Miscellaneous Florida Highways

Osceola County 530
Osceola County 530 (Boggy Creek Road) travels northeast from Osceola Parkway (Osceola County 522) to the Orange County line where it meets the Orange County version Boggy Creek Road. Boggy Creek Road north heads 1.3 miles to Exit 17 of the Central Florida Greeneway and two miles to the interchange with Orlando International Airport (MCO) South Access Road. Photo taken 08/25/07.
An end shield for Osceola County 522 resides at the Osceola County 530 intersection with Orange County's Boggy Creek Road. Officially all of Boggy Creek Road within Osceola County is a part of County 530, not 522, so the shield is incorrect. Travelers turning north will reach Orlando International Airport in five miles; Osceola County 530 east continues to meander eastward near the county line to Osceola County 15 (Narcoosee Road). Photos taken 08/25/07.
The final 1.75 miles of Osceola County 530 (Boggy Creek Road) straddle the Orange County line through the Fells Cove community. Pictured here is a guide sign for the eastern terminus at Osceola County 15 (Narcoosee Road). Photo taken 08/25/07.
Osceola County 530 ends at Osceola County 15 (Narcoosee Road) on the county line. Osceola County 15 south leads to Narcoosee, Runnymeade, and eastern reaches of St. Cloud. Orange County 15 continues Narcoosee Road northward to the high-end sprawl of Lake Nona, Village Walk, and Eagle Creek, meeting Florida 417 Toll at Exit 22. Photos taken 08/25/07.

Lee County Route 869
Eastbound Lee County Route 869 (Summerlin Road) reaches Florida 865 (San Carlos Boulevard) north and Lee County Route 865 (San Carlos Boulevard) south. Photo taken 01/02/04.
Westbound Lee County Route 869 approaches the toll bridge to Sanibel Island. The bridge spans San Carlos Bay, which connects the exclusive island to the mainland. Opened in 1963, this drawbridge has raised some controversy as a result of the recent increase in tolls, to $6 per roundtrip. The bridge toll is collected westbound only. For more information, visit LeeWay Information (Lee County Department of Transportation). Lee County Route 869 continues west after crossing the bridge onto Sanibel Island. Photo taken 01/02/04.
Ruby Avenue southeast at Broadway Avenue in downtown Kissimmee. Photo taken 08/26/07.
Broadway Avenue (former U.S. 17-92) northeast between Ruby Avenue and Darlington Avenue in downtown Kissimmee. Photos taken 08/26/07.
Broadway Avenue next intersects Monument Avenue, so named for the nearby Monument of States. Photo taken 08/26/07.
Continuing north on Broadway Avenue toward Dakin Avenue in downtown Kissimmee. Photo taken 08/26/07.
The Monument of States resides on the southwest corner of Monument Avenue and Johnston Street outside of the Kissimmee central business district. Towering to around three stories tall, the structure includes stones, fossils, and other artifacts donated from all 50 states and various countries from around the world. Photo taken 08/26/07.
Monument Avenue northwest at Broadway Avenue (former U.S. 17-92) in downtown Kissimmee. Broadway Avenue turns into Main Street three blocks to the east. The Monument of States lies two blocks to the south at Johnston Street. Photo taken 08/26/07.
Main Street takes over from Broadway Avenue at the intersection with Drury Avenue north and Neptune Road east. Neptune Road provides an alternate route to St. Cloud by the north shore of Lake Tohopekaliga. Osceola County 525 follows the road east from its intersection with Lakeshore Boulevard into St. Cloud. Photo taken 08/26/07.
Main Street continues north from Broadway Avenue and Neptune Road to this signalized intersection with Oak Street. Oak Street serves Osceola Regional Medical Center to the west. Photo taken 08/26/07.
Four U.S. highways enter the intersection of Main and Vine Streets north of downtown Kissimmee. U.S. 17-92-441 enter from Orange Blossom Trail to the north; U.S. 17-92-192 follow Vine Street west their separation at Bermuda Avenue; U.S. 192-441 combine along Vine Street east through to the city line en route to St. Cloud. Photo taken 08/26/07.

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