Mississippi 57

A relatively deserted highway between Vancleave in Jackson County northward to the terminus at State Line near U.S. 45, Mississippi 57 is 90.708 miles in length. Originally this route was signed as Mississippi 59, with Mississippi 15 to the west posted as Mississippi 57. The highway begins at U.S. 90 between Ocean Springs and Gautier along one of the few undeveloped stretches of the Old Spanish Trail. Northward Mississippi 57 intersects Interstate 10 with Exit 57, before heading to quiet pastures and forest stands throughout Jackson, George, and Greene Counties. Duplexes occur at the small towns of McLain (U.S. 98/Mississippi 198) and Leakesville (Mississippi 63).

Mississippi 57 North
Pavement change northbound at the Jackson and George County line. North of Vancleave, there is next to no traffic, with Mississippi 57 seeing long straight-aways such as this. Photo taken 04/25/02.

Travel the backroads of Mississippi and you might find a relic such as this! This truss bridge is northbound on Mississippi 57 over the Black Creek. Nearby is the Pascagoula River and Wildlife Management Area. The Pascagoula River has been designated a National Scenic and Wild River. The Black Creek flows into that river 15 miles or so to the south. Photos taken 04/25/02.

Typical span wire supported sign warning motorists of an impending intersection. Signage such as this is common on rural Mississippi state routes, when a road nears an intersection after a long uninterrupted stretch. This signage advises motorists in advance of the upcoming intersection with Mississippi 26. Photo taken 04/25/02.
Mississippi 26 shield on Mississippi 57 north. This is the only state route Mississippi 57 encounters between Interstate 10 and Mississippi 198 at Mclain, a distance of 49 miles. What makes this isolated intersection unusual, is that a full blown traffic light assembly governs traffic movement. Photo taken 04/25/02.
Entering into Greene County from George County on Mississippi 57 northbound. Asides a scattered dwelling or church, the frontage is all forest. Photo taken 04/25/02.
Blurry photograph of a Mississippi 198 shield on Mississippi 57 northbound. Mississippi 57 northbound shares pavement with the former U.S. 98 routing eastward across the Pascagoula River two miles. The upcoming intersection marks the historic northern terminus of Mississippi 59. There is not much to McLain, a church, a bank, and autoshop, and a few dwellings. Greene County sheriffs can be seen patrolling Mississippi 198 from time to time. Photo taken 04/25/02.
The Pascagoula River, flowing with murky water in this photograph, with the two lane Mississippi 57/198 bridge above. Photo taken 06/01.
The bridge itself partially is over land, with these batter style supports in place between the river and the western abutment. Photo taken 06/01.
Northbound Mississippi 57/Eastbound Mississippi 198 approaching the bridge deck itself. The signage to the right is a standard Mississippi seatbelt/litter law combo assembly. Mississippi 57 joins U.S. 98 just north of the bridge. The two highways overlap for two miles before going their separate ways. Photo taken 06/01.
First set of Mississippi 57/63 shields for the one mile overlap for Leakesville. The two highways cross the Chickasawhay River at this location, with downtown Leakesville not far beyond the span. Out of camera view, are remnants of an abandoned bridge that originally carried Mississippi 63 across the river. The aforementioned thunderstorm was just getting started in these photographs, as these two images preceded the remaining. Photos taken 08/21/01.
Mississippi 63 north/Mississippi 57 south through the heart of Leakesville. The town is the county seat of Greene County, with 1,129 residents. The small downtown area is just behind the camera, with a few shops and residential dwellings fronting the Main Street. The weather was quite turbulent at the time of these photographs, with a strong outflow boundary from the parent storm. A severe thunderstorm warning was issued soon after this photograph was taken. Some vivid cloud to ground lightning was also observed. Photo taken 08/21/01.
Although in a complete east-west orientation, the north/south cardinal directions still apply. This photograph, shows the northern split of Mississippi 57/63 within the city limits of Leakesville. The two highways form a wrong-way overlap, with Mississippi 57 southbound following Mississippi 63 northbound, and vice versa. Mississippi 57 south heads west to U.S. 98 and McLain, while Mississippi 63 northbound travels to Mississippi 42 near the DeSoto National Forest twenty miles to the northwest. Photo taken 08/21/01.
This Mississippi 42 roughly de-marks the northern terminus. It is located at State Line, about four blocks south of the actual intersection with the state route. The northernmost three blocks of roadway is locally maintained and therefore not a part of the actual Mississippi 57 routing. Photo taken 02/10/02.
Northbound on the locally maintained roadway between Mississippi 57 and 42. Signage on Mississippi 42 displays Mississippi 57 trailblazers, as opposed to actual southbound shields. This route gap will no longer be an issue when Mississippi 57 is relocated to a new State Line bypass in the future. Notice that Mississippi 57 was the Main Street of State Line, with an old style street mall to the left. Photo taken 02/10/02.
Mississippi 57 South
Looking southbound, three blocks from Mississippi 42. This is the first and only Mississippi 57 shield between the beginning of the route and Leakesville at Mississippi 63, a distance of 20 miles! The reasoning is that asides an intersection with the rural Martin Luther King Junior Drive, Mississippi 57 travels "no-man's land".Photo taken 02/10/02.
The southern split of Mississippi 57 and 63. Mississippi 57 resumes its northern trajectory, taking a lonely 20 mile trek to its terminus at State Line. Mississippi 63 continues south to Lucedale and U.S. 98. Photo taken 08/21/01.
One of the few Mississippi 57 reassurance shields between Vancleave and McLain, southbound after Mississippi 26. Since Mississippi 57 intersects so few roads between the two towns, there is no need to reaffirm the designation. One of the few times a route intersects, is near the Jackson/George County line where old Mississippi 57 links to the road that becomes Mississippi 609 south at Ocean Springs. Photo taken 04/25/02.
The southern terminus of Mississippi 57 at U.S. 90. The corporate boundary of Ocean Springs is just to the right, with U.S. 90 taking a four mile rural trek eastward to Gautier to the left. Photo taken 08/20/01.

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