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In downtown Lake Alfred, these colored (yet faded) U.S. 17 and U.S. 92 shields are found along Polk County Route 557 (Haines Boulevard) as it approaches South Lake Shore Way. Unfortunately these shields were replaced by May of 2007. Photo taken 11/18/03.
Horatio Avenue westbound on the approach to U.S. 17 & 92 near downtown Maitland. U.S. 17 & 92 head a short distance north to their trumpet interchange with Florida 414 (Maitland Boulevard west to Interstate 4. Photo taken 08/16/08.
Airport Boulevard eastbound in Sanford on the approach to junction U.S. 17 & 92. Airport Boulevard parallels Florida 417 Toll (Seminole Expressway) southeast from Seminole County 46A (West 25th Street) to U.S. 17 & 92 at the Exit 50 interchange of the Seminole Expressway. Photo taken 12/29/05.
Airport Boulevard carries drivers from the Florida 417 Toll southbound off-ramp (Exit 50) to U.S. 17 & 92. U.S. 17 & 92 travel north from Airport Boulevard to downtown Sanford and southwest to Lake Mary. Airport Boulevard east continues to the southbound on-ramp to the Seminole Expressway and Orlando-Sanford International Airport (SFB). Photo taken 12/29/05.

Lake Monroe Bridge
A portion of the original two-lane Lake Monroe Bridge remains in place at Lake Monroe Wayside Park adjacent to the U.S. 17-92 Benedict Bridge. A plaque in place at the bridge indicates that the Lake Monroe Bridge was the first electrically operated swing bridge in the state when it was built between 1932-33. It replaced a wooden toll bridge and traveled 627 feet across the St. Johns River. When the 1994 bridge above was constructed, the Lake Monroe Bridge was removed from the navigation channel but left in place as a fishing pier on the south side. Photos taken 02/29/08.
Looking at the four-lane Benedict Bridge of U.S. 17-92 from the original Lake Monroe Bridge. A CSX Railroad swing bridge remains in use along the west side of the fixed high-level span. Photos taken 02/29/08.
The eastward view from the 1933 Lake Monroe Bridge includes that of the Interstate 4 Lake Monroe bridges leading north from Exit 104. These bridges were widened to six lanes. Note the 2007-built viaduct ramp from Interstate 4 east to U.S. 17-92 that protrudes out over the lake waters. Photos taken 02/29/08.

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