Polk County Highways

Polk County is situated along Interstate 4 in the Lakeland metropolitan area. The rapidly expanding area has seen significant population and commercial growth; it was one of the last vestiges of rural settings along the Interstate 4 corridor. Continuing development threatens to change that. In addition, Polk County is a heartland of citrus production and phosphate mining. Major cities include Lakeland and Winter Haven. Major highways that traverse the county include Interstate 4 and U.S. 92.

Florida 540 exists in two parts, with one section connecting Lakeland and Eagle Lake and the other section serving the Cypress Gardens theme park in Winter Haven.

Eastbound Florida 540
Eastbound Florida 540 reaches Florida 570, the Polk Parkway. The Polk Parkway is a recently constructed toll alternative to Interstate 4 through the greater Lakeland area, and it is a new avenue to the airport as well as growing parts of the city and county. Photo taken 12/21/03.
Westbound Florida 540
Westbound Florida 540/Cypress Gardens Road intersects with U.S. 17 in Winter Haven. Use U.S. 17 north to Lake Alfred and south to Bartow. Photo taken 12/21/03.
After the intersection with U.S. 17, westbound Florida 540 (Cypress Gardens Road) crosses these railroad tracks in Winter Haven. Photo taken 12/21/03.
Westbound Florida 540 approaches Florida 655 northbound. Photo taken 12/21/03.
The signed route of Florida 655 includes mileage of what is technically Florida 620, as a result of a relatively recent realignment of highways associated with the realignment of Florida 540. Photo taken 12/21/03.

Florida 544 is an east-west route that offers an alternative to U.S. 17 in Polk County.

Eastbound Florida 544
Eastbound Florida 544 (Havendale Boulevard) reaches U.S. 17 in Winter Haven. Photo taken 11/26/03.
Between Winter Haven and Haines City, Florida 544 follows Lucerne Park Road past Lake Fannie before approaching U.S. 27, a major north-south corridor through Central Florida. Photo taken 11/26/03.
A traffic signal offers control between Florida 544 and U.S. 27 (unlike the cloverleaf interchange between U.S. 27 and U.S. 17-92 to the north). Photo taken 11/26/03.
Eastbound Florida 544 reaches U.S. 27 just west of Haines City. Photo taken 11/26/03.
In Haines City, eastbound Florida 544 (Scenic Road) transitions into Polk County 544 (Robinson Drive) at its intersection with Florida 17 (former U.S. 27 Alternate, S. 10th Street). Photo taken 11/26/03.
A rarity in Florida, Florida 544's eastern end is signed with an END shield, as shown in this photo at the intersection with Florida 17 in Haines City. Photo taken 11/26/03.
Northbound McKean Road approaches Polk County 544A in Auburndale. Photo taken 11/26/03.

Florida 549 is a short, north-south route in Winter Haven.

Northbound Florida 549
Florida 549 follows a portion of First Street in Winter Haven; this is the first shield along northbound. Photo taken 11/26/03.
Northbound Florida 549 (First Street) approaches Florida 544 (Avenue T) in Winter Haven. Photo taken 11/26/03.
Florida 549 ends and Florida 544 continues north on First Street; First Street connects to Lucerne Park Road, which carries Florida 544 east toward Haines City. Photo taken 11/26/03.

Florida 563 is a north/south route in Polk County.

Northbound Florida 563
In Lakeland, Florida 563 follows Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue and Tucker Street. Near Lake Wire, Florida 563 approaches Florida 539, which is Kathleen Road northwest to Interstate 4. Florida 539 is shown on some maps as Florida 35A. Photo taken 11/26/03.
The two right lanes continue north on Florida 563, while the left lane turns onto northbound Florida 539 en route to Interstate 4. Photo taken 11/26/03.
Northbound Florida 563/Lake Wire Drive meets northbound Florida 539/Kathleen Road. Photo taken 11/26/03.

Florida 655 is Recker Highway.

Northbound Florida 655
Northbound Florida 655/Recker Highway reaches Polk County 542/Avenue G. Polk County 542 travels east along Avenue G to Lake Howard and Winter Haven. Photo taken 11/26/03.
Northbound Florida 655 enters the city of Auburndale just prior to reaching U.S. 92. Photo taken 11/26/03.

Florida 659 is Combee Road in the vicinity of Lakeland between U.S. 98 and Florida 33.

Northbound Florida 659
Northbound Florida 659 (Combee Road) approaches U.S. 92 (Memorial Boulevard) in Lakeland. Florida 659 connects U.S. 92 to Interstate 4 via Florida 33. Photo taken 11/26/03.
Northbound Florida 659 (Combee Road) reaches Polk County 542 (Main Street), which is a former alignment of U.S. 92. Photo taken 11/26/03.

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