U.S. Highway 1 Southbound - Georgia to Monroe County

U.S. 1 South
U.S. 27, which extends from Fort Wayne, Indiana, south to Miami, meets its southern terminus here at the intersection between U.S. 1, U.S. 27, and Interstate 195. Here, southbound U.S. 1 approaches a traffic signal with NE 36th Street (Generals Boulevard). A right turn here provides access to U.S. 27 westbound (northbound) en route to Hialeah, while a left turn provides access onto a ramp that leads to the Julia Tuttle Causeway on Interstate 195 en route to Miami Beach. Photo taken 12/28/03.
Southbound U.S. 1 crosses the Miami River via a drawbridge, which is significantly lower profile than the high rise viaduct that carries Interstate 95 over the same river to the west of here. Note the left two lanes turn onto SE 3rd Avenue and offer a U-turn onto northbound, while the three main lanes prepare to cross the Miami River. Photo taken 12/28/03.
This reassurance shield for southbound U.S. 1 is located within Miami's downtown financial district, immediately after the U.S. 41/Florida 90/Tamiami Trail intersection and before the junction with Florida 972 (SW 13rd Street). Photo taken 12/28/03.
The first state road to connect with U.S. 1 after the U.S. 41/Florida 90 intersection is Florida 972. Photo taken 12/28/03.
Southbound U.S. 1 reaches Florida 972/Coral Way/SE 13th Street. Photo taken 12/28/03.
Immediately after Interstate 95 merges onto southbound U.S. 1, U.S. 1/Florida 5/Dixie Highway carries three lanes, with the rail facility adjacent to the road and parallel to the west. Photo taken 12/28/03.
After the merge with Interstate 95, this U.S. 1 shield is located along southbound Dixie Highway as the route travels toward Coral Gables. Photo taken 12/28/03.

Southbound U.S. 1 meets Florida 9 (Unity Boulevard/SW 27th Avenue) here. A Metrorail Station is visible in the background to the right. Florida 9 travels north through Miami, then angles northeast to join Interstate 95 at the Golden Glades Interchange. Photo taken 12/28/03.
Florida 959 (Red Road) acts as the boundary between the city of Coral Gables and South Miami. As U.S. 1 (Florida 5/Dixie Highway) travels southwest, it leaves Coral Gables (home to the University of Miami) and enters South Miami. Photo taken 12/28/03.
Florida 986 follows SW 72nd Street (Sunset Drive) east-west from South Miami west to Glenvar Heights and Sunset. This intersection is located in Sunset Place Mall. Photo taken 12/28/03.
After passing through Coral Gables and South Miami, U.S. 1 approaches Florida 878, the Snapper Creek Expressway. Florida 878 is a fairly short freeway route that connects U.S. 1 to Florida 874, the Don Shula Expressway. Use Florida 878 west to Florida 874 southwest to Florida's Turnpike to bypass U.S. 1 between Pinecrest and Homestead. Photo taken 12/30/03.
Southbound U.S. 1 reaches the turnoff to westbound Florida 878, the Snapper Creek Expressway. This freeway is so named because it parallels Snapper Creek for the entire length of the freeway. Although the shield used by the Miami-Dade Expressway (MDX) Authority looks like a toll shield, Florida 878 is not a toll road. However, it connects to the tolled Florida 874 and Florida's Turnpike System to the southwest. Photo taken 12/30/03.
The overpass ahead carries southbound Florida's Turnpike over U.S. 1; vehicles on that ramp will merge onto U.S. 1 southbound, signaling the end of the turnpike in Florida City. Photo taken 12/28/03.
A left turn connects southbound U.S. 1 with northbound Florida's Turnpike (Florida 821). Use the turnpike north to reach the Miami metropolitan area (it is much faster than using northbound U.S. 1. Photo taken 12/28/03.
The END shield for the Homestead Extension of Florida's Turnpike (secret Florida 821) is visible from southbound U.S. 1 as the highway enters Florida City. Photo taken 12/28/03.
This overhead sign advises motorists to continue straight ahead to Key West via U.S. 1; a left turn on Palm Drive leads to Biscayne National Park and a right turn on Florida 9336/Palm Drive leads to Everglades National Park via Ingraham Highway. Photo taken 05/06/06.
Southbound U.S. 1 reaches Florida 9336/Palm Drive/SW 344th Street; the highway is only a state road to the west. To the east, it is locally maintained. Photo taken 05/06/06.
Three quarters of a mile south of Florida 9336 (Palm Drive) is the south end of Florida 997 (Krome Avenue). Florida 997 represents historic Florida 27 between Florida City and U.S. 27 near the Broward County line. The state road primarily stays west of the heavily developed suburbs of Miami, straddling the Florida Everglades in the process. Florida 27 was renumbered to 997 to reduce confusion with U.S. 27 leading southeast into Miami. Photo taken 03/25/06.
A Florida Keys gateway variable message sign, so to speak, lies at the Florida 997 (Krome Avenue) intersection south of the Florida City line. Photo taken 03/25/06.
Beyond the Florida 997 intersection, U.S. 1 approaches Card Sound Road, which offers an alternate route to the Florida Keys via a locally maintained bridge over Card Sound. This would be a logical extension of Florida 997, but it is not signed (and Miami Dade County seemingly has few if any county-signed routes). The bridge itself carries a $1.00 toll for all passenger vehicles. Photo taken 05/06/06.
After passing through some fast food and strip mall areas, U.S. 1 finally emerges from the clutter to resume south through the mostly rural and agricultural lands south of Florida City. The highway is generally four lanes divided, with several two-lane stretches remaining. Photo taken 05/06/06.
123 miles to go on U.S. 1 southbound as it progresses southward from Florida City to Key Largo. Photo taken 05/06/06.
For the most part, U.S. 1 consists of just a two-lane highway between Florida City and Key Largo. Passing lanes exist between the Card Sound Road intersection and the Jewfish Creek draw bridge. Photo taken 05/06/06.
A sign advises motorists of the risks of aggressive driving and passing along the narrow U.S. 1 through the Florida Keys. Because of the risk of head-on collisions, the state is undertaking a $148-million project to widen the highway enough for the installation of jersey barrier medians between the Glades Canal crossing and Key Largo. Photo taken 05/06/06.
Motorists are given plenty of advanced notice for the passing zones along the 18-mile drive between Florida City and Key Largo. A series of smaller signs with catchy slogans give a light-hearted notice of those zones. Photos taken 05/06/06.
U.S. 1 spans Glades Canal across a short draw bridge three miles north of the Monroe County line. Photo taken 05/06/06.
Crossing into Monroe County along U.S. 1 southbound. The county line straddles Manatee Creek between Long and Barnes Sounds. A small fish camp lies on Barnes Sound. Photo taken 05/06/06.

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