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Junction U.S. 441 shield posted along Sheeler Road southbound between its intersections with Florida 436 (Semoran Boulevard) and Orange Blossom Trail. Sheeler Road facilitates the movements between Semoran Boulevard west and U.S. 441 south in Apopka. A partial interchange otherwise joins Florida 436's west end with U.S. 441. Photo taken 11/04/06.
Unusual cutouts for U.S. 98 & 441 accompany an equally odd Florida 80 shield at the south end of Lion Country Safari Road west of Loxahatchee Groves in Palm Beach County. Similar Florida 80 shields are posted at the east end of Palm Beach County 880. Photo taken 02/16/08.
Lion Country Safari Road joins U.S. 98-441 & Florida 80 with the Lion Country Safari amusement park, zoo, and campground. U.S. 98 heads directly east to Interstate 95 in West Palm Beach. Photo taken 02/16/08.
Palmetto Park Road eastbound at U.S. 441 & Florida 7 in unincorporated West Boca Raton. Palmetto Park Road leads east from University Drive as a four-lane divided parkway to Exit 44 of Interstate 95 in Boca Raton. Palmetto Park Road was a part of Florida 798. Photo taken 10/25/08.
Eastbound Flagler Street (Florida 968) approaches U.S. 441, which follows 8th Avenue through Little Havana just west of downtown Miami. Photos taken 12/28/03.

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