Miscellaneous Statewide Photos

U.S. Highways
U.S. 71
U.S. 71 begins at U.S. 190 via a trumpet interchange four miles west of Krotz Springs in rural Saint Landry parish. Pictured here is the northbound beginning and associated mileage sign for the U.S. highway. U.S. 71 merges with U.S. 167 50 miles to the north on the drive to Alexandria. Photo taken 10/13/03.
An old fashioned sign bridge remains at the U.S. 71 southern terminus for U.S. 190. The terminal resides 15 miles east of Opelousas and junction Interstate 49 and 40 miles west of the capital city of Baton Rouge. No end sign is posted for U.S. 71. Photo taken 10/13/03.
U.S. 371 North
Louisiana 177 northbound shield at the Exit 162 junction with Interstate 49. The state highway travels north from Louisiana 175 near Pleasant Hill (pop. 786) to U.S. 84. Sometime after the year 2000 U.S. 371 saw an extension from its terminus at Edgefield (pop. 190) onto U.S. 84 and Louisiana 177 to Interstate 49. Photo taken 10/18/03.
The first northbound U.S. 371 shield, posted just beyond the Louisiana 177 shield in the above photograph. U.S. 371 saw extension from its 1994 terminus at Edgefield to Interstate 49 to aid motorists in finding the highway from the freeway. Photo taken 10/18/03.
U.S. 371 South
Junction Interstate 49 shield on U.S. 371 & Louisiana 177 southbound at the diamond interchange of Exit 162. The junction represents the southern terminal of U.S. 371. Photo taken 10/18/03.
U.S. 371 ends at the Interstate 49 northbound on-ramp of Louisiana 177 south. Interstate 49 travels 39 miles north to Shreveport and 85 miles south to Alexandria. Louisiana sinks five mile south to Butler and Wallace and 11 miles to its conclusion at Louisiana 175. Photo taken 10/18/03.
State Highways
Louisiana 10 eastbound at the Saint Helena and Tangipahoa Parish line. Pictured at a local creek crossing is a reassurance shield and Scenic Byway trailblazer. The state highway intersects Interstate 55 two miles ahead. Photo taken 10/23/03.
A close-up view of the Louisiana 10 east and Louisiana Scenic Byway trailblazer at the Saint Helena and Tangipahoa Parish line. Photo taken 10/23/03.
Louisiana 10 westbound at the southbound on-ramp to Interstate 55. The freeway travels south seven miles to Amite (pop. 4,110) and 23 miles to the city of Hammond (pop. 17,639). Photo taken 10/23/03.
Last eastbound Louisiana 10 shield, posted just past the Louisiana 21 intersection at Bogalusa. The highway carries a parkway feel to it as it exits the town to the east. A short distance eastward the highway crosses the Pearl River into Mississippi, transitioning to Mississippi 26 en route to Poplarville. The river crossing is the only between U.S. 98 and Interstate 59. Photo taken 07/22/01.
Louisiana 14 eastbound at the southern terminus of U.S. 167 in the town of Abbeville (pop. 11,887). The route travels 20 miles northeastward to the city of Lafayette, while Louisiana 14 intersects Louisiana 335 at the next intersection, before entering downtown. There is no end shield for U.S. 167 in place. Photo taken 11/12/99.
Typical of many small sized cities in the southeast U.S., the downtown area is orientated around a square. Abbeville is no exception as Louisiana 14 overlaps with Louisiana 82 within the square in this photograph. Louisiana 82 is the main coastal highway from Abbeville westward to the Texas state line. Photo taken 11/12/99.
Louisiana 49 (Williams Boulevard) northbound at the Interstate 10 (Exit 223A/B) interchange in the city of Kenner. Williams Boulevard is a primary surface arterial between Louisiana 48 (3rd Street) and Sunset Boulevard near the Lake Pontchartrain waterfront. The junction with Interstate 10 coincides with the Airport Boulevard interchange for Louis B. Armstrong International Airport. Additionally a new flyover ramp was constructed to carry Louisiana 49 southbound traffic onto Interstate 10 east. Photos taken 10/22/03 & 10/23/03.
Louisiana 3002 southbound reassurance shield after the state highway leaves the Interstate 12 interchange. The highway passes through Denham Springs in eastern Baton Rouge metro. This design is typical of state highway shields. The southern coastline of the Pelican State is constantly changing due to erosion and tidal movements, therefore this version reflects an approximation of the Gulf of Mexico shoreline. Photo taken 08/12/02.
Just north of the Interstate 12/Exit 10 interchange for Louisiana 3002, is state highway Louisiana 3003. This photograph looks at the intersection with the Interstate 12 westbound on and off-ramp and junction signage for Louisiana 3003. Photo taken 08/12/02.
Ambassador Caffery Parkway (Louisiana 3184) northbound at the Exit 100 diamond interchange of Interstate 10 in Lafayette. The 1.97-mile state highway travels the parkway between Betrand Drive (Louisiana 3025) and the freeway. the southern terminus of Interstate 49 is three miles to the east. Photo taken 10/22/03.
Louisiana 3188 northbound approaching its terminus with Interstate 10. This junction is a trumpet interchange, and concludes the two mile trek of the state highway from U.S. 61 at Laplace. A to Interstate 10 only plate is added for the westbound trumpet ramp for some reason. Photo taken 06/01.
A look at the Interstate 10 eastbound overhead visible in the above photograph. This interchange is illuminated due to the location of Laplace within the greater New Orleans metropolitan area. A faded Interstate 10 trailblazer was also situated behind the Hurricane Evacuation sign, as if drivers needed another reminder as to where the ramp heads. Photo taken 06/01.
Parish Highways
Grant Parish 27 pentagon posted at the beginning of the rural highway from U.S. 167 near the Grant and Rapides Parish line. Grant Parish 27 parallels U.S. 167 northward into the Kisatchie National Forest to Rock Hill Road. Photo taken 10/18/03.
The signing of Parish Routes differs from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. The interchange of Interstate 12 at Livingston Parish 45 (Exit 19) has recently undergone a signing project, that included the placement of new parish pentagons. This photo shows a close-up of an elongated Livingston Parish 45 shield attached to the guide sign at the end of the westbound off-ramp. Photo taken 08/12/02.
A battered Livingston Parish 45 pentagon, northbound at Suma Hill Road as the highway leaves the Interstate 12/Exit 19 diamond interchange. It appears that most parish shields that can be found in a deteriorated state such as this. Photo taken 08/12/02.

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