Mississippi 26

A rural highway stretching across the boot heel of Mississippi, MS 26 extends connects Bogalusa, Louisiana east from LA 10 to I-59 at Poplarville. The 81.98 mile mile route continues east to Wiggins, Desoto National Forest and Lucedale. MS 26 represents the lone east-west highway between I-10 along the Mississippi Gulf Coast and U.S. 98 west from Mobile, Alabama to Hattiesburg and Columbia.

Mississippi 26 East
Mississippi 26 transitions from Louisiana 10 at the Pearl River into the Magnolia State eastbound. Five miles from Bogalusa, Louisiana is this rural junction with Mississippi 43. Mississippi 43 connects Columbia and Picayune parallel to the Pearl River throughout south-center Mississippi. Surprisingly, this area of Pearl River County is quite hilly. Photo taken 07/22/01.
Within the area of Poplarville, is the confluence of U.S. 11, Mississippi 26, and Mississippi 53. This photograph shows a short overlap for Mississippi 26/53 east/south at U.S. 11. The two highways split a short distance to the east, each with their own Interstate 59 interchange. U.S. 11 throughout the state of Mississippi is dwarfed by Interstate 59. Mississippi 53 takes traffic to the south and east to Gulfport. Photo taken 07/22/01.
Eastbound at the junction with Interstate 59 three miles from Poplarville. Note the all capital letters guide sign in place. Interstate 59 southbound also serves Picayune, while Mississippi 26 takes a quiet stretch for the next 21 miles into Wiggins. Photo taken 07/22/01.
Wiggins, Mississippi, as Mississippi 26 sees an interchange with U.S. 49. Note the right-of-way allotment for a future four-lane version of Mississippi 26 (although traffic counts are very low). Another partial interchange exists with Mississippi 29 (probably the former downtown routing of U.S. 49) to the east (see next photobox). Wiggins is the county seat for Stone County. Photo taken 07/22/01.
The lonely northern terminus of the southern segment of Mississippi 15. Mississippi 15 can be found again, on U.S. 98 to the north in Beaumont. The gap between the two pieces is to be connected in the long range MDOT planning. Mississippi 26 is well entrenched within the De Soto National Forest through this stretch. Photo taken 07/22/01.
Although located in an isolated part of George County, the intersection with Mississippi 57 is governed by a traffic signal. This photograph looks to the east, with Mississippi 26 descending towards the Pascagoula River valley and Wildlife Management Area. Photo taken 07/22/01.
Closer view of the Mississippi 26/57 shields and guide sign in the above photograph. Mississippi 57 retains a similar landscape to Mississippi 26, with many trees and few signs of life. The highway connects McLain with Ocean Springs along the Gulf Coast. Photo taken 04/25/02.
Mississippi 26 West
The eastern terminus of Mississippi 26 at downtown Lucedale. This image was shot from a nearby shopping center, and looks to the southeast at the intersection. The road to the right is Mississippi 26 (and the in-town routing of Mississippi 63 south). Mississippi 198 is the cross street, overlapping with Mississippi 63 as it heads east then north out of the city (to the left). Photo taken 10/22/99.
Westbound Mississippi 26 within the Pascagoula River Wildlife Management Area. The road has a rustic appeal to it, shrouded on both sides by thick pine forest. The temperature was near 90F at the time of the photograph, causing a heat mirage on the horizon. Photo taken 07/22/01.
The second of the Mississippi 26 truss bridges. This scene looks westbound, as Mississippi 26 crosses the Pascagoula River. Photo taken 07/22/01.
The resident adjacent to the bridge has taken the liberty of using the bridge as a carport and storage area for his yard. The river itself is situated beyond the row of trees in the background. Photo taken 07/22/01.
Mississippi 26 westbound crossing the Black Creek within the De Soto National Forest. This is the first of two truss bridges along the routing. Photo taken 07/22/01.
Mississippi 29 begins in Wiggins, and bisects downtown at Mississippi 26. An overpass separates traffic between the two routes, with two short access roads facilitating movements between the two. Photo looks from Mississippi 29 northbound, as it heads towards downtown Wiggins with an eventual migration to U.S. 98 at New Augusta. Photo taken 07/22/01.

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