Interstate 526

Interstate 526 East
Interstate 526 eastbound expands to six lanes between the Montague Avenue and International Boulevard (Exit 16) interchange at the directional cloverleaf with Interstate 26 (Exits 17A/B). Pictured here is an original button copy sign for the upcoming parent junction. Photo taken 01/18/04.
Traffic to Interstate 26 departs via the Exit 17 off-ramp of Interstate 526 east. Ahead is five-ramp parclo interchange with U.S. 52 & 78 (Rivers Avenue) at Exits 18A/B. Interstate 526 eastbound sees six interchanges within the city limits of North Charleston (pop. 79,641). Photo taken 01/18/04.
Traffic to Interstate 26 splits between Exits 17A/B. Eastbound traffic enters the final nine miles of Interstate 26 on the approach to downtown Charleston (pop. 96,650). Westbound motorists turn northward to Interstate 95 in 43 miles and the capital city in 104 miles. Photo taken 01/18/04.
A pair of Interstate 26 South Carolina shields companion the sign bridge pictured above. Intestate 26 westbound serves Charleston Air Force Base via the next two interchanges (Exits 212A and 211B). Photo taken 01/18/04.
Interstate 526 West
The first westbound Interstate 526 mainline reassurance shield. The eastern terminal interchange features a wye interchange from Interstate 526 east to U.S. 17 and from U.S. 17 south to Interstate 526 west. A ramp associated with that connection is visible in the background of this northward facing photograph. Photo taken 01/18/04.
Traffic from the U.S. 17 spoke merges onto Interstate 526 westbound at the Wakendaw Road undercrossing. The upcoming diamond interchange (Exit 30) serves the South Carolina Ports Authority Wando River Terminal. Photo taken 01/18/04.
Interstate 526 westbound at the Long Point Road off-ramp (Exit 30). Long Point Road travels between the freeway and U.S. 17 through the Snowden community of Mount Pleasant. Westward the road continues to the S.C. Ports Authority Wando Terminal. Photo taken 01/18/04.
The freeway of Interstate 526 is designated the Mark Clark Expressway. Photo taken 01/18/04.
1.75-mile guide sign for the Daniel Island interchange (Exit 24) on Interstate 526 westbound. The freeway elevates over a high level bridge to cross the Wando River between Mount Pleasant and Daniel Island. Photo taken 01/18/04.
An auxiliary guide sign is posted at the approach to the Wando River Bridge of Interstate 526 westbound for the South Carolina Ports Authority North Charleston area facilities. Interstate 526 briefly enters Berkeley County while traveling across Daniel Island. Photo taken 01/18/04.
Interstate 526 at Exit 24 on Daniel Island. The interchange sees ramps to adjacent frontage roads. These roads connect the freeway with nearby Saint Thomas Island and Daniel Island Drives. The interchange appears to be fairly new. Photo taken 01/18/04.
A variable message sign is posted on Interstate 526 over Daniel Island between Exits 24 and 23. Photo taken 01/18/04.
Interstate 526 at the second of two Daniel Island interchanges. Exit 24 sees a diamond interchange with Clements Ferry Road. Clements Ferry Road travels northeast from the freeway to Wando and South Carolina 41. Photo taken 01/18/04.

Interstate 526 crosses the Cooper River over a high-level bridge between Daniel Island and the city of North Charleston. The span carries six overall lanes of traffic. Photo taken 01/18/04.

