U.S. Highway 98 East - Palm Beach County

U.S. 98 east
U.S. 98 east, U.S. 441 south, and Florida 80 east continue across one of the South Florida Water Management canals at the western fringe of the city of Wellington. Swampy areas south of the highway are a part of storm water treatment areas of the South Florida Water Management district. Photo taken 02/16/08.
An eastbound weigh station resides within U.S. 98-441 & Florida 80's median near the first residential areas of the West Palm Beach metropolitan area. Photo taken 02/16/08.
Nearing the traffic light with Lion Country Safari Road north on U.S. 98-441 & Florida 80 east. Photo taken 02/16/08.
Lion Country Safari Road leads north from U.S. 98-441 & Florida 80 to Lion Country Safari, an amusement park, preserve, zoo, and campground facility. Photo taken 02/16/08.
Seminole Pratt & Whitney Road stems north through a large grid of residential streets in Palm Beach County to J.W. Corbett Wildlife Management Area. Photo taken 02/16/08.
Binks Forest Drive travels south to Greenview Shores Boulevard through one of many golf course communities in Wellington. B Road constitutes a rural through road north into the city of Loxahatchee Groves. Photo taken 02/16/08.
Now straddling the city line between Loxahatchee Groves to the north and Wellington the south after Loxahatchee Avenue on U.S. 98-441 & Florida 80 east. Photo taken 02/16/08.

Interstate 95 and Florida's Turnpike trailblazers posted along Southern Boulevard east of E Road. Photo taken 02/16/08.
F Road enters from rural residential areas of Loxahatchee Groves north of U.S. 98-441 & Florida 80 to become Big Blue Trace southward into densely packed subdivisions in Wellington. Photo taken 02/16/08.
U.S. 98 east, U.S. 441 south, and Florida 80 remain well signed along South Boulevard Photo taken 02/16/08.
Continuing east from Palms West Parkway, U.S. 98-441 & Florida 80 now straddle the Royal Palm Beach and Wellington city line through to their split. Photo taken 02/16/08.
Entering the intersection with Forest Hill Boulevard south and Crestwood Boulevard north is this Florida's Turnpike trailblazer. Crestwood Boulevard meanders northward through Royal Palm Beach to Royal Palm Beach Boulevard through a bevy of subdivisions and golf course communities. Photo taken 02/16/08.
Forest Hill Boulevard curves southeast through a number of residential communities to U.S. 441 at Florida 882's western terminus. Photo taken 02/16/08.
Southern Boulevard (U.S. 98-441 & Florida 80) expands to six overall lanes east of Crestwood & Forest Hill Boulevards. Photo taken 02/16/08.
Royal Palm Beach Boulevard constitutes an arterial leading north through the city to unincorporated areas north of 40th Street North. Little Ranches Trail provides a connector between Southern Boulevard and Acme Road to the south. Photo taken 02/16/08.
U.S. 98-441 & Florida 80 expand to eight lanes from the intersection with Royal Palm Beach Boulevard eastward. Photo taken 02/16/08.
Lamstein Lane spurs north from Southern Boulevard alongside a power line corridor. Photo taken 02/16/08.
The congested intersection that composed the split between U.S. 441 south from U.S. 98 & Florida 80 east was upgraded to a single point urban interchange (SPUI) in 2008. Now all travelers headed east toward Florida's Turnpike, Interstate 95, and West Palm Beach continue uninterrupted across U.S. 441 and Florida 7. Photo taken 02/16/08.
U.S. 441 joins Florida 7 south to east Wellington, west Boca Raton, and Miami at the SPUI. Florida 7 continues north two miles to Florida 704's eastbound beginning (Okeechobee Road) at West Palm Beach. Photo taken 02/16/08.
Passing over U.S. 441 south and Florida 7 along the continuation of Southern Boulevard east. This SPUI was fully open to traffic by October 2008. Photo taken 02/16/08.
Much further southeast from the Florida Panhandle and Pasco County, U.S. 98 travels on a diagonal trajectory toward Palm Beach County. It joins with Florida 80 around Lake Okeechobee, and they together approach these trailbalzers for U.S. 1 and Florida A1A in the city of West Palm Beach just east of the Interstate 95 interchange. Photo taken 12/99.
Signage for Eastbound U.S. 98 and Florida 80 near Interstate 95. Close-up of the rare, well-signed multiplex between U.S. 98 and Florida 80 between Lake Okeechobee and Palm Beach along Southern Boulevard. Signage for U.S. 98 eastbound stops mysteriously at its intersection with U.S. 1. Florida 80 ends at the Palm Beach traffic circle. U.S. 98 westbound starts at this same traffic circle. Photos taken 12/99.
Eastbound U.S. 98 and Florida 80 at Florida 5. In West Palm Beach, U.S. 1 and its "hidden" route, Florida 5, separate. This is a rare Florida 5 shield assembly at the intersection of Southern Boulevard and Olive Avenue. First photo taken 12/99; second two photos taken 12/18/03.
Eastbound U.S. 98 at Florida 5 in West Palm Beach. Photo taken 12/99.
Eastern End of U.S. 98 Facing Northeast. Note signage for Florida A1A in background. The lush greenery is part of the traffic circle. Photo taken 12/99.

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