Miscellaneous Statewide Photos

U.S. 280
Crossing the Chattahoochee River from Phenix City, Alabama into Columbus, Georgia. The state boundary coincides with the time zone line between Central and Eastern. U.S. 280 gains Georgia 520 as it enters the Peach State along 4th Street. Photo taken 08/22/03.
Four blocks east of the river, U.S. 280 & Georgia 520 eastbound merge with U.S. 27 & Georgia 1 southbound. The four highways share pavement between Columbus and the town of Cusseta (pop. 1,196) through Fort Benning. Photo taken 08/22/03.
U.S. 280 & Georgia 520 (4th Street) eastbound at the south end of Veterans Parkway. U.S. 27 & Georgia 1 travel Veterans Parkway northbound through the central business of Columbus. Photo taken 08/22/03.
Georgia 40
Georgia 40 skirts the southern reaches of Camden County between Folkston and St. Marys near the Florida state line. The state route provides the main route between Interstate 95 and Kingsland to St. Marys and Naval Submarine Support Base Kings Bay. Parallelling the state route is the SM Railroad line from Kingsland eastward. Pictured here is an odd shaped Georgia 40 reassurance shield posted at the folded-diamond interchange with Interstate 95 (Exit 3). Photo taken 07/22/04.
Span wire support signs for the Georgia 400 (King Avenue) on-ramp to Interstate 95 northbound. Interstate 95 carries motorists northward 26 miles to U.S. 17 & 82 outside of Brunswick. Photo taken 07/22/04.
Interstate 95 Georgia shield and guide sign assembly directing drivers onto the northbound on-ramp from Georgia 40 (Kingsland St. Marys Road) eastbound. Georgia 40 maintains four lanes between the freeway and town of St. Marys. Photo taken 07/22/04.

Westbound reassurance shield posted on Kings Avenue after its interchange with Interstate 95 (Exit 3) outside of Kingsland. Georgia 40 intersects U.S. 17 & Georgia 25 (Lee Street) in 1.75 miles. From there the state route travels Okefenokee Parkway 20 miles west to Folkston. Photo taken 07/22/04.
Georgia 85
The final southbound Georgia 85 shield is found on 14th Street in downtown Columbus. Georgia 85 enters the central business district via the north-south 2nd Avenue. The eastward turn onto 14th Street occurs two blocks east of the 14th Street bridge over the Chattahoochee River into Phenix City, Alabama. Photo taken 08/22/03.
Georgia 85 ends at the intersection of 14th Street and Veterans Parkway (U.S. 27 & Georgia 1). The street itself concludes in two blocks because of an adjacent railroad yard. U.S. 27 is the primary north-south artery through the downtown area. Photo taken 08/22/03.
Georgia 96
Georgia 96 eastbound at U.S. 341 and Georgia 49 within the town of Fort Valley. As the hanging signs indicate, Georgia 96 joins with U.S. 341 for a block or two southward before turning east again towards Interstate 75. Georgia 49 widens to the northeast as it migrates towards Byron and Interstate 75. U.S. 341 meanwhile sinks southeastwards to Interstate 75 at Perry. Photo taken 12/15/01.
Georgia 97 & 309
Georgia 97 and 309 are north-south routes in the southwestern part of the state. The two highways serve the Bainbridge area, co-signing through the heart of town along West Street. Pictured here is a reassurance shield assembly posted after their split with U.S. 27 Business (Broad Street) on Calhoun Street east in Bainbridge. Photo taken 02/12/06.
Georgia 97 & 309 northbound veer northeast from Calhoun Street in Bainbridge onto Albany Road. Albany Road carries the duo across the nearby Seaboard Coast Railroad line to Vada Road. Photo taken 02/12/06.
A short jaunt to the north, Georgia 97 & 309 turn again northeastward at Georgia 311 (River Road) onto Vada Road. The tandem part ways 3.1 miles to the northeast en route to northeastern Decatur County. Georgia 309 ends at Parker Courthouse while Georgia 97 continues onward to Vada and Camilla. Photo taken 02/12/06.
Georgia 108
The eastern terminus of Georgia 108 at Georgia 53 south of the town of Jasper (pop. 2,167). Georgia 53 enters the intersection from Jasper itself on the left. Canton Highway continues southward to the right into Nelson (pop. 626). Georgia 53 eastbound continues the Georgia 108 roadway east to Dawsonville (pop. 619).Photo taken 08/22/03.
Georgia 136
Georgia 136 skims the southern reaches of the Appalachian Mountains in extreme northern Georgia. This suite of photos reveals some of the scenery encountered on the Talking Rock to Emma stretch of highway in Pickens County. For the most part the roadway is vastly undeveloped with only a scattering of homes along the way. Two scenic pull-offs are found along the route. Photo taken 08/22/03.
Haze settles in over the mountains of Pickens County as the August afternoon draws to a close. This vista is one of several encountered along the winding two lane highway. Photos taken 08/22/03.
Georgia 183
An end shield is posted for the southern terminus of Georgia 183 (Elliot Family Parkway) at Georgia 53 west of the town of Dawsonville. Georgia 183 provides an alternate to Georgia 136 and Georgia 9 from Cartecay to Dawsonville. The community of Juno is situated midway between Georgia 53 and the community of Emma along Elliot Family Parkway. Photo taken 08/22/03.
Georgia 219
The first northbound reassurance of Georgia 219, posted along River Road within the city of Columbus. River Road is one of two north-south arterials between Downtown Columbus and U.S. 80 (J.R. Allen Parkway). Photo taken 08/22/03.
The intersection of Georgia 219 northbound with Georgia 85 (Manchester Expressway) within the city of Columbus. The Manchester Expressway travels east to Interstate 185 and U.S. 27 Alternate near Columbus Metropolitan Airport. Westward Georgia 85 travels to 2nd Avenue and the south end of Georgia 22 Spur. Photo taken 08/22/03.
U.S. 80 intersects Georgia 219 via a parclo interchange at Exit 2 of the J.R. Allen Parkway. The east-west freeway links north Columbus with Phenix City, Alabama to the west and Manchester to the east. Georgia 22 cosigns with U.S. 80 from the state line eastward to the city of Macon. Photo taken 08/22/03.
Georgia 300
Georgia 300 constitutes the Florida-Georgia Parkway between the city of Albany (pop. 76,939) and Interstate 75 near Cordele (pop. 11,608). The Florida-Georgia Parkway follows U.S. 19 north from the Sunshine State to Thomasville (pop. 18,162), Camilla (pop. 5,669), and Albany. Pictured here is the diamond interchange of Interstate 75 (Exit 99) with the northern terminus of Georgia 300. The bridge itself is wide enough to accomodate multiple lanes but currently is only striped for one. Photo taken 01/18/04.
End shield for Georgia 300 posted at the Interstate 75 northbound on-ramp. A county road continues eastward to Georgia 90. The alignment of Georgia 300 between the freeway and Albany is divided with four lanes. The 34-mile route was originally considered for a never built Interstate 175. The spur would link Interstate 75 with southwest Georgia's largest city. The Florida-Georgia Parkway is a compromise for the lack of freeway. Photo taken 01/18/04.
Columbus Photos
Looking from the banks of the Chattahoochee River in Phenix City, AL, is the skyline of Columbus and this arched bridge crossing. This span carries Dillingham Street across the Chattahoochee River into the city of Columbus. A Norfolk-Southern railroad crossing crosses the waterway in the background. Photo taken 10/15/99.

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