U.S. Highway 84

U.S. 84 travels the southern reaches of Mississippi between Natchez, Bude, Brookhaven, Monticello, Prentiss, Collins, Laurel, and Waynesboro. The majority of the route is now four-laned because of MDOT's 1987 Four-Lane Highway Program and Vision 21. Limited access bypasses along the route include those at Monticello and Waynesboro. Sections of original U.S. 84 bypassed are now signed as Mississippi 184.

U.S. 84 Mississippi Highway Guides

Mississippi 184 - Monticello
What was mainline U.S. 84 in 2004 is now Mississippi 184 with the completion of the Monticello bypass in Lawrence County. Mississippi 184 intersects Mississippi 27 south of a diamond interchange with new U.S. 84 west of Monticello. Photo taken 06/12/04.
Mississippi 27 also shifted to a new alignment in the early 2000s, now bypassing Monticello to the west as a hurricane evacuation route leading northward to Interstate 55 and Vicksburg. Photo taken 06/12/04.
U.S. 84 reassurance marker posted after the intersection with Mississippi 27 on Mississippi 184 (West Broad Street). Monticello is the Lawrence County seat. Photo taken 06/12/04.
30" signals remain in use at the intersection of Mississippi 184 (Broad Street) and F.E. Sellers Highway (former Mississippi 27). Mississippi 27 used to share pavement with Broad Street east into Monticello, following Brookhaven Street / F.E. Sellers Highway 3.5 miles south through south Monticello. Photo taken 06/12/04.
Mississippi 587 enters southeast Monticello via Washington Street on an alignment parallel to the Pearl River. Mississippi 184 (East Broad Street) intersects the north end of the highway five blocks east of Brookhaven Street (old Mississippi 27). Photo taken 06/12/04.
Mississippi 587 begins and travels south along Washington Street to Robinwood Road on a 30-mile drive to Foxworth and U.S. 98. Photo taken 06/12/04.
Continuing east along East Broad Street (Mississippi 184) beyond the intersection with Mississippi 587 (Washington Street) in Monticello. Mississippi 184 spans the Pearl River at the east edge of town. Photo taken 06/12/04.
Mississippi 43 joins Mississippi 184 via Old St. Stevens Road east of Monticello. The state route travels eight miles southeast to Oak Vale and 13 miles to its merge with Mississippi 13 north of Columbia. Mississippi 43 & 184 share pavement east to the end of the U.S. 84 Monticello bypass. Photo taken 06/12/04.
Mississippi 184 - Silver Creek
Construction of a new U.S. 84 bypass of Silver Creek results in another Mississippi 184 alignment along the original two-lane route through town. Mississippi 43 north & 184 east follow Southern Avenue in Silver Creek to the intersection with Front Street. Front and Columbia Streets used to carry Mississippi 43 northward into Silver Creek. Photo taken 06/12/04.
A flasher governs the movements between the Mississippi 43 northbound split via Front Street from Mississippi 184 (Southern Avenue) in Silver Creek. Mississippi 43 continues north eight miles to New Hebron and 28 miles to Mendenhall. Mississippi 184 curves southeast to rejoin U.S. 84 near the Jefferson Davis County line. Photo taken 06/12/04.
Mississippi 184 - Prentiss
U.S. 84 bypasses Prentiss (pop. 1,158) on a new four-lane alignment north of the Jefferson Davis County seat. Mississippi 184 (old U.S. 84) follows an older bypass alignment to the south and east. Mississippi 184 widens to four lanes for the merge with Mississippi 13 at Columbia Avenue (original U.S. 84). Photo taken 06/12/04.
Mississippi 184 shares a two-mile overlap with Mississippi 13 around Prentiss. The state route enters Mississippi 184 from Columbia 26 miles to the south. Pictured is the west end of the overlap begin. Photo taken 06/12/04.
Mississippi 184 east & Mississippi 13 northbound after their merge. Old U.S. 84 & Mississippi 13 travel through downtown Prentiss via Columbia Avenue. The alignment still carries Mississippi 42 between St. Stephens Road and 3rd Street. Photo taken 06/12/04.
Mississippi 42 enters Prentiss from the rural communities of Carson and Bassfield to the southeast. The state route travels overall 105-miles between the Simpson County line north of New Hebron and the Alabama County state line near State Line. Photo taken 06/12/04.
A four-way stop exists at the intersection of Mississippi 13 & 184 and Mississippi 42. The east-west highway travels between New Hebron and Sumrall outside of Prentiss. Further east Mississippi 42 overlaps with U.S. 49 through to Hattiesburg and Petal. Photo taken 06/12/04.
Mississippi 184 partitions with Mississippi 13 just south of the U.S. 84 diamond interchange with the north-south highway. Mississippi 13 continues 27 miles north to Mendenhall. Mississippi 184 meanwhile merges with U.S. 84 just eats of the intersection with Columbia Avenue. Photo taken 06/12/04.
U.S. 84 east (Broad Street) within Monticello at the northern terminus of Mississippi 587 (Washington Street). Mississippi 587 travels between Monticello and Columbia (pop. 6,603) parallel to the Pearl River, a distance of 30 miles. Photo taken 10/23/03.
Mississippi 184 - Collins
Another new bypass alignment carries U.S. 84 north of Collins. This leaves the original four-lane U.S. 84 as Mississippi 184 as it travels Main Street through the Covington County seat. Photo taken 06/12/04.
Mississippi 184 descends from the city line into the diamond interchange with U.S. 49. U.S. 49 represents an important route between Hattiesburg and Jackson, carrying Mississippi Gulf Coast bound traffic from points in northern Mississippi. Photo taken 06/12/04.
Motorists bound for U.S. 49 south depart Mississippi 184 (Main Street) east. U.S. 49 constitutes a four-lane route southward 23.5 miles to junction Interstate 59 in north Hattiesburg. Photo taken 06/12/04.
U.S. 49 passes underneath Mississippi 184 (Main Street) on a westerly bypass of downtown Collins. The northbound on-ramp carries motorists nine miles to Mount Olive and 19 miles to Magee. Photo taken 06/12/04.
Eastbound Mississippi 184 (Main Street) at the northbound on-ramp to U.S. 49 for the capital city of Jackson. U.S. 49 merges with Interstate 20 near "The Stack" with Interstate 55 in 59 miles. Photo taken 06/12/04.
Continuing east into the city street grid of Collins on Mississippi 184 (Main Street). The signalized intersection governs the movements between Main Street and Fir Avenue, the original routing of U.S. 49. Photo taken 06/12/04.
Main Street descends through downtown Collins toward the Okatoma Creek valley. A set of flashers hang above the intersection with Beech Avenue one block west of the Canadian National Illinois Central Railroad crossing. Photo taken 06/12/04.
Crossing Okatoma Creek along Mississippi 184 east near the Collins city line. Photo taken 06/12/04.

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