photo taken 09/04/04.
Use Church Street 1.2 miles southbound via Road 44-12 to U.S. 176. U.S. 176 and South Carolina 9 diverge from one another on their respective paths outside of Jonesville. The U.S. highway enters the town of Union (pop. 8,793) nine miles to the south. Photo taken 09/04/04.
South Carolina 18 (Pacolet Street) merges onto South Carolina 9 southbound (Main Street) in Jonesville. The two highways link the community with Union and Chester (pop. 6,476) respectively. Photo taken 09/04/04.
South Carolina 14
South Carolina 14 southbound at South Carolina 11 in eastern Greenville County. South Carolina 11 represents the Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway throughout the Upstate of South Carolina. The state highway travels four miles east of here to U.S. 176 at Campobello (pop. 449). Photo taken 08/15/04.
2.3 miles south of South Carolina 11 is the eastern terminus of South Carolina 414 on South Carolina 14. South Carolina 414 travels 4.9 miles west of South Carolina 11 to South Carolina 101 at Highland. Photo taken 08/15/04.
South Carolina 11 southbound at South Carolina 414 westbound. Tigerville (South Carolina 253) lies 8.4 miles to the west. Beyond there is Marydel and U.S. 25. U.S. 25 represents the main route between Greenville and Hendersonville, North Carolina. South Carolina 414 reaches U.S. 25 12.3 miles west of South Carolina 14. Photo taken 08/15/04.
South Carolina 18
South Carolina 18 follows Limestone Street northward out of Gaffney to Interstate 85 at Exit 95. From there Limestone Street forms the northbound side frontage road of the freeway through to South Carolina 329 (Victory Trail Road) at Interstate 85 Exit 96. Photo taken 07/24/04.
At South Carolina 329 (Victory Trail Road), South Carolina 18 turns northward onto Shelby Highway from Limestone Street and interchanges with Interstate 85 (Exit 96). The state highway meets South Carolina 5 (Blacksburg Highway) three miles to the north and the North Carolina state line in six miles. South Carolina 18 becomes North Carolina 18 en route to Shelby, North Carolina. Photo taken 07/24/04.
South Carolina 72
Interstate 26 shields and guide sign at the eastbound on-ramp from South Carolina 72 eastbound. This interchange is one of two between the freeway and the town of Clinton. South Carolina 72 continues another 15 miles to U.S. 176 at the town of Whitmire. The state highway is part of a multi-state route between Athens, Georgia and Rock Hill. Photo taken 10/15/01.
South Carolina 72 (Willard Road) westbound as it departs the Exit 54 diamond interchange of Interstate 26. Three miles separate the junction with the nearby town of Clinton. Photo taken 10/15/01.
South Carolina 253 (Mountain Creek Road) northbound at South Carolina 290 (Hendersonville Highway). The two highways share 0.2 miles of pavement through the Sandy Flat community before continuing their respective northbound migrations. Photo taken 08/23/03.
South Carolina 296 intersects U.S. 221 & South Carolina 56 (Church Street) 0.6 miles after beginning from Pine Street (U.S. 176 & South Carolina 9) in the city of Spartanburg. U.S. 221 & South Carolina 56 merge six blocks to the north at the end of the Asheville Highway. The Asheville Highway eventually becomes U.S. 176. Photo taken 01/18/04.
A typical reassurance shield assembly for a South Carolina state highway sees no cardinal direction banner. This westbound assembly of South Carolina 296 is no exception. The state highway follows Daniel Morgan Avenue through the central business district of Spartanburg. Pictured here is Daniel Morgan Avenue westbound between Magnolia Street and U.S. 29 (St. John Street). Photo taken 01/18/04.
South Carolina 165
South Carolina 165 follows Bacon Bridge Road southward from the intersection of U.S. 17 Alternate (Main Street) at Carolina Avenue in Summerville to near South Carolina 61. Bacon Bridge Road and the state highway (Delemar Highway) partition shortly before their respective intersections with South Carolina 61. Photo taken 12/15/07.
South Carolina 165 continues along Delemar Highway from Bacon Bridge Road and South Carolina 61. South Carolina 61 travels north-south from Charleston/James Island to Givhans and Canadys. The portion of highway between South Carolina 165 and Charleston is designated the Ashley RIver National Scenic Byway. Photo taken 12/15/07.
