U.S. 98 South - Dade City and Bartow

U.S. 98 south
Southbound U.S. 98 reaches U.S. 301 near Trilby in Pasco County southeast of Interstate 75. Note the small U.S. 301 trailblazer shield on the right side of the highway. U.S. 98 and U.S. 301 merge for their journey south into Dade City. Photo taken 11/16/03.
In Dade City, U.S. 98-301 split into a bypass and business route. Use the left lanes to continue south on the bypass route along U.S. 98-301 (hidden Florida 533) or the right lanes to follow the city route along Business U.S. 98 and Business U.S. 301 south. Photo taken 11/16/03.
Skirting Dade City, Bypass U.S. 98 and U.S. 301 travel south, while Business U.S. 98 and Business U.S. 301 meet Florida 52 (Meridian Avenue) near downtown (shown here along the southbound business route). From here, Florida 52 extends west to Bayonet Point on the Gulf Coast. Florida 52 heads east to meet U.S. 98-301 bypass, where it ends. Photo taken 11/16/03.
U.S. 98 is signed north-south as it passes through central Florida and meanders toward Palm Beach County. Here, U.S. 98 southbound and Florida 60 eastbound approach U.S. 17 in Bartow in Polk County. Photo taken 11/16/03.

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