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U.S. Highways
U.S. 11 (Lee Highway) intersects the first mainline interchange of Tennessee 153 freeway. Tennessee 153 spurs from Interstate 75 (Exit 4) at Chattanooga northward across the Tennessee River to Red Bank (pop. 12,418). The photograph displays the Tennessee 153 southbound on-ramp from U.S. 11 northbound. Photo taken 08/23/03.
U.S. 11E southbound reassurance shield posted after the Exit 23 diamond interchange with Interstate 81. 3.5 miles separate the junction with the village of Bulls Gap (pop. 714). Photo taken 08/23/03.
U.S. 11W (Lee Highway) northbound as it nears the Exit 75 directional cloverleaf interchange of Interstate 81. Exit 75 represents the final Interstate 81 interchange within the Volunteer State and the only Tennessee side junction to serve Bristol (pop. 24,821). Photo taken 08/23/03.
U.S. 11W approaching the Interstate 81 southbound ramp. U.S. 11W and Interstate 81 both travel to the city of Bristol, Virginia. U.S. 11W utilizes Euclid Avenue on its final 4.1 mile trek. Near downtown Bristol (pop. 17,367) U.S. 11W merges with U.S. 11E at the junction with Virginia 381. Virginia 381 becomes Interstate 381 and intersects Interstate 81 at Exit 3. Photo taken 08/23/03.
U.S. 127 begins at the U.S. 27 freeway in north Chattanooga and follows Signal Mountain Road northward to Signal Mountain. Pictured here is the first reassurance marker for the highway that travels from Tennessee to Michigan. The "127 Corridor" trailblazer refers to the World's Longest Yardsale. Photo taken 06/18/05.
Traffic signals govern the movements of both the New Pineville and Baylor School Road intersections on U.S. 127 (Signal Mountain Road) as the highway departs the U.S. 27 interchange. Pineville School Road heads southward to the Moccasin Bend area of the Tennessee River. Photo taken 06/18/05.
Southbound U.S. 127 (Signal Mountain Road) at the intersection with Baylor School Road. Baylor School Road spurs west from Signal Mountain Road to the Tennessee River across from Williams Island. New Pineville Road leads south from U.S. 127 at the following intersection. Photo taken 06/18/05.
U.S. 127 was undergoing reconstruction at the time of this photograph as Signal Mountain Road leads into the interchange with U.S. 27. U.S. 27 follows a freeway southward to downtown Chattanooga and northward to Soddy-Daisy. Photo taken 06/18/05.
End U.S. 127 shield posted at the southbound on-ramp to U.S. 27. U.S. 27 becomes part of unsigned Interstate 124 on the three mile drive to junction Interstate 24 in Chattanooga. Signal Mountain Road continues east of the interchange to Dayton Boulevard at the Valdeau; Dayton Boulevard leads north into Red Bank. Photo taken 06/18/05.
The junction of Memorial Boulevard (U.S. 231) southbound at Broad Street (U.S. 41 & 70S) and Old Fort Parkway (Tennessee 96) in Murfreesboro (pop. 68,816). U.S. 231 turns onto Broad Street southbound for a 0.75 mile overlap with U.S. 41 & 70S. Tennessee 96 begins and travels westward two miles to the Exit 78 interchange of Interstate 24. Featured in this shield assembly was a rare state-named shield for Interstate 24 (since replaced). Photo taken 11/01.
Junction Tennessee 33 shield on U.S. 441 (Chapman Highway) northbound in south Knoxville. Tennessee 33 (Maryville Pike) connects the city of Knoxville with Rockford (pop. 798) and the city of Maryville (pop. 23,120) in Blount County. Photo taken 08/23/03.
U.S. 441 northbound (Chapman Highway) after the merge with Tennessee 33 (Maryville Pike). The two highways combine along a five-lane arterial through to the Tennessee River crossing. Pictured here is the first set of reassurance shields for the overlap. Photo taken 08/23/03.
