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Inner Loop Expressway

One half mile south of the Interstate 20 & 220 interchange is the first mainline exit of Louisiana 3132 (Exit 1D). Exit 1D serves Louisiana 511 (70th Street) via a diamond interchange to the west of Shreveport Regional Airport. The pull-through panel of the Inner Loop Expressway carries an Interstate 49 trailblazer as the main function of Louisiana 3132. Photo taken 11/15/03.
The Inner Loop Expressway turns eastward by the time it reaches Walker Road (Exit 3). Walker Road comprises a north-south surface highway between Colquitt Road (Louisiana 525) and 70th Street (Louisiana 511). Photo taken 11/15/03.
Louisiana 3132 eastbound at the Exit 4 collector distributor roadway departure for Jewella Avenue and U.S. 171 (Mansfield Road). Jewella Avenue begins nearby at U.S. 171 and travels northward to Interstate 20 and Lakeshore Drive. U.S. 171 enters the metropolitan area via Mansfield Road and Stonewall from the southwest. Photo taken 11/15/03.
One-half mile west of the Interstate 49 junction is the Exit 6 diamond interchange with Linwood Avenue. Linwood Avenue exists as a north-south surface highway between Frierson Road, 13 miles to the south, and U.S. 79 & 80 (Texas Avenue) adjacent to the Interstate 20 & 49 stack interchange. Photo taken 11/15/03.
The four-level symmetrical stack interchange with Interstate 49 (Exit 7) draws into view from the Linwood Avenue undercrossing. Guide signs for Exit 7 see Alexandria greenouts overlaid on them. That is because Interstate 49 only traveled to Exit 202 (70th Street) through til 1996. Photo taken 11/15/03.
Traffic from Linwood Avenue merges onto the Inner Loop Expressway just in time to encounter the Interstate 49 (Exit 7) junction. Photo taken 11/15/03.
Ramps to Interstate 49 depart the Inner Loop Expressway mainline via Exit 7. Interstate 49 sees one final interchange (Exit 199) with the Bert Kouns Industrial Loop (Louisiana 526) two miles to the south before departing the Shreveport-Bossier City metropolitan area. Louisiana 3132 itself ends at Louisiana 526 (Exit 9) in two mile. A half-diamond interchange with a stub end exists at the Industrial Loop exit. Construction is underway to extend Louisiana 3132 eastward to at least Louisiana 1 (Youree Drive) at the community of Lucas. Photo taken 11/15/03.

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