Miscellaneous Statewide Photos

U.S. 11
U.S. 11 southbound approaching the merge onto Interstate 59 across the Pearl River into Louisiana. Exit 1 of Interstate 59 also marks the northern terminus of Mississippi 607, a split state route with segments north and south of the John C. Stennis NASA Space Center. Photo taken 06/01.
Mississippi 149
The first northbound Mississippi 149 shield on the Mount Olive segment of the original U.S. 49 routing. A small portion of twin slab concrete is present just behind the camera position between the current U.S. 49 and Mississippi 149. Photo taken 04/14/02.
Mississippi 24
Westbound on Mississippi 24 as it departs the city of McComb. The state route overlaps with U.S. 98 along Presley Boulevard from U.S. 51 (Broadway Street) to Interstate 55 Exit 15. Pictured here is the state highway as it leaves the Interstate 55 cloverleaf interchange. Photo taken 10/23/03.
1.50 miles west of Interstate 55 & U.S. 98 is the merge of Mississippi 24 with Mississippi 48 west. The state routes pair together for 19 miles between McComb and Liberty. Photo taken 10/23/03.
Mississippi 29
Just outside of Ellisville (pop. 3,465), Mississippi 29 southbound intersects the eastern terminus of Mississippi 588. The junction occurs adjacent to the Interstate 59 Exit 88 diamond interchange. Mississippi 588 travels 22 miles between Collins (pop. 2,683) and Ellisville. Photo taken 10/23/03.
Approaching the junction with U.S. 11 on Mississippi 29 (Hill Street) southbound in Ellisville. U.S. 11 shadows Interstate 59 throughout its routing in the Magnolia State. Photo taken 10/23/03.
U.S. 11 and Mississippi 29 provide the main routes through the town of Ellisville. A traffic signal exists at their junction. Mississippi 29 travels Holly Street four blocks east before turning southward on Church Street. Photo taken 10/23/03.
Mississippi 35
Ten miles north of U.S. 84 on Mississippi 35 northbound is U.S. 49 at the community of Mount Olive. The state route provides the main route between Columbia and U.S. 49. Photo taken 10/23/03.
1.3 miles north of the U.S. 49 intersection of Mississippi 35 is the western terminus of Mississippi 532. The state route travels eastward from Mount Olive 17 miles to U.S. 84. The highway provides a direct route for Laurel bound traffic. Photo taken 10/23/03.
Mississippi 35 northbound at Mississippi 532. 7th Street ties into the intersection from the west. Mississippi 532 travels through Smith and Union on the 14 mile migration to Mississippi 37. Photo taken 10/23/03.
Continuing northeast on Mississippi 35 toward the community of Mize (pop. 285) and Mississippi 28. The two highways overlap from Mize eastward in nine miles. Photo taken 10/23/03.
A rare Mississippi county shield is posted at the junction of Mississippi 35 northbound at Smith County 51. The local road travels 2.6 miles through pine forest country to another nondescript roadway, Smith County 57. Photo taken 10/23/03.
Peering southward from the Smith County 51 intersection of Mississippi 35 at the Covington/Smith County line. Mount Olive is 2.5 miles to the south. Photo taken 10/23/03.
Mississippi 532
Mississippi 532 eastbound at Mississippi 37 in rural Covington County. Mississippi 37 ends four miles to the south at U.S. 84. Mississippi 532 ends in three miles also at U.S. 84. Northward Mississippi 37 travels seven miles to Taylorsville and Mississippi 28. The state route ends 14 miles north of there at Mississippi 35. Photo taken 10/23/03.
Mississippi 555
The first northbound reassurance marker for Mississippi 555, posted on Lynda Lee Drive beyond its intersection with U.S. 61 & 84 and Mississippi 903 (Devereux Drive west). Mississippi 555 constitutes a 5.6-mile route between the U.S. 61 & 84 turn from Devereux Drive onto Sgt. Prentiss Drive to Airport Drive near Pine Ridge. Photo taken 06/12/04.
Mississippi 555 (Lynda Lee Drive) southbound at U.S. 61 & 84 (Devereux Drive east / Sgt. Prentiss Drive south) and Mississippi 903 (Devereux Drive west). Mississippi 555 ends here, as does Mississippi 903 from the west. Mississippi 903 replaced Mississippi 161 & 184 in 2006.1 Photo taken 06/12/04.
Mississippi 589
Mississippi 589 eastbound at U.S. 11 in the town of Purvis. The state route ends two miles to the east at Interstate 59/Exit 51. Photo taken 06/01.
Mississippi 590
The western terminus of Mississippi 590 at U.S. 49 near the community of Seminary. U.S. 49 is seven miles south of the Covington County seat of Collins at this point. Photo taken 04/14/02.


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