U.S. Highway 41 North - Collier County

U.S. 41 North
North of the intersection with Florida 951 and Collier County 951 (Collier Boulevard), U.S. 41 approaches the southern outskirts of Naples. The first traffic signal after Florida 951 is Price Street and Triangle Boulevard. Triangle Boulevard travels east around the back side of the Freedom Square Shopping Square. Triangle Boulevard then reconnects with Collier County 951 northeast of the shopping area. Photo taken 12/26/03.
St. Andrews Boulevard winds northeast from U.S. 41 toward Lely, where it joins Collier County 864 (Rattlesnake Hammock Road). Photo taken 12/26/03.
The first major intersection along northbound U.S. 41/Florida 90 after passing the Marco Island cutoff at Florida 951/Collier Boulevard is with Collier County 864, Rattlesnake Hammock Road. This is one of our favorite road names in Southwest Florida ... it provides us with the colorful imagery of a rattlesnake resting casually in its hammock, enjoying a Gulf breeze and a cocktail. Photo taken 12/26/03.
Collier County 864 is a relatively short highway, traveling a few miles east to end at Collier County 951 in Lely and traveling west along Thomasson Drive to meet Collier County 31 (Bayshore Drive) east of Naples Bay. Photo taken 12/26/03.
Northbound U.S. 41 reaches Collier County 864, Rattlesnake Hammock Road east to Lely. Photo taken 12/26/03.
After Collier County 846 (Rattlesnake Hammock Road), U.S. 41 (Tamiami Trail) continues northwest toward downtown Naples. The busy road becomes six lanes wide, and has a series of traffic signals between here and downtown. Photo taken 12/26/03.
Northbound U.S. 41/westbound Florida 90 approaches Lakewood Boulevard (northbound) and Avalon Drive (westbound) southeast of Naples. Photo taken 12/26/03.

A few blocks north, U.S. 41 meets Palm Drive northbound. Photo taken 12/26/03.
The next traffic signal along northbound is Courthouse Shadows, which provides access to the Collier County Courthouse. Situated at the northeast corner of U.S. 41/Tamiami Trail and Collier County 31/Airport-Pulling Road, the Collier County Courthouse rises above the trees and is one of the few high rise buildings in the Naples area. Photo taken 12/26/03.
After passing the Courthouse Shadows intersection, U.S. 41 northbound reaches Collier County 31, which follows Airport-Pulling Road from the vicinity of the courthouse north to Collier County 846/Immokalee Road. The county road passes by the Naples Municipal Airport, which is reached via a left turn on North Road (westbound). Photo taken 12/26/03.
The Collier County 31 shield is secondary to the overhead signs for Airport-Pulling Road. The signage would be even more effective if the county shield were also pasted onto the overhead sign. In addition to providing access to the airport, Collier County 31 can be a much faster route than U.S. 41 to bypass downtown Naples and reconnect to U.S. 41 via Collier County 896 (Pine Ridge Road) westbound. Collier County 31 does not connect to the much longer Florida 31 in Lee County east of Fort Myers; however, Collier County 31 merges onto U.S. 41 briefly so it can connect to Bayshore Drive southbound. Photo taken 12/26/03.
Bayshore Drive is the continuation of Collier County 31 southbound, and the brief silent duplex between U.S. 41 and Collier County 31 comes to an end at this traffic signal. Bayshore Drive travels due south past Gulfgate Plaza shopping center, connecting to Thomasson Drive which leads west to the east shore of Naples Bay near Harbor Head and east back to U.S. 41 near Naples South Plaza shopping center. Photo taken 12/26/03.
Pine Street turns south from U.S. 41 (Tamiami Trail) to the Naples Land Yacht Harbor Club, while Commercial Street is a short connector east to Pelton Street. Photo taken 12/26/03.
Northbound U.S. 41 approaches Florida 84, Davis Boulevard. Once a major east-west highway across the Everglades that connected Southwest Florida with South Florida, Florida 84 is now relegated to having two segments, one in Collier County between U.S. 41 and Interstate 75/Alligator Alley and the other in Broward County, where Florida 84 acts as frontage road to Interstate 75 and Interstate 595 before entering Fort Lauderdale. Prior to the completion of Interstate 75 in 1992, the Alligator Alley was signed as Florida 84. However, signage for Florida 84 was removed after the Alley was brought up to Interstate standards, and the route is entirely signed as Interstate 75 (secret Florida 93). Photo taken 12/26/03.
After the intersection with Florida 84 (Davis Boulevard), U.S. 41 crosses over Naples Bay and the Gordon River near Tin City. The next traffic signal is Collier County 851, Goodlette-Frank Road. Since U.S. 41/Florida 90 is traveling nearly due west at this point, Collier County 851 travels north and will parallel U.S. 41/Florida 45 north to Collier County 846 (Immokalee Road). Note that the larger signs used for Florida 84 and Collier County 31 are not found here. Photo taken 12/26/03.
After Collier County 851, U.S. 41 and Florida 90 approach downtown Naples. It is here that U.S. 41 will drop the hidden duplex with Florida 90 and will pick up Florida 45 northbound toward Tampa Bay. U.S. 41 will turn right (north) on 9th Street, while the left lane continues straight ahead on 5th Avenue. Use 5th Avenue to reach Naples' famed downtown shopping district. Photo taken 12/26/03.
Westbound Florida 90 reaches its western terminus here at the intersection of 5th Avenue and 9th Street. U.S. 41 north turns right onto northbound Florida 45. For downtown parking, continue straight ahead along 5th Avenue. Photo taken 12/26/03.
Northbound U.S. 41/Florida 45 approaches Collier County 886, which follows Golden Gate Parkway east to Collier County 951 (Collier Boulevard) in Golden Gate. The highway will soon have a connection to Interstate 75, as a new interchange is being designed and constructed between Collier County 886 and Interstate 75. Photo taken 12/26/03.
Passing through North Naples, U.S. 41 serves a variety of multi-family residential complexes, houses, commercial establishments, and shopping facilities. The highway remains four to six lanes throughout, and traffic can be quite busy during commuting hours and during the "snowbird" season. A major intersection along northbound U.S. 41 in North Naples is with Collier County 896 (Pine Ridge Road), which travels east to Interstate 75 and Collier County 951. To the west, Seagate Road travels toward the Registry Resort and Golf Course on Outer Clam Bayou. Photo taken 12/26/03.
These trailblazer shields for Collier County 896 and Interstate 75 are posted along northbound U.S. 41. Collier County 896 extends east along Pine Ridge Road, ending at Collier County 951 north of Golden Gate. Photos taken 12/99 and 12/26/03.
Northbound U.S. 41 reaches Collier County 896 (Pine Ridge Road). Use Collier County 896 east to reach Interstate 75 and Collier County 951 (north of Golden Gate). Photo taken 12/99.
Use Collier County 846/Immokalee Road east to Interstate 75 and Immokalee; Collier County 846 west becomes 111th Avenue and then Bluebill Avenue before ending at Delnor Wiggins State Park near Vanderbilt Beach. Photo taken 12/26/03.
Old U.S. 41, which used to follow Collier County 887/Lee County Route 887 through Bonita Springs, follows a less direct route than the modern U.S. 41. Signed as a county route, some maps still refer to this road as Old Tamiami Trail. Photo taken 12/26/03.

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