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A look at the eastern two thirds of Saint Tammany Parish, of which our coverage documents.

The Slidell city area and the U.S. 11 corridor. Note also a short Business U.S. 190 in place.

Interstate 10 straddles the east side of Slidell, as it crosses Lake Pontchartrain from New Orleans. The freeway carries six lanes of bone jarring concrete from the lake crossing north to Interstate 12/59. An expansive interchange exists between the freeways, with the Interstate 10 mainline sweeping across the southeast corner of the junction. There are no interchanges between Interstate 12/59 and the Mississippi state line. However, a Louisiana state welcome center exists on westbound.

Louisiana @ SouthEastRoads - Interstate 10

The direct route for through traffic in southeastern Louisiana, Interstate 12 takes a beeline westward from Slidell to Hammond at Interstate 55 and Baton Rouge. The freeway carries four lanes for all but the westernmost portion in Baton Rouge. Traffic counts are pretty generous, considering the lack of any medium sized cities along the route east of Baton Rouge.

Louisiana @ SouthEastRoads - Interstate 12

The quietest of the three Interstates, Interstate 59 takes a northeastern trek 11 miles from Slidell to the Mississippi state line. The route parallels and replaces part of the original U.S. 11 alignment. Although the southern terminus occurs at Interstate 10 and 12, there were proposals early in the Interstate system planning to have Interstate 59 follow Interstate 10 southwestward into New Orleans. The highway currently carries four lanes of refurbished pavement (1999) to the state line. Traffic counts are light, as most traffic headed to regional points northeastward from New Orleans utilize Interstate 10 and 65.

Louisiana @ SouthEastRoads - Interstate 59

U.S. 11 retains its original routing from the current terminus at U.S. 90 through Slidell. At Louisiana 41 things change, as U.S. 11 turns to the southeast for a merge onto Interstate 59. This overlap takes the two highways northward from Exit 3 of Interstate 59 to Mississippi Exit 1. Interstate 59 overrides the original roadway of U.S. 11 between Exits 5A and 5B. However at Exit 5B, which is an interchange for a local service road, the original U.S. 11 path veered to the east. This now abandoned roadway has succumbed to vegetation growth within the Pearl River Wildlife Management Area between Interstate 59 and the River of Pearls. The six mile alignment crossed into Mississippi near Saint Rose, where U.S. 11 turned northward along current Mississippi 607. U.S. 90 had overlapped with U.S. 11 from Slidell to Saint Rose, Mississippi at one time as well. With the completion of the bridge over the Pearl River at Pearlington, Mississippi, U.S. 90 was rerouted onto the new southerly alignment, with Mississippi 43 taking over the stretch of highway from U.S. 11/Saint Rose southward (current Mississippi 607). At Interstate 59/Exit 1 in Mississippi, the original U.S. 11 and current U.S. 11 coincide northward through Nicholson and Picayune.

Louisiana @ SouthEastRoads - U.S. Highway 11

Passes well to the south and east of Slidell. This was not always the case, as U.S. 90 originally took a more northerly swath closer to Slidell along Louisiana 433 to U.S. 11. U.S. 11 and 90 overlapped from downtown Slidell northward to Saint Rose, Mississippi, on an now abandoned stretch of highway between that Mississippi town and Pearl River. However, the current alignment takes the two lane highway from the state line near Pearlington, Mississippi southwestward to the Rigolets into Orleans Parish. The highway is lightly traveled, as Interstate 10 takes most of the through traffic away from the U.S route. With that stated, most of the businesses along this swampy right-of-way have succumbed to economic woes and have been abandoned. The road also retains an old style allure, with a lift bridge, three truss bridges, and a numerous ponytruss bridges over the main waterways and tributaries in the area.

Louisiana @ SouthEastRoads - U.S. Highway 90

The main east-west drag through Slidell. The highway carries local traffic for Slidell area interests, as Interstate 12 and 10 have taken over the role for through traffic needs. The highway is four laned through the heart of Slidell, passing through the commercial district north of downtown. A Business U.S. 190 also exists in Slidell. This four mile alignment was the original path for U.S. 190, but was designated when U.S. 190 was relocated to a new alignment to the north and east of downtown. The terminus for U.S. 190 occurs with U.S. 90 in a wetlands area six miles east of the city.

Louisiana @ SouthEastRoads - U.S. Highway 190

A main corridor between Covington and U.S. 190 and Bogalusa in Saint Tammany and Washington Parishes. The highway sees a four lane stretch from Louisiana 41 northward through the village of Sun towards Bogalusa. Speeders beware, as the speed limit reduces to 45 MPH for a distance of 150 yards or so in Sun with rigorous enforcement.

Across the Washington Parish line and beyond the speed trap of Sun, Louisiana 21 northbound opens up and sees a 65 MPH speed limit. Concrete pavement is the surface of choice for most of this divided stretch. Photo taken 07/22/01.
Twin Louisiana 21 northbound reassurance shields in Washington Parish. At Bogalusa, the highway loses its median, but does retain four lanes. The town has 13,365 residents and sees a substantial amount of trees along the Louisiana 21 landscape. Photo taken 07/22/01.

