U.S. Highway 92 East - DeLand to Daytona Beach

Eastbound U.S. 92
U.S. 92 parts ways with U.S. 17 for four-lane International Speedway Boulevard east. The highway initially meets two commercialized intersections with big box retail stores. Photo taken 05/12/08.
Nearing the junction with Volusia County 4101 (Kepler Road), an important north-south road through the DeLand area. Photo taken 04/29/08.
Volusia County 4104 (Kepler Road) leads south from U.S. 92 (International Speedway Boulevard) to the Martin Luther King Jr. Beltway around the east side of DeLand. The county road connects with Florida 472 near its interchange with Interstate 4 (Exit 114). Photo taken 06/19/08.
U.S. 92 (International Speedway Boulevard) leaves the city of DeLand. Photo taken 06/19/08.
A set of flashers hang above the intersection with West Parkway. West Parkway connects U.S. 92 with the rural Daytona Park Estates street grid. Photo taken 06/19/08.
Much of the drive between DeLand and Daytona Beach along U.S. 92 is rural or protected. The first conservation area is that of Clark Bay. Photo taken 06/19/08.
Clark Bay Conservation Area fronts the north side of U.S. 92. It is followed by Tiger Bay State Forest. Photo taken 06/19/08.
Random U.S. 92 reassurance marker posted along the four-lane concrete highway that is International Speedway Boulevard. Photo taken 06/19/08.
Tiger Bay Wildlife Management Area is a sub zone of the State Forest. The WMA lies along the eastbound side of U.S. 92. Photo taken 06/19/08.
U.S. 92 bends again by northern reaches of the Port Orange City Forest in this scene. Photo taken 06/19/08.
The first traffic light since leaving DeLand is at Indian Lake Road. Indian Lake Road meanders northward to Tiger Lake State Forest and the Volusia County Jail complex. Photo taken 06/19/08.
Additionally, Indian Lake Road serves the Tomoka Correctional Institute and the Rima Ridge Tract of the state forest. Indian Lake Road also provides access to parallel Old Deland Road, the predecessor to International Speedway Boulevard. Photo taken 06/19/08.
A wye interchange joins Interstate 4 east with U.S. 92 east and U.S. 92 west with Interstate 4 west. Photo taken 06/19/08.
A set of Interstate 95 & U.S. 1 trailblazers follow the on-ramp from Interstate 4 (Exit 129). U.S. 92 is now within the city limits of Daytona Beach. Photo taken 06/19/08.
Volusia County 4019 (LPGA Boulevard) arcs north from U.S. 92 to the LPGA International Golf Club and Daytona Beach Municipal Stadium west of Interstate 95. Photo taken 06/19/08.
The county road designation is unsigned at the traffic light with LPGA Boulevard on U.S. 92 east. LPGA Boulevard meets Interstate 95 (Exit 265) after its eastward turn toward Holly Hill. Photo taken 06/19/08.
Nearing the directional-cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 95 on U.S. 92 (International Speedway Boulevard). Much of the lands west of the freeway remains rural, but development is progressing with Daytona Beach's westward annexation. Photo taken 06/19/08.
U.S. 92 intersects the north end of Volusia County 415 (Tomoka Farms Road) before Interstate 95. The county road leads south to west Port Orange. Photo taken 06/19/08.
Bellevue Avenue Extension provides a direct connection to Volusia County 415 south from U.S. 92 east. Volusia County 415 (Tomoka Farms Road) links U.S. 92 with Florida 44 west of New Smyrna Beach. South of there, Florida 415 takes over en route to Deltona and the Sanford area. Photo taken 06/19/08.
Junction Interstate 95 shield posted ahead of the Volusia County 415 (Tomoka Farms Road) intersection. Interstate 95 represents the boundary between developed areas of Daytona Beach to the east and wetland and rural areas to the west presently. Photo taken 06/19/08.
A second opportunity to access Volusia County 415 exists with Tomoka Farms Road south directly. Tomoka Farms Road north continues a short distance from U.S. 92 to a dead end. Photo taken 06/19/08.
The ramp to Interstate 95 south departs U.S. 92 (International Speedway Boulevard) almost immediately after Volusia County 415. Interstate 95 continues to Port Orange and New Smyrna Beach on the 259-mile drive to Miami. Photo taken 06/19/08.
U.S. 92 expands to six lanes through the Interstate 95 interchange. Interstate 95 north continues to Orange Beach and Flagler County on the 90-mile drive to Jacksonville. Photo taken 06/19/08.
A loop ramp carries drivers onto Interstate 95 north from U.S. 92 (International Speedway Boulevard) east. Much of the ride north to Jacksonville is now along a six-lane freeway. Photo taken 06/19/08.
International Speedway Boulevard expands even more to eight overall lanes, as it continues into Daytona Beach. Photo taken 06/19/08.
Sign bridge posted at the six-mile mark from U.S. 92's east end touts Daytona International Speedway and Daytona International Airport. Both facilities lie to the south of U.S. 92. Photo taken 06/19/08.
Indigo Drive represents the first in a parade of traffic lights along U.S. 92 through Daytona Beach. The road meanders north through a shopping center area to the Indigo Lakes Golf Club community. Photo taken 06/19/08.
Thames Drive leads south from the next signal to Midway Avenue between the speedway and airport. Photo taken 06/19/08.
Williamson Boulevard (Volusia County 4009) crosses paths with U.S. 92 (International Speedway Boulevard) between Midway Avenue and Bayless Boulevard. The county road travels north to Florida 40 in Ormond Beach and south to Florida 421 at Port Orange. Photo taken 06/19/08.
