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A bare bones listing for now, the following pages tabulate the mileage and give endpoints of every Interstate, U.S., and State highway within Louisiana. Thanks goes to Ronnie Goynes of LADOTD for his help and in obtaining this information. Mileage obtained and transcribed from the "Geographic Feature File for all of the State Maintained Highways in Louisiana" by Alex Nitzman.

Corridor Notes

Interstate 49 between Shreveport and Lafayette is now complete. Extensions to the New Orleans area to the south and the Arkansas State Line to the north are still underway. Presently U.S. 90 is seeing an upgrade to Interstate standards between Berwick and Houma and again in the vicinity of New Iberia. Plans for Interstate 49 include the Westbank Expressway (Interstate 910/U.S. Highway 90 Business) and a new corridor through the heart of Lafayette.

Presently Interstate 49 terminates at Interstate 20 near downtown Shreveport. Interstate 49 will shift to Louisiana 3132/Inner Loop Expressway and the western portion of Interstate 220 upon completion of the Interstate 49 corridor between Shreveport and Arkansas. There will be no continuation of the in-city routing of Interstate 49 northward as the highway will bypass the city to the west. The existing segment of Interstate 49 between the symmetrical stack interchange at Louisiana 3132 to Interstate 20 will have to be renumbered. It is possible that this may become Interstate 149. Interstate 49 will depart Interstate 220 from a new interchange one mile to the west of the current U.S. 71/Louisiana 1 interchange (Exit 7).

As for the Inner Loop Expressway (Louisiana 3132), the present planned terminus is Louisiana 523, Flournoy Lucas. The City, MPO and funding will control the extension of the Inner Loop beyond this point. Construction is underway to extend the highway to Louisiana 1/Youree Drive at this time.

Hyphenated State Highways

There are various hyphenated state highways within the state of Louisiana. These are signed as LA XXXX-X, and generally are very short in nature. I asked Ronnie Goynes about the background of these. His response reads: "The hyphenated route numbers, as best I can determine, were given to State Routes that were close together in a city or town and their route description has in it "routes in ...(city)". We have eliminated many of these over the years by exchanging with the city. These route numbers have been in place for many years, but I cannot remember any new routes being given the hyphenated number."


  • Richard Savoie (LADOTD)
  • Ronnie Goynes (LADOTD)

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