U.S. Highway 49 Northbound

U.S. 49 North
Reversing directions, is the first northbound U.S. 49 reassurance shield. Included is an Interstate 10 and hurricane evacuation route trailblazer. The bulk of downtown can be seen in this photograph. Although traffic appears light in this image, it dramatically increases within the first two miles. Photo taken 11/06/99.
The area of the U.S. 98 expressway south of Hattiesburg is very rural in nature. This scene looks northbound on U.S. 49 with advance guide signage for the westbound U.S. 98 cloverleaf. The control cities include Laurel for Interstate 59 north. The roadway to the right is the original two lane version of U.S. 49 that now acts as a service road. Photo taken 10/14/00.
Northbound U.S. 49 at the congested intersection with Hardy Street, the eastern terminus of Mississippi 198. This location originally was the northern split of the U.S. 49/98 overlap. To the right is downtown with the University of Southern Mississippi campus situated to the left. The Hardy Street and U.S. 49 corridors throughout this vicinity are heavily commercialized. The roadway on the right is one of several frontage roads in use along U.S. 49. Photo taken 10/14/00.
The junction with Interstate 59 is another cloverleaf interchange. This sign bridge shows northbound at the Interstate 59 northbound ramp. U.S. 49 continues the expansion of Hattiesburg metropolitan area northwestward a short distance. Quickly thereafter the highway becomes more rural in nature, with a hodgepodge of towns and farmland between Hattiesburg and Jackson. The corridor is traveled moderately by long-distance drivers. Photo taken 10/14/00.
North of the Hattiesburg metropolitan area, U.S. 49 intersects the western terminus of Mississippi 598. This short state route spurs to the east from U.S. 49 in rural southeastern Covington County. Photo taken 04/14/02.
Near the village of Seminary (pop. 231), is this intersection on U.S. 49 northbound. The junction is the northern terminus of Mississippi 589, a state route that circumvents the Hattiesburg area to the west between Interstate 59 and Purvis and this location. Photo taken 04/14/02.
A closer look at the shield assembly on U.S. 49 northbound at Mississippi 589. In the background can be seen the next intersection, the western terminus of Mississippi 590. Photo taken 04/14/02.
U.S. 49 northbound at Mississippi 590. This state route travels eastward one mile through Seminary and connects Interstate 59 at Ellisville. Photo taken 04/14/02.
Entering the Covington County east of Collins on U.S. 49 northbound with advance guide signage for the interchange with U.S. 84. The westbound control city of U.S. 84 is Prentiss (pop. 1487), the county seat for adjacent Jefferson Davis County. Photo taken 04/14/02.
The highway lighting continues on U.S. 49 northbound at the U.S. 84 interchange. This photograph shows the exit for U.S. 84, with the route entering downtown Collins to the east. Although not shown on this guide signage, 27 miles to the east U.S. 84 meanders to the city of Laurel. Photo taken 04/14/02.
Northbound at Mississippi 149 near Mount Olive. This is one of many old U.S. 49/Mississippi 149 alignments between Hattiesburg and Jackson. Mount Olive (pop. 914) is located just to the north at the intersection with Mississippi 35. Photo taken 04/14/02.
U.S. 49 is still rather rural in character through the Collins to Magee stretch in Covington and Simpson Counties. Therefore this intersection with Mississippi 15 is governed by a flasher. Mississippi 35 is a north-south route crossing U.S. 49 between Columbia (pop. 6815) and Mize (pop. 312). Photo taken 04/14/02.
Leaving the intersection with Mississippi 35, U.S. 49 northbound sees this mileage sign for Magee and Jackson. Note that typical of many southeastern U.S. routes, service roads are in use. Photo taken 04/14/02.
The Mount Olive alignment of Mississippi 149 returns at this intersection to the northwest of the village. U.S. 49 continues northward to the Simpson County line. Photo taken 04/14/02.
U.S. 49 northbound with the town of Magee is the junction with the overlapped Mississippi 28 and 541. The two highways intermingle with U.S. 49 amidst strip mall type commercial development. The upcoming intersection sees the south and west departure of the two state routes from U.S. 49 and Magee. Photo taken 04/14/02.
The intersection where Mississippi 28 west and Mississippi 541 south leave U.S. 49. Mississippi 28 migrates westward to Pinola and Georgetown while Mississippi 541 sinks southward towards U.S. 84 near Prentiss. Note again that service roads are in use to serve the commercial establishments that front both sides of U.S. 49. Photo taken 04/14/02.
Looking closer at the shield assembly in the above photograph. East of Magee, Mississippi 28 serves Mize and Taylorsville, with a terminus near Laurel. Mississippi 541 north leaves the area in the same fashion as it entered, in rural landscapes towards Mississippi 18 at Puckett. Photo taken 04/14/02.
U.S. 49 northbound at a connecting road to Mississippi 149 near D'Lo. This photograph shows the guide signage on the route for that highway. Photo taken 04/14/02.
The Braxton/D'Lo/Mendenhall segment of Mississippi 149 rejoins U.S. 49 near the Simpson/Rankin County line in this photograph. U.S. 49 northbound continues in pine forest landscapes towards Florence (pop. 1831) and the Jackson metropolitan area. Photo taken 04/14/02.
U.S. 49 northbound in the vicinity of Florence a concrete roadway in place. This area roughly represents the southern extent of the 400,000 plus populated area of the capital city. U.S. 49 is greeted with a typical southeastern U.S. strip mall/hodgepodge type commercial development associated with main highway corridors. Photo taken 04/14/02.
