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U.S. Highway 425 - Louisiana

U.S. Highway 425 north
U.S. 425 & Louisiana 15 leave U.S. 84 (Louisiana Avenue) west and Louisiana 568 east along E.E. Wallace Boulevard northbound. U.S. 84 joins Ferriday with Jonesville to the west; U.S. 425 continues northward along U.S. 65's former path six miles to Clayton. Photo taken 06/12/04.
Northbound U.S. 425 (E.E. Wallace Boulevard) at Virginia Avenue, an east-west street leading west to 10th Street and east to Louisiana 568 (1st Street) in Ferriday. Photo taken 06/12/04.
Two blocks north of Virginia Avenue is the eastern terminus of Louisiana 903. Louisiana 903 stems west along Kentucky Avenue to Doty Road and West Ferriday. Photo taken 06/12/04.
Louisiana 903 totals 1.46 miles between U.S. 425 (E.E. Wallace Boulevard) and a point just west of the Black Bayou bridge on Doty Road. Kentucky Avenue continues east three blocks to Louisiana 568 at its turn from 1st Street to Lake Drive. Photo taken 06/12/04.
Continuing north, U.S. 425 approaches the signalized intersection with Arkansas Avenue. Photo taken 06/12/04.
U.S. 425 expands to include a grassy median north of the Ferriday town limits. Rural farm land fronts the road between Ferriday and Clayton. Photo taken 06/12/04.
Once in Clayton, U.S. 425 quickly meets the southern terminus of U.S. 65. U.S. 65 originally followed U.S. 84 west from Natchez and Louisiana 15 north from Ferriday, but AASHTO approved a truncation of the route to Clayton to accommodate an extended U.S. 425 in 2005. The route begins in Clayton and heads 11 miles northeast to Waterproof and 55 miles to junction Interstate 20 at Tallulah. Photo taken 06/12/04.
A set of flashers govern the movements between U.S. 65 and U.S. 425 in the small town of Clayton. U.S. 65 intersects the north end of Louisiana 900 nearby while U.S. 425 turns northwest toward its crossing of the Tensas River into Catahoula Parish. U.S. 425 saw extension along Louisiana 15 between Clayton and Louisiana 137 at Archibald in 2005. Photo taken 06/12/04.
Louisiana 15 reassurance marker posted after the split with U.S. 65 on U.S. 425 north. Louisiana 15 narrowed from a four-lane divided highway into a two lane roadway, but completion of four-laning between Clayton and Archibald changed that on October 2, 2007.1 Photo taken 06/12/04.
Before crossing the Tensas River, U.S. 425 first intersects Louisiana 566 (River Drive). Louisiana 566 meanders east-west, shadowing the Tensas River within the vicinity of Clayton. Photo taken 06/12/04.
Another set of flashers lies along U.S. 425 northbound at the intersection with Louisiana 566 (River Drive). Louisiana 566 travels 30.24 miles overall between U.S. 84 near Frogmore and Louisiana 568 at Waterproof. Photo taken 06/12/04.
U.S. 425 northbound at the original Tensas River lift bridge between Tensas and Catahoula Parishes. Widening of U.S. 425 from Clayton north to Rayville included the construction of a new bridge over the Tensas River to the west of the existing bridge. The new $3.2-million bridge now carries southbound traffic and was built in conjunction with the southernmost 8.5-mile segment of the U.S. 425 widening.1 Photo taken 06/12/04.
Additional perspectives of the original U.S. 425 / Louisiana 15 lift bridge over the Tensas River at Clayton. The new span was built over the footprint of an abandoned railroad line nearby. U.S. 425 southbound travelers now cross the Tensas 33 feet above the river on a 750 foot long bridge. Completion of the new bridge and overall Louisiana 15/137 widening to Rayville cost $85 million and began in July 1977.1 Photos taken 06/12/04.
U.S. Highway 425 south
Before leaving Clayton, U.S. 425 south meets the truncated route of U.S. 65. U.S. 425 overtook U.S. 65's route from Clayton south to Natchez, and U.S. 65's overlap with U.S. 84 east to Natchez. Photo taken 06/12/04.
U.S. 65 enters Clayton from Waterproof 11 miles to the northeast and overall joins southeast Louisiana with Tallulah, Lake Providence, and Eudora, Arkansas. Photo taken 06/12/04.
U.S. 65 & Louisiana 15 shield and guide sign assembly at the intersection with U.S. 425 in Clayton. U.S. 425 in conjunction with U.S. 61 south from Natchez provides a direct route to the capital city of Baton Route. U.S. 65 once followed that exact route, but truncation to Natchez occurred in 1951. Photo taken 06/12/04.
U.S. 425 travels a rural four-lane route between Clayton and the town of Ferriday. Speed limits increase to 65 mph along this stretch. Photo taken 06/12/04.
Now in the town of Ferriday, U.S. 425 nears the east end of Louisiana 903 (Kentucky Avenue). The U.S. highway transitions from a four-lane divided highway into a five-lane arterial (E.E. Wallace Boulevard). Photo taken 06/12/04.
Louisiana 903 heads west 1.46 miles to the Dody Road crossing of Black Bayou at West Ferriday. Kentucky Avenue east provides connections with Louisiana 568 (Lake Drive) east for Lake Concordia and Spokane at Lake St. John. Photo taken 06/12/04.
Traffic lights govern the movements between U.S. 425 (E.E. Wallace Boulevard [4th Street]) and Virginia Avenue. Virginia Avenue heads west to 10th Street and east to Louisiana 568 (1st Street). Photo taken 06/12/04.
U.S. 84 east and Louisiana 568 west come together at the Louisiana Avenue intersection with U.S. 425 (E.E. Wallace Boulevard) in the Ferriday business district. Louisiana 568 ends here from the east; U.S. 84 enters Ferriday from Tullos, Jena, and Jonesville to the west. Photo taken 06/12/04.
An overhead directs motorists onto U.S. 84 west for the 16-mile drive to Jonesville at Louisiana Avenue. U.S. 84 east & 425 travel together along E.E. Wallace Boulevard south to the Black Bayou bridge and a four-lane divided highway southeast to Vidalia. Louisiana 568 travels 32.78 miles from Ferriday to Waterproof and points north. Photo taken 06/12/04.
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  1. "Highway 15 four-lane complete; dedication October 2." Concordia Sentinel, September 27, 2007.

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