U.S. Highway 49 Southbound

U.S. 49 South
Eastbound Interstate 20/southbound U.S. 49 at Exit 42A/B for Ellis Avenue. This local thoroughfare serves the Jackson State University area and becomes Belvedere Drive to the south. Photo taken 04/14/02.
Interstate 20 east/U.S. 49 south splits with Interstate 55 southbound traffic in this photograph. Traffic destined for the Terry Road (Exits 43A/B) must also exit the mainline of the freeway, as the interchange is adjacent to the Interstate 55 merge. To the east along Interstate 20, Interstate 55 northbound joins the fold, with the three highways continuing to Exit 96. Photo taken 04/14/02.
Eastbound on the ramp to Interstate 55 south at Exit 43A for Terry Road southbound. The sign bridge in place has Exit 43B signage for Terry Road north and signage for the upcoming transition to Interstate 55. McDowell Road is included on the left-hand panel due to the proximity of that interchange (Exit 92) of Interstate 55 south. Photo taken 04/14/02.
Eastbound on the triplex where U.S. 51 northbound departs to downtown. Exit 45 begins a short expressway segment of U.S. 51, with an interchange to Gallatin Street, that stems into downtown Jackson at State Street. The next exit is the split of the two Interstates at "The Stack". Photo taken 04/14/02.
The ramp from Interstate 55 north to Interstate 20 east merges with the mainline just before the ramp for Exit 47A/U.S. 49 south. The control cities of Richland and Flowood (Exit 47B) refer to the immediate Jackson suburbs. U.S. 49 south also serves the suburb of Florence south at Mississippi 469. Photo taken 04/14/02.
Southbound perspective of U.S. 49 guide signage for the interchange with Mississippi 13. This north-south highway crosses U.S. 49 between Puckett (pop. 294) and the nearby Simpson County seat of Mendenhall (pop. 2463). The highway meets Prentiss 26 miles to the south. Photo taken 04/14/02.
The southern terminus of U.S. 49 at U.S. 90. The last three blocks of U.S. 49 sees on-street parking within the downtown area. Various shops and other businesses are located nearby. In the background, accessible by continuing straight through the intersection, is the Port of Gulfport. Long Beach is to the right with the casino district of Gulfport to the left. Top photo taken 11/06/99; Bottom photo taken 06/01.

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