The first in a series of traffic lights joining U.S. 92 with Daytona International Speedway links the arterial highway with the Daytona Beach Kennel Club, a greyhound racing venue. Photo taken 06/19/08.
Daytona International Speedway's Grandstand finally comes into view along U.S. 92 east. Photo taken 06/19/08.
U.S. 92 east at Fentress Boulevard; Fentress leads north to Volusia County 430 (Mason Avenue) through industrial parks. Photo taken 06/19/08.
Welcome to Daytona Beach pedestrian bridge and sign positioned along U.S. 92 east between Bayless Boulevard and Nascar Drive. Photo taken 06/19/08.
U.S. 92 east at Nascar Drive south and Industrial Parkway north. Nascar Drive leads to the main entrance of the speedway and the Daytona 500 Experience. Photo taken 06/19/08.
Bill France Boulevard meets U.S. 92 at the third Speedway entrance near Volusia Mall. Photo taken 06/19/08.
Midway Avenue travels the backside of Daytona International Speedway southward to Daytona International Airport's terminal. Photo taken 06/19/08.
Northward, Midway Avenue's intersection connects with Volusia Mall. Photo taken 06/19/08.
Hagen Terrace provides a connection to adjacent Richard Petty Boulevard, which meanders east to Florida 483 (Clyde Morris Boulevard) and Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. Photo taken 06/19/08.
Trailblazer sign posted for Interstate 4 and 95 along U.S. 92 east (!). This sign likely directs Daytona race traffic via an alternate route to the freeways in lieu of congested U.S. 92 west, perhaps via Florida 400 west. Photo taken 06/19/08.
Florida 483 (Clyde Morris Boulevard) constitutes a busy surface arterial south to Embry Riddle and Florida 400 (Beville Road). Photo taken 06/19/08.
U.S. 92 (International Speedway Boulevard) east at Florida 483 (Clyde Morris Boulevard). Florida 483 transitions into Volusia County 483 north of Florida 430 (Mason Avenue) to Ormond Beach and south of Florida 400 (Beville Road) to Port Orange. Photo taken 06/19/08.
Tarragona Way south and White Street (unsigned Volusia County 4039) north tie into U.S. 92 at the next signalized intersection. Volusia 4039 follows White Street from adjacent Daytona Beach Community College north to Florida 430 (Mason Avenue). Photo taken 06/19/08.
Seneca Boulevard, a residential parkway, meets U.S. 92 at the following traffic light. Photo taken 06/19/08.
Approaching the junction with Florida 5A (Nova Road) on U.S. 92 (International Speedway Boulevard) east. Florida 5A derives its number from Florida 5, U.S. 1's hidden counterpart. Photo taken 06/19/08.
Florida 5A (Nova Road leads north into Holly Hill and Ormond Beach and south to South Daytona and Port Orange. The arterial street acts as a bypass of U.S. 1 in the loosest terms. Photos taken 06/19/08.
The first U.S. 92 reassurance marker posted since Interstate 95 resides after Florida 5A (Nova Road). Photo taken 06/19/08.
Signalized intersections exist along U.S. 92 (International Speedway Boulevard) with both Adams and Lincoln Streets through the residential street grid west of downtown. Lincoln Street represents unsigned Volusia County 4037 leading north to George Engram Boulevard (Volusia County 4040). Photos taken 06/19/08.
Entering the busy intersection with U.S. 1 (Ridgewood Avenue) in central Daytona Beach on U.S. 92 east. Photo taken 06/19/08.
U.S. 1 represents a slow moving four-lane boulevard north through Daytona Beach to Holly Hill and south to South Daytona. Photo taken 06/19/08.
Two blocks separate International Speedway Boulevard from U.S. 1 (Ridgewood Avenue) and the Halifax River. Photo taken 06/19/08.
Palmetto Avenue (unsigned Volusia County 4053) travels across U.S. 92 (International Speedway Boulevard) at the next intersection. Photo taken 06/19/08.
Beach Street (Volusia County 4029) straddles the Halifax River through Daytona Beach. The county road meets U.S. 92 ahead of its bridge to the barrier island. Photo taken 06/19/08.
A fixed high-level bridge carries U.S. 92 over the Halifax River & Intracoastal Waterway between downtown Daytona Beach and Florida 441 (Peninsula Drive). Photo taken 06/19/08.
The current U.S. 92 bridge replaced an older span that stemmed east from the 3rd Avenue area. Riverfront Park now occupies land that once represented the eastbound bridge approach. U.S. 92's new span was opened around 2000. Photos taken 06/19/08.
Now on the barrier island, U.S. 92 (International Speedway Boulevard) touches down ahead of Halifax Avenue (Volusia County 4001) north and Florida 441 (South Peninsula Drive). Photo taken 06/19/08.
Florida 441 leads south from U.S. 92 along South Peninsula Drive to Florida A1A (Dunlawton Avenue) at Port Orange and Daytona Beach Shores. The state road totals 5.41 miles. Photo taken 06/19/08.
U.S. 92's final eastbound shield posted after Florida 441 near Hollywood Avenue. Photo taken 06/19/08.
Grandview Avenue and U.S. 92 (International Speedway Boulevard) meet one block west of Florida A1A (Atlantic Avenue). Photo taken 06/19/08.
A freeway-style overhead directs motorists along Florida A1A (Atlantic Avenue) north to Ormond Beach and south to Daytona Beach Shores along the beach areas. Photo taken 06/19/08.
U.S. 92 reaches its eastern terminus at Florida A1A (Atlantic Avenue) in Daytona Beach. International Speedway Boulevard continues one block to a vehicle beach access point. Photo taken 06/19/08.

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