Descending from the Cooper River Bridge into the city of North Charleston. An upcoming exits sign features the first three interchanges of the municipality. Exit 19 is not included however on the guide sign. In the background are the ramps of the half-diamond interchange of Exit 20 (eastbound only off-ramp) with Virginia Avenue. Photo taken 01/18/04.
Traffic to Virginia Avenue and the South Carolina Ports Authority North Charleston Terminal is directed via the Exit 19 folded cloverleaf interchange at Rhett Avenue. Photo taken 01/18/04.
Interstate 526 reduces to four lanes at the Exit 19 off-ramp to Rhett Avenue. Rhett Avenue is a north-south surface boulevard between U.S. 52 & 78 (Rivers Avenue) and Charleston Navy Base and Goose Creek. Photo taken 01/18/04.
Exit 18B departs for U.S. 52 north & 78 west (Rivers Avenue) from Interstate 526 west. The U.S. highway pair travel northward through Hanahan and Goose Creek. Photo taken 01/18/04.
Traffic to Rivers Avenue southbound (U.S. 52 & 78) leaves Interstate 526 via Exit 18A. U.S. 52 & 78 remain overlapped southward to the city of Charleston. There they split between Meeting Street (U.S. 52) and King Street (U.S. 78). The interchange here saw expansion from a three-ramp parclo to that of a five-ramp interchange. Photo taken 01/18/04.
Original button copy signs remain at the Interstate 526 & 26 Exit 17B/A parclo interchange as of January 2004. A loop ramp carries Interstate 526 westbound motorists southward toward Charleston via Interstate 26 east. Photo taken 01/18/04.
One mile west of the Interstate 26 junction is the Montague Avenue and International Boulevard (Exit 16) interchange complex of the Charleston bypass. The interchange features service roads between International Boulevard and Montague Avenue to provide access to both surface arterials. Photo taken 01/18/04.
Traffic entering Interstate 526 from Interstate 26 forms an auxiliary lane to Exit 16. The off-ramp departs ahead for International Boulevard and the main entrance to Charleston International Airport. Photo taken 01/18/04.
Interstate 526 maintains just four lanes from the Airport & Montague Avenue off-ramp southward to the western terminus. All signs of unassigned Exit 16 are original as of January 2004. Photo taken 01/18/04.
The 0.75-mile guide sign of Exit 15 is posted at the International Boulevard undercrossing of Interstate 526. South Carolina 642 (Dorchester Road) intersects the freeway here, traveling west from U.S. 52 & 78 (Rivers Avenue) to South Carolina 165 and U.S. 17 Alternate outside of Summerville (pop. 27,752). A split diamond interchange provides the junction between Interstate 526 and South Carolina 642 between Dorchester and Paramount Roads. Photo taken 01/18/04.
The last North Charleston interchange of Interstate 526 is that of the Leeds Road junction (Exit 14). The 0.75-mile guide sign is posted at the Paramount Road undercrossing. Photo taken 01/18/04.
Interstate 526 curves southwestward at the Leeds Road diamond interchange (Exit 14). Leeds Road spurs southward from South Carolina 642 (Dorchester Road) to the freeway. Ahead Interstate 526 crosses the Ashley River into western reaches of the Charleston metro area. Photo taken 01/18/04.
The one-mile guide sign of the Ashley River Road (South Carolina 61) interchange of Interstate 526 westbound. The junction of unassigned Exits 11B/A features ramps with the adjacent Glenn McConnell Parkway and Paul Cantrell Boulevard. The two roads compose an arterial between the freeway and South Carolina 61. Photo taken 01/18/04.
Traffic to South Carolina 61 (Ashley River Road) northbound is directed via the Glenn McConnell Parkway westbound off-ramp. Magwood Road carries motorists northward to Ashley River Road from the Parkway. Photo taken 01/18/04.
A cloverleaf ramp carries drivers onto Paul Cantrell Boulevard eastbound for South Carolina 61 (Ashley River Road) south. The boulevard ends at Ashley River Road in 0.75 miles. South Carolina 61 continues from there to U.S. 17 and South Carolina 171 just west of the Ashley River. Photo taken 01/18/04.
A button copy Interstate 526 ends sign is posted within the unassigned Exit 11 parclo interchange for South Carolina 61. Interstate 526 is planned to extend southward to James Island to directly tie into the South Carolina 30 freeway spur. However the segment remains unconstructed due to cost and environmental issues. Photo taken 01/18/04.
At present all traffic is shunted onto the unassigned Exit 10 off-ramp for South Carolina 7 (Sam Rittenburg Boulevard) and U.S. 17 (Savannah Highway). Photo taken 01/18/04.
Grading and a short stub of pavement remains for the unconstructed segment of Interstate 526 at the Exit 10 interchange. A new ramp exists from U.S. 17 northbound to Interstate 526 eastbound in the background. The placement of the ramp alludes to the fact that perhaps Interstate 526 will remain unconstructed indefinitely as it resides within the right of way for the potential freeway mainline. Photo taken 01/18/04.
All Interstate 526 westbound motorists depart via the Exit 10 off-ramp. Pictured here is the end of the ramp with South Carolina 7 (Sam Rittenburg Boulevard). South Carolina 7 begins nearby at U.S. 17 (Savannah Highway). From there the highway turns northeastward to Interstate 26 and U.S. 52 & 78 in the city of Charleston. Photo taken 01/18/04.
An access road continues traffic across South Carolina 7 to U.S. 17 (Savannah Highway) itself. The U.S. highway travels east-west between Interstate 95 (Exit 33) and the city of Charleston. A loop ramp from U.S. 17 northbound to Interstate 526 eastbound rises above to the left. Photo taken 01/18/04.

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