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Louisiana 23

Louisiana 23 begins at Gretna and travels southwards to Belle Chasse and the New Orleans Naval Air Station. This highway is the only route to travel southward along the Mississippi River towards the delta. The southern terminus is situated at Venice, 75 miles south of the city. Before the completion of the Greater New Orleans Bridge (U.S. 90 Business), Louisiana 23 utilized the Jackson Avenue Ferry between Gretna and the city, following Jackson Avenue northward to U.S. 90/South Claiborne Avenue. This Jackson Avenue portion and Louisiana 23 from the ferry landing to Louisiana 18 on the southshore were originally Louisiana 2, with the rest of the highway south of Harvey designated as Louisiana 31. The Pelican State renumbered its highway system around 1957-58.

Looking from the right-hand shoulder of Louisiana 23 southbound at the southern portal of the Belle Chasse Tunnel, and northbound Intracoastal Waterway lift bridge. Photo taken 08/02/02.
Louisiana 23 northbound crossing the Intracoastal Waterway at Belle Chasse. The bridge to the right is a railroad lift span. Photo taken 11/12/99.
Louisiana 428 shield within the median of the four-lane Louisiana 23 southbound. Louisiana 428 loops between Terrytown to the northeast, and Westwego to the west. The four-lane divided highway is known as Lapalco Boulevard. Lapalco Boulevard, which stands for LouisianA Power And Light COmpany, was built along LP&L right of way and derives its name from the utility company. Further more a local urban legend references the non-existant Count LaPalco who owned a plantation in the area. In realty, the land was worthless swampland prior to 1960.1 Photo taken 08/02/02.
A somewhat erroneous set of junction shields on Louisiana 23 southbound in advance of the southern terminus of Louisiana 3017. The junction plate should just be above the Louisiana 3007 shield, as Louisiana 23 continues southward another 30 miles. Photo taken 08/02/02.
Louisiana 23 southbound at the eastern terminus of Louisiana 3017 near Belle Chasse. Like many other New Orleans area state highways, Louisiana 3017 is orientated in a looping fashion. The state highway parallels the Intracoastal Waterway and Harvey Canals, looping to the west than north, terminating at Harvey. Louisiana 3017 comprises 9.07 miles between the Belle Chasse Highway and Louisiana 18 (4th Street). Photo taken 08/02/02.
Louisiana 23 southbound passes underneath the Intracoastal Waterway through the Belle Chasse Tunnel. Because of this, a ban on hazmats and other flammable materials is in place. Traffic wishing to continue south must utilize the Louisiana 407 high-level bridge three miles to the northeast. Photo taken 08/02/02.
Old Glory proudly sways in the breeze as Louisiana 23 makes its descent towards the Belle Chasse Tunnel. The bridge in the foreground is that of northbound Louisiana 23. The bridge beyond that is a railroad lift bridge. Photo taken 08/02/02.
Closing in on the northbound Louisiana 23 and railroad lift-bridges over the Intracoastal Waterway. The humidity of the Gulf of Mexico often takes its toll on metal infrastructure in the form of rusting as is evident on the lift-bridge towers. Photo taken 08/02/02.
Passing is not allowed for Louisiana 23 southbound through the Belle Chasse Tunnel and on its respective approaches. Photo taken 08/02/02.
Entering the portal of the two lane Belle Chasse Tunnel. Photo taken 08/02/02.
Louisiana 23 is part of the Great River Road system of the mighty Mississippi. Trailblazers such as this, are the standard within the state of Louisiana. However with that stated, very few are posted within the New Orleans metropolitan area. This shield is posted on Louisiana 23 southbound as it departs the Belle Chasse Tunnel and Intracoastal waterway vicinity. Photo taken 08/02/02.
Detail of the Great River Road trailblazer on Louisiana 23 southbound. The motif centers around a classic riverboat. The legendary riverboats were a staple of the Mississippi River during the 1800s as they hosted casino gambling on their treks up and downriver. Photo taken 08/02/02.
Louisiana 23 southbound at the southern terminus of Louisiana 406. Louisiana 406 is a loop highway serving southeastern New Orleans and the English Turn vicinity. The state highway totals 6.02 miles between the Belle Chasse Highway and Stanton Road. Photo taken 08/02/02.


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