U.S. Highway 98 West - Palm Beach County

U.S. 98 west
In this photo, U.S. 98 begins its western journey at a traffic circle in Palm Beach. This is the southeastern end of U.S. 98, seen here facing north. Note the westbound U.S. 98 and Florida 80 signage here at the Palm Beach traffic circle. There are no end shields at this traffic circle. Eastbound U.S. 98 is unsigned between U.S. 1 and Florida A1A. Westbound U.S. 98 is well-signed between Florida A1A and U.S. 1. Photo taken 12/99.
Westbound U.S. 98 and Florida 80 reaches their junction with U.S. 1 in the city of West Palm Beach. Photo taken 12/99.
U.S. 98 & 441 merge at their single point urban interchange in Royal Palm Beach. The two continue with Florida 80 along eight-lane Southern Boulevard to Royal Palm Beach Boulevard. Photo taken 05/08/06.
Southern Boulevard westbound reduces to three lanes beyond Royal Palm Beach Boulevard north. Photo taken 05/08/06.
Continuing west from Crestwood Boulevard, U.S. 98-441 & Florida 80 (Southern Boulevard) reduce to four overall lanes. The city of Wellington lies along the south side of the arterial from here toward Palm Beach County 880. Photo taken 05/08/06.
Loxahatchee Groves is a fairly new city that incorporated along the rural residential areas north of U.S. 98-441 & Florida 80 west of Royal Palm Beach Gardens. Pictured here is a westbound reassurance shield after Loxahatchee Road. Photo taken 05/08/06.
U.S. 98 west & 441 north and Florida 80 reassurance shield assembly posted after C Road. Florida 80 is routinely signed with U.S. 98 throughout Palm Beach County. Photo taken 05/08/06.
Traveling west beyond the Flying Cow Road intersection on U.S. 98-441 & Florida 80 west. Swampy areas southwest of Flying Cow Road are a part of storm water treatment areas of the South Florida Water Management district. Photo taken 05/08/06.
Approaching the intersection with Seminole Pratt & Whitney Road, one mile east of Lion Country Safari Road. Seminole Pratt & Whitney Road stems north through a large grid of residential streets in Palm Beach County to J.W. Corbett Wildlife Management Area. Photo taken 05/08/06.
Lion Country Safari Road leads north from U.S. 98-441 & Florida 80 to Lion Country Safari, an amusement park, preserve, zoo, and campground facility. Photo taken 05/08/06.
U.S. 98 & Florida 80 west and U.S. 441 northbound shields posted after Lion Country Safari Road. Photo taken 05/08/06.
Another set of shields posted after a turnaround near the Wellington west end. Photo taken 05/08/06.
Nearing junction Palm Beach County 880 west to Bell Glade and Lake Okeechobee. Palm Beach County 880 represents the original routing of U.S. 441 between Nine Mile Bend and Belle Grade. Photo taken 05/08/06.
Palm Beach County 880 serves interests to northern reaches of Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge. Photo taken 05/08/06.
A set of flashers govern the movements of U.S. 98 & 441 and Florida 80 at Palm Beach County 880. Palm Beach County 700 begins nearby and represents an original routing of U.S. 98 northwest to the U.S. 98 & 441 split. Photo taken 05/08/06.
U.S. 98 & 441 turn northwest and parallel Palm Beach County 700 five miles to their junction at the split. Photo taken 05/08/06.
The three routes serve Canal Point (via U.S. 441 north), Pahokee (via U.S. 98 west), and Okeechobee (via U.S. 98 & 441 north of their second merge) on the lake itself. Photo taken 05/08/06.
Florida 80 remains signed, but in its own shield assembly. The state road continues west with U.S. 441 to Canal Point and south to Belle Glade and South Bay. Photo taken 05/08/06.
A median-placed weigh station resides along U.S. 98-441 & Florida 80 midway between Palm Beach County 880 and 700. Photo taken 05/08/06.
The flat agricultural lands surrounding Lake Okeechobee occasionally produce dust devils during long dry spells. Photo taken 05/08/06.
U.S. 98 west & 441 north turn westward again ahead of their split. A set of Florida Power & Light electricity lines pass over the four-lane highway and continue northward to the horizon at the curve. Photos taken 05/08/06.
Palm Beach County 700 becomes Florida 700 one quarter mile south of its intersection with U.S. 98-441 & Florida 80. Florida 700 continues northwest as U.S. 98's state road counterpart through to U.S. 19 near Homosassa Springs. Photo taken 05/08/06.
U.S. 441 continues straight west with Florida 80 toward Belle Glade while U.S. 98 bee lines northwestward to Canal Point. U.S. 441 straddles the eastern fringe of Lake Okeechobee from its split with Florida 80 north of Belle Glade to Pahokee. Photo taken 05/08/06.
U.S. 98 departs U.S. 441 north & Florida 80 west along a two-lane highway northwest to Canal Point. U.S. 441 rejoins U.S. 98 from Canal Point along the lake to Okeechobee itself. Photo taken 05/08/06.
Palm Beach County 700 and U.S. 98 shields posted at the set of flashers between the four highways. Canal Point lies 14 miles to the northwest; U.S. 441 & Florida 80 continue west 13.4 miles to their split. Photo taken 05/08/06.

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