Continuing the concrete roadway theme on U.S. 49, is the junction with Mississippi 469 at Florence. Mississippi 469 loops northeast towards the Brandon (pop. 11,077) and Pearl (pop. 19,588) suburbs southeast of the city. South of Florence the highway descends towards Mississippi 28 near Georgetown. Photo taken 04/14/02.
Within the corporate limits of Richland (pop. 4014), U.S. 49 approaches the confluence of Interstates 20 and 55. The roadway is well within the metropolitan area, as congestion increases dramatically from Florence northward. This photograph was taken on a Saturday afternoon, and does not reflect well the amount of traffic encountered. Photo taken 04/14/02.
Jackson International Airport guide sign on U.S. 49 northbound. This sign indicates to drivers to take Interstate 20 eastbound for the airport facility. Photo taken 04/14/02.
Junction Interstate 20 on U.S. 49 northbound. The sign bridge is situated at the eastbound ramp, with U.S. 49 northbound preparing to enter Interstate 20 westbound. Original U.S. 49 continues northward a short distance to U.S. 80 at the corporate limits of Flowood (pop. 2860). Photo taken 04/14/02.
U.S. 49 enters Interstate 20 westbound at this ramp. The two highways quickly intermingle with Interstate 55 within the next mile at "The Stack". The traffic light in the background is for the westbound ramp from Interstate 20 to U.S. 49. U.S. 80 is situated within one-half mile of this location. Photo taken 04/14/02.
Exit 46 takes traffic onto Interstate 55 north as part of "The Stack" interchange. Meanwhile Interstate 55 southbound merges with Interstate 20 west & U.S. 49 north for a two mile overlap. Note the use of geographical control cities for the Jackson area on the two sign panels. Photo taken 04/14/02.
Westbound Interstate 20/southbound Interstate 55/northbound U.S. 49 at Exit 45B for U.S. 51/State Street and downtown Jackson. This ramp takes traffic to U.S. 51 at U.S. 80. The next ramp (Exit 45A) serves Gallatin Street and the west side of downtown. Photo taken 04/14/02.
Westbound Interstate 20/northbound U.S. 49 split with Interstate 55/U.S. 51 southbound. U.S. 51 enters the freeway briefly from State Street and downtown before departing with Interstate 55 southward to Exit 78. Note that unlike on Interstate 20, New Orleans is also shown on Interstate 55 southbound guide signage. Photo taken 04/14/02.
Just past the Interstate 20-U.S. 49 and Interstate 55 western split are the exit ramps for Terry Road on westbound. Terry Road is the original U.S. 51 throughout south Jackson. Photo taken 04/14/02.
Westbound Interstate 20/northbound U.S. 49 passing by Exit 43A for Terry Road southbound. The six lane freeway turns to the west past this interchange, crossing over Raymond Road beneath. Photo taken 04/14/02.
Exit 41 guide signage in place on this sign bridge at Exit 42A for Ellis Avenue southbound. This interchange is a full cloverleaf. Interstate 20 & U.S. 49 are six lanes at this location in south Jackson. Photo taken 04/14/02.
Advance guide signage for the Interstate 20/220/U.S. 49 confluence. Interstate 20 reduces from three to two westbound lanes at the interchange. Photo taken 04/14/02.
Westbound Interstate 20 at the same interchange for Interstate 220 & U.S. 49 north (Exit 41). U.S. 49 overlaps with Interstate 220 northward to Exit 5B, traveling 41 miles northward to Yazoo City. Vicksburg is another 36 miles to the west on Interstate 20. Photo taken 04/14/02.
Entering the pervasive Exit 1A/B interchange on Interstate 220 & U.S. 49 north. U.S. 80 eastbound takes traffic towards downtown and the Jackson State University campus. The corridor is fairly developed as a commercial strip throughout this area of southwest Jackson. Photo taken 04/14/02.
Northbound Interstate 220 & U.S. 49 at Exit 1B for U.S. 80 west. The divided highway travels to the north and west towards Clinton, home to the much beleaguered telecommunications giant of WorldCom. Photo taken 04/14/02.
Continuing northbound on Interstate 220 & U.S. 49 at a recreational guide sign for the Jackson Zoo. The family entertainment venue is accessible from Exit 2, as this sign shows while Interstate 220 passes by a nearby baseball park. The exit takes traffic to West Capital Street. Photo taken 04/14/02.
Northbound Interstate 220 & U.S. 49 at the Exit 2B cloverleaf ramp for Clinton Boulevard. As the street names suggests, this local highway links west Jackson with the city of Clinton (pop. 21,847) to the west.Photo taken 04/14/02.
Amidst reconstruction, Interstate 220 nears the split with U.S. 49 at Exits 5A/B. U.S. 49 originally traveled through downtown to the southeast, but was relocated to the Interstates to remove traffic from the surface streets of Jackson. Photo taken 04/14/02.
Exit 5A for Medger Evans Boulevard/old U.S. 49 from Interstate 220/U.S. 49 north. This ramp also serves Northside Drive nearby. Photo taken 04/14/02.
U.S. 49 departs for Yazoo City from Interstate 220 at the Exit 5B cloverleaf ramp from northbound. Yazoo City is located 37 miles to the north, and is the location of the U.S. 49 partition to U.S. 49E and U.S. 49W. Photo taken 04/14/02.
U.S. 49 scenes
To the right of the Mississippi 149 southern terminus at Mount Olive is a remaining portion of original twin slab concrete. The old U.S. 49 segment is preserved as a local access road. Photo taken 04/14/02.
Another perspective of the old concrete merging with the current four lane U.S. 49. This was the only remaining portion of original U.S. 49 roadway that was found between Jackson and Hattiesburg. Photo taken 04/14/02.

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