A short state highway linking Louisiana 41 through the center of Pearl River between Interstate 59/U.S. 11 and Louisiana 41. The highway, for the most part, passes through sleepy residential areas.

Louisiana 41 Spur westbound reassurance shield after the highway leaves Interstate 59 and old U.S. 11 in Pearl River. Photo taken 06/01.
Older Louisiana 41 Spur trailblazer at the Exit 5A interchange for Interstate 59/U.S. 11. Signage at this interchange was worn out from the strong Louisiana sunshine. The truck in the background is on Interstate 59/U.S. 11 themselves. Louisiana 41 Spur terminates at this junction. Photo taken 06/01.
Louisiana 41 trailblazer on Louisiana 41 Spur westbound at old U.S. 11 in Pearl River. Continuing westward on Louisiana 41 Spur will also lead to Louisiana 41. This is a residential area intersection, with stop signs in place. Photo taken 06/01.

A nondescript state highway, Louisiana 59 connects Mandeville with Abita Springs and Louisiana 21. The highway itself sees suburban type development in and around Interstate 12, but transitions into a rural landscape north of the freeway.

Within the town of Abita Springs (pop. 1957), Louisiana 59 briefly overlaps with Louisiana 36. Pictured here is the southbound end of Louisiana 435 (Level Street) at the south end of the Louisiana 36 & 59 overlap (Maple Street). Louisiana 36 merges with Louisiana 59 from the left. The two highways turn right (north) onto Maple Street for a 0.4-mile multiplex. As far as the town itself, numerous artisans and craftshops abound, giving this town an artsy type feel. The town however, has nothing to do with the spring water company of the same name. It is home to the Abita Amber brewery. Photo taken 07/22/01.
The northern terminus of Louisiana 59 at Louisiana 21 north of Abita Springs. The forestlike setting is intermixed with fields along Louisiana 21 from this intersection northward. No end sign is in place for Louisiana 59. Photo taken 07/22/01.

Known as the Old Spanish Trail from Slidell southeastward to U.S. 90, Louisiana 433 was originally part of Louisiana 2 and U.S. 90, before the bridge and U.S. 90 alignment at Pearlington, Mississippi was constructed. The highway is seeing the spread of Slidell southeastward as more and more residents move outwards from New Orleans.

A short state highway on the east side of Slidell. The roadway basically acts as a frontage road for Interstate 59 southward towards Interstate 10. It terminates at U.S. 190. The state highway was truncated slightly from the original U.S. 11 routing back to Interstate 59 at Exit 3. Louisiana 190 (Military Road) travels a total of 4.52 miles.

Older Interstate 59 and U.S. 11 shields on Louisiana 1090 (Military Road) northbound. The faded Interstate shields dated from the mid 1980s and were replaced by 2003. Photo taken 11/06/99.
The western terminus of Louisiana 1090 (Military Road) at Interstate 59 (Exit 3) and Concord Boulevard (U.S. 11). U.S. 11 overlaps with Interstate 59 from the Mississippi state line southward to the Exit 3 diamond interchange. From here U.S. 11 takes Concord Boulevard west to its original routing at Pearl River. All signs displayed here were replaced by October 2003. Photo taken 11/06/99.
The first eastbound Louisiana 1090 shield is posted on Military Road southbound as it departs the Interstate 59 & U.S. 11 interchange. Louisiana 1090 serves residential areas of eastern Slidell on the 4.50 mile trek to U.S. 190 (Gause Boulevard). Photo taken 06/01.

Photos from around the Parish

Louisiana 3081 (Old U.S. Highway 11)
Louisiana 3081 (Main Street) constitutes the original U.S. 11 alignment through the town of Pearl River. The state highway travels 1.60 miles from a dead end at the Pearl River southward to the juncton of U.S. 11 (Concord Boulevard) and Louisiana 41 (Walls Road). Pictured here is the approach to the intersection of Concord Boulevard and Walls Road from Main Street (old U.S. 11) southbound. Photo taken 06/01.
Louisiana 3081 (Main Street) concludes at U.S. 11 & Louisiana 41 (Walls Road). U.S. 11 turns southward from Concord Boulevard onto Main Street toward the city of Slidell. Louisiana 41 northbound begins to the right via Walls Road. The state highway migrates northward 23.22 miles to Louisiana 21. Photo taken 06/01.

Railroad truss bridge over the Pearl River near Interstate 59 at the Pearl River Turnaround (Exit 11). This bridge carries the Slidell to Hattiesburg railroad line northward into Mississippi as it parallels Interstate 59 on the west side. The span travels over Honey Island Swamp Road as it spurs west of the Exit 11 interchange of Interstate 59 & U.S. 11. Photos taken 06/01.

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