Earhart Expressway

Louisiana 3139 travels 4.82 miles between Louisiana 3154 (Dickory Avenue) and Monroe Street in New Orleans.

Earhart Expressway sign at the northbound beginning of the freeway. Note that the adjacent frontage road is two-way just past the viaduct beginning. Photo taken 08/02/02.
This sign bridge marks the southern beginning (western) of the Earhart Expressway. The highway transitions from Earhart Boulevard in a residential area within New Orleans to industrial areas as it enters Jefferson Parish. This is the beginning of the bridges pictured in the above photograph. The first of three northbound exits takes traffic to Deckbar Boulevard, a roadway that was extended northward with the completion of Louisiana 3139, to U.S. 90. This interchange is a simple "Y" with return access for the southbound direction only. Photo taken 08/02/02.
One-half mile guide sign for Deckbar Avenue/U.S. 90 on Louisiana 3139 northbound. A hospital placard is added to this assembly, but is omitted on the others. It is placed for Ochsner Hospital, located near U.S. 90/Jefferson Highway. Photo taken 08/02/02.
Another stub on-ramp for the Earhart Expressway, located just west of the freeway end. Like its companion along southbound, it is unclear as to what this ramp would have served, as the area on the north side of the Earhart Expressway at this point is composed of two railroad lines and warehouses. In other words, there is no road of any consequence that would have utilized this ramp. The end of these bridges sees the freeway widen from four to six lanes. Photo taken 08/02/02.
The first westbound interchange on the Earhart Expressway westbound is for Deckbar Avenue/U.S. 90. Similar to the Cleary Avenue interchange, this junction is also a simple y with a return ramp to the southbound (eastbound) direction. Photo taken 08/02/02.
One mile guide signage on northbound for Cleary Avenue. The grassy area to the right is part of an abandoned right-of-way that was intended to host a ramp from the Earhart Expressway westbound to Causeway Boulevard. Photo taken 08/02/02.
Advance signage for the Cleary Avenue exit on Louisiana 3139 northbound. The access road ties directly into U.S. 61, and continues northward as Cleary Avenue. Just beyond the overhead guide sign is a stub on-ramp that would have shuttled traffic from Causeway Boulevard onto the Earhart Expressway westbound. Photo taken 08/02/02.
Westbound at the Cleary Avenue exit, an access road from Louisiana 3139 northbound to U.S. 61/Airline Highway. This is a simple "Y" interchange with a return ramp to southbound. Louisiana 3139 crosses over some railroad lines at the curve, then sees an expansive interchange with Louisiana 3152. Photo taken 08/02/02.
One-half quarter mile guide sign on Louisiana 3139 northbound for Louisiana 3152/Clearview Parkway. This overhead assembly can be seen in the background of the below photograph. Photo taken 08/02/02.
The Earhart Expressway westbound at the Louisiana 3152/Clearview Parkway interchange. This junction is rather expansive, and reflects more modern engineering standards. It should be noted that when the Earhart Expressway was proposed, the Clearview Parkway had yet to be constructed. Photo taken 08/02/02.

Similar to signage on the southbound (eastbound) ramp, this westbound sign bridge indicates the connections via Louisiana 3152 to both U.S. 61 and 90. The Huey P. Long Bridge, and the Jefferson Highway (also U.S. 90), are situated just to the south. Photo taken 08/02/02.
Northbound on Louisiana 3139 approaching the terminus with Louisiana 3154. Note the stub end to the left, which would have been the westbound travel lanes continuing to Louisiana 49/Williams Boulevard. Instead, Louisiana 3139 utilizes the intended exit ramps to Louisiana 3154. The two ramps cross over a local roadway before returning to grade level at Louisiana 3154. Photo taken 11/12/99.
Beginning of the Earhart Expressway eastbound as the highway leaves Louisiana 3154/Decker Boulevard. Access is controlled for traffic merging from northbound Louisiana 3154 onto Louisiana 3139 southbound. The traffic lights in this photograph are tied in to those for traffic entering from southbound Louisiana 3154. Photo taken 08/02/02.
The initial roadway for Louisiana 3139 utilizes what was to be the exit ramps for Louisiana 3154/Decker Boulevard. The concrete stubs ahead were originally to continue Louisiana 3139 westward to its planned terminus at Louisiana 49/Williams Boulevard. Photo taken 08/02/02.
Traffic for the Huey P. Long Bridge/U.S. 90 exits Louisiana 3139 southbound in this photograph. The Clearview Parkway is a six lane facility linking the Mississippi River cantilever bridge with Interstate 10. Photo taken 08/02/02.
Louisiana 3139 may be lost when it comes to highway maps, but it unfortunately is not lost when it comes to vandalism. This southbound reassurance shield is posted about one-half mile east of the Cleary Avenue on-ramp, as the Earhart Expressway again climbs over another railroad line. Photo taken 08/02/02.
At the base of the third bridge of Louisiana 3139 from the west, is a stub-ramp that would have connected the Earhart Expressway with Causeway Boulevard. The westbound return stub-ramp from Causeway Boulevard is visible in the next photograph.
Passing underneath of Causeway Boulevard on Louisiana 3139 southbound. A right-hand shoulder is foregone so that the Earhart Expressway can maintain three eastbound lanes. Photo taken 08/02/02.
Southbound past Causeway Boulevard approaching the northbound interchange with the access road to Deckbar Boulevard. A good portion of the Earhart Expressway frontage is composed of industrial or railroad lane, as this photograph shows on the northern side of the roadway. Unfortunately the economic prosperity has been rather grim through this corridor, as the warehouse facility to the left is no longer in operation. Photo taken 08/02/02.
Southbound Louisiana 3139 companion stub-ramp to that along Louisiana 3139 northbound at a railyard near the Jefferson/Orleans Parish line. Photo taken 08/02/02.
Midway along the last viaduct, Louisiana 3139 enters the city of New Orleans and Orleans Parish. If the freeway had continued as planned, it would have turned south towards the Mississippi River near Tulane University, and followed the riverfront into the central business district. Photo taken 08/02/02.
Transition from freeway to surface street, as Louisiana 3139 reduces in speed limit from 50 to 35 mph. The name also alters from Earhart Expressway to Earhart Boulevard. Photo taken 08/02/02.

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