Northbound U.S. 441 & Tennessee 33 (Chapman Highway) near the Tennessee River crossing into downtown Knoxville. Displayed here is a railroad crossing of a Norfolk-Southern Railroad spur and the intersection with Mimosa Avenue. In the background is the Knoxville Sunsphere. Photo taken 08/23/03.
The Knoxville Sunsphere as seen from U.S. 441 (Henley Street) at downtown Knoxville. Constructed for the 1982 World's Fair, the Sunsphere sat unused awaiting restoration as part of a $160 plan to revitalize the World's Fair site by the city of Knoxville. A new convention center was under construction nearby as was the 1982 completed Tennessee Amphitheater. The Sunsphere currently is home to the offices of the contractor constructing the new convention center and the Public Building Authority. It is hoped that by revitalizing the park area and improving pedestrian access to both downtown and the nearby University of Tennessee campus, the old World's Fair site will become a tourist draw for the city and region.1 Photo taken 08/23/03.
U.S. 64 westbound outside of the Dechard (pop. 2,246) and Winchester (pop. 7,329) vicinity at U.S. 41 Alternate & U.S. 64 Business (Cowan Highway). An interchange facilitates the movements between the three US highways. The bannered highways pair together from Winchester eastward to Cowen (pop. 1,770), Sewanee (pop. 2,361), and Monteagle (pop. 1,238) and Interstate 24. Photo taken 08/23/03.
Tennessee State Routes/th>
Tennessee 153 forms a seven mile freeway from Interstate 75 in east Chattanooga northward to the Tennessee River crossing near Chickamauga Dam. The southern terminus of Tennessee 153 is located at Interstate 75, one mile north of the I-24 eastern terminus. Photo taken 08/23/03.
Tennessee 91 (Main Street) westbound at Downtown Johnson City near Roan Street. Situated nearby is the Exit 32 interchange of Interstate 26 & U.S. 19W-23. The ramp for Interstate 26 eastbound is orientated so that only motorists traveling Main Street eastbound can access it. Therefore westbound motorists are advised to turn onto Roan Street southbound to U.S. 321 & Tennessee 67 to access the Exit 32 University Parkway interchange. Tennessee 91 represents the original U.S. 321 alignment through downtown Johnson City to Elizabethton. Photo taken 08/23/03.
Crossing the Nolichucky River on Tennessee 160 (Enka Highway) northbound. The waterway represents the boundary between Cocke and Hamblen Counties. Photo taken 08/23/03.
Tennessee 160 (Enka Highway) southbound after departing the diamond interchange with I-81. Tennessee 160 is a four-lane divided highway between the freeway and industrial areas to the south. Photo taken 08/23/03.
Chattanooga Bridges
The view of three Tennessee River crossings from Downtown Chattanooga to North Chattanooga as seen from the U.S. 27 & Interstate 124 crossing of the same river. In the foreground is the Business U.S. 27 Market Street Bridge. The Walnut Street pedestrian bridge follows to the east. Photo taken 08/23/03.
Business U.S. 27 crossing the Market Street Bridge of the Tennessee River as seen from the Walnut Street truss bridge. The arch bridge features four travel lanes, art deco columns, and pedestrian sidewalks. Photo taken 08/23/03.
Looking westward from the Walnut Street Bridge at the Tennessee Aquarium and the west end of the Market Street Bridge. The roadway below (Riverfront Parkway) was closed for either reconstruction or removal. Photo taken 08/23/03.
Peering northeastward at the Veterans Bridge crossing of the Tennessee River. The Veterans Bridge links Georgia Avenue in downtown Chattanooga with Barton and Frazier Avenues in North Chattanooga. Photo taken 08/23/03.
Constituting the world's longest pedestrian bridge, the Walnut Street Bridge travels a length of 0.45 miles from Walnut Street to Frazier Avenue in North Chattanooga. The bridge itself is a converted roadway bridge with a wooden deck, benches, and lightning fixtures. The south end of the bridge connects with the downtown entertainment district, adding to the appeal to taking a stroll across the bridge. Photos taken 08/23/03.

1 - "Knoxville World's Fair case problem." Knoxville Public Building Authority.

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