Mississippi 63

A locally major corridor between the Gulf Coast and U.S. 98 at Lucedale. Mississippi 63 is approximately 105 miles in length. The highway has been four-laned and widened from the southern terminus at U.S. 90/Mississippi 611 near the Bayou Casotte Industrial Park at Pascagoula to U.S. 98 northwest of Lucedale. A new partial access expressway of Mississippi 63 was completed by fall of 2000 between five miles south of Lucedale and U.S. 98. Plans call for this expressway to be continued north to Leakesville, with the highway being part of the state Hurricane Evacuation route system. The highway north of Moss Point is completely rural in nature.

Mississippi 63 North
Leaving U.S. 90 and Mississippi 611, Mississippi 63 sees its first northbound shield and associated Interstate 10 and hurricane evacuation route trailblazer. Mississippi 63 is four laned from the southern terminus in Pascagoula northward to U.S. 98 near Lucedale. The southern terminus takes traffic onto Mississippi 611 into the Bayou Cassote Industrial Park. Photo taken 08/20/01.
Both Mississippi 613 (nearby to the west) and Mississippi 63 travel across the Escatawpa River on high level bridges. This is due to the fact of the many ship building facilities in the Pascagoula city area. Photo taken 08/20/01.
Shifting to the new Lucedale Expressway bypass, this photograph looks northbound at the Mississippi 26 diamond interchange. Mississippi 26 connects Lucedale with Wiggins, but ultimately continues west all the way to the Louisiana stateline. The highway has relatively low traffic counts, considering that it travels a great distance. Photo taken 12/11/00.
Guide sign on Mississippi 63 northbound for U.S. 98. Note the cross over in the median. These turnarounds are situated in intervals along the new alignment, thus remand the highway to expressway status. The bypass of the in-town routing opened to traffic fall of 2000. Photo taken 12/11/00.
Looking northward from the Mississippi 63 overpass over U.S. 98 outside of Lucedale (pop. 2,458). A new alignment of the highway opened to traffic west of Lucedale during December of 2000. The photograph here reveals the interchange before completion. Photo taken 10/20/99.
Viewing roughly the same pictorial environment from the above photograph, as the north end of the Lucedale Bypass. The roadway comes to an abrupt end 150 feet at a berm. In the future, this four-lane expressway will continue northward to Leakesville. It is doubtful that this project will be completed anytime soon, as there is little demand outside a hurricane evacuation situation, for such a roadway. Photo taken 07/22/01.
Returning to the original two lane alignment en route to Leakesville, is this intersection as seen from northbound. Mississippi 594 is a short connector between Mississippi 63 and the Alabama state line. The roadway transitions to Mobile County 96 as it stretches eastward to Citronelle at U.S. 45. Photo taken 12/08/00.
Although in a complete east-west orientation, the north/south cardinal directions still apply. This photograph, shows the northern split of Mississippi 57/63 within the city limits of Leakesville. The two highways form a wrong-way overlap, with Mississippi 57 southbound following Mississippi 63 northbound, and vice versa. Mississippi 57 south heads west to U.S. 98 and McLain, while Mississippi 63 northbound travels to Mississippi 42 near the DeSoto National Forest twenty miles to the northwest. Photo taken 08/21/01.
Mississippi 63 north/Mississippi 57 south through the heart of Leakesville. The town is the county seat of Greene County, with 1,129 residents. The small downtown area is just behind the camera, with a few shops and residential dwellings fronting the Main Street. The weather was quite turbulent at the time of these photographs, with a strong outflow boundary from the parent storm. A severe thunderstorm warning was issued soon after this photograph was taken. Some vivid cloud to ground lightning was also observed. Photo taken 08/21/01.
First set of Mississippi 57/63 shields for the one mile overlap for Leakesville. The two highways cross the Chickasawhay River at this location, with downtown Leakesville not far beyond the span. Out of camera view, are remnants of an abandoned bridge that originally carried Mississippi 63 across the river. The aforementioned thunderstorm was just getting started in these photographs, as these two images preceded the remaining. Photos taken 08/21/01.
Mississippi 63 South
The southern split of Mississippi 57 and 63. Mississippi 57 resumes its northern trajectory, taking a lonely 20 mile trek to its terminus at State Line. Mississippi 63 continues south to Lucedale and U.S. 98. Photo taken 08/21/01.
Perspective of the western terminus of Mississippi 594 from southbound. Mississippi 594 originally continued northward with Mississippi 63 into Leakesville, then westward along current Mississippi 57 to McLain. Photo taken 08/21/02.
Although the extension to Leakesville is in the distant future, the guide sign for U.S. 98 westbound is already in place for future Mississippi 63 south. For the next several years however, the sign will only direct wild animals to Hattiesburg. Photo taken 12/11/00.
Flashing back to October 20 of 1999, this photograph shows the Lucedale Bypass as merely a ribbon of red clay. The visual perspective looks southbound from the already completed bridges over U.S. 98.
Traveling southbound away from the Exit 69 diamond interchange with Interstate 10 in Moss Point. Mississippi 63 passes through commercialized frontage near the freeway junction before its approach to the Escatawpa River. Photo taken 05/29/04.
A high-level bridge spans the Escatawpa River between north and south Moss Point. Mississippi 63 ascends high above the river to allow large vessells passage between the nearby shipyards and the Pascagoula River to the west. Photo taken 05/29/04.
Curving southeast toward Orange Grove Road and McInnis Avenue in south Moss Point. Mississippi 63 touches down and continues as a four-lane surface boulevard through to the Pascagoula city line and U.S. 90 (Denny Avenue). Photo taken 05/29/04.
The signalized intersection with Grierson Street lies just south of the Escatawpa Bridge along Mississippi 63 southbound. Grierson Street westbound heads toward McInnis Avenue and downtown Moss Point (pop. 15,851). Pascagoula (pop. 26,200) lies 1.50 miles ahead at U.S. 90. Photo taken 05/29/04.
The southern terminal of Mississippi 63 at U.S. 90 (Denny Avenue) and Mississippi 611 (Industrial Road) in Pascagoula. U.S. 90 enters Pascagoula from Grand Bay, Alabama to the east of Mississippi 63. Denny Avenue carries the U.S. highway west toward downtown and Gautier. Mississipppi 611 continues the alignment of Mississippi 63 south along Industrial Road to Bayou Casotte Industrial Park. Photo taken 05/29/04.

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