A flasher and stop sign governs the movements between South Carolina 165 (Delemar Highway) and South Carolina 61 (Ashley River Road). The intersection between the two highways resides outside of the build-up areas of Summerville at presently. The Ashley River National Scenic Byway lives up to its reputation on the southward drive into Charleston. Included along the forested route are the Middleton Place Gardens, Magnolia Gardens and Plantation, and Drayton Hall. Photo taken 12/15/07.
South Carolina 165 (Delemar Highway) continues southward from South Carolina 61 (Ashley River Road) 14 miles to U.S. 17 near Ravenel and ultimately 21 miles to Yonges Island. Photo taken 12/15/07.
South Carolina 183
Rutherford Street southbound at its end with South Carolina 183 (Buncombe Street) in the city of Greenville. Rutherford Street carries U.S. 276 eastward between the city line and Stone Avenue. U.S. 276 turns east along Stone Avenue just one quarter mile of the Rutherford Street intersection with South Carolina 183. U.S. 276 and Rutherford Street carried U.S. 25 Business historically between Travelers Rest and Buncombe Street. South Carolina 183 overtook the U.S. 25 Business alignment from Rutherford Street eastward into downtown. Photo taken 07/23/04.
South Carolina 183 (Buncombe Street) partitions into a pair of one-way streets at Civic Center Drive. Westbound follows College Street from the left and eastbound remains on Buncombe Street for another three blocks to the intersection with North and Richardson Streets. Photo taken 07/23/04.
Approaching U.S. 123 (Academy Street) on South Carolina 183 (Buncombe Street) Eastbound. Traffic to Interstate 385 is directed onto U.S. 123 eastbound to North Street (Business Spur Interstate 385) around downtown. Photo taken 07/23/04.
South Carolina 183 (Buncombe Street) eastbound at U.S. 123 (Academy Street). Unfortunately there are no shields posted to reveal that Academy Street carries U.S. 123 on Buncombe Street. The U.S. route loops around the central business district between North Street and South Carolina 124 (Pendleton Street). The U.S. route ends at North Street after a two-state journey between Toccoa, Georgia and Greenville. Photo taken 07/23/04.
One block east of Academy Street is the South Carolina 183 (Buncombe Street) transition into North Street. Richardson Street intersects the state route at a signalized intersection within the central business district at the name change. Photo taken 07/23/04.
Six blocks to the east is the South Carolina 183 (North Street) intersection with U.S. 29 (Church Street) and the southbound beginning of Business Spur Interstate 385. Business Spur Interstate 385 travels along North Street between Church Street and the beginning of Interstate 385. U.S. 29 cuts a north-south trajectory through central Greenville along Church Street between Interstate 185 and Wade Hampton Boulevard. Photo taken 07/23/04.
South Carolina 288
South Carolina 288 (Table Rock Road) westbound at South Carolina 8 (Pumpkintown Highway) at the village of Pumpkintown. South Carolina 288 stems ten miles west from Marietta and U.S. 276 to Pumpkintown in northern Pickens and Greenville County. South Carolina 8 reaches Pickens nine miles to the south and merges with South Carolina 11 (Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway) three miles to the northeast. Photo taken 07/23/04.
Westbound reassurance shield posted along Table Rock Road as it departs Pumpkintown and South Carolina 8. The state route ends six miles ahead at U.S. 178 near Table Rock. Photo taken 07/23/04.
An end shield resides at the terminus with U.S. 18 (Brevard Highway) for South Carolina 288. U.S. 178 intersects South Carolina 11 0.25 miles to the north on the ten mile drive to Rocky Bottom near the North Carolina state line. U.S. 178 southbound for Pickens, Liberty, and Anderson. Photo taken 07/23/04.
South Carolina 291
South Carolina 291 (Pleasantburg Road) northbound approaching U.S. 29 (Wade Hampton Boulevard) at Edwards Road. South Carolina 291 turns northwest with Pleasantburg Road to the left. Pine Knoll Drive continues straight with both roads intersecting Wade Hampton Boulevard nearby. The junction occurs outside the Greenville city limits northeast of Interstate 385. Photo taken 07/23/04.

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