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Interstate 375 - North Bay Drive

Interstate 375/North Bay Drive is a short freeway spur from Interstate 275 into downtown St. Petersburg leading to near the western terminus of U.S. 92, but the two routes do not connect. Like Interstate 175 ("South Bay Drive"), Interstate 375 is not called "North Bay Drive." Built in the late 1970s, Interstate 375 was opened in phases: from Interstate 275 east to 9th Street North, which opened on January 17, 1978, and from 9th Street North into downtown via Fourth Avenue North, opened in January 1979. Interstate 175 