U.S. Highway 41 South - Lee County

U.S. 41 south
Prior to crossing the Caloosahatchee River, southbound U.S. 41 traffic is advised of the pending interchange with Florida 80, Florida 82, and Florida 867 on the south bank of the river in downtown Fort Myers. The access to these routes occurs fairly quickly upon reaching the south end of the four-lane Caloosahatchee River Bridge. Photo taken 12/26/03.
Use the right lane to reach the connections to eastbound Florida 80 (Palm Beach Boulevard), eastbound Florida 82 (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard/Immokalee Road) and southbound Florida 867 (McGregor Boulevard). Florida 80 is a transpeninsular state road that connects Fort Myers with Palm Beach. Florida 82 connects Fort Myers with Florida 29 in rural Collier County north of Immokalee Road. Florida 867 parallels U.S. 41 along the southeastern bank of Caloosahatchee River, leading southeast toward Iona and Truckland. The state road ends at Lee County Route 869 (not to be confused with Toll Florida 869/Sawgrass Expressway in Broward County), Summerlin Road. Lee County Route 869 continues southwest on McGregor Boulevard to Sanibel Island. Photo taken 12/26/03.
This substandard ramp from southbound U.S. 41 provides connections to Florida 80 and Florida 82 eastbound. This marks the western terminus of both routes. The second right exit connects to Florida 867 (McGregor Boulevard). Photo taken 12/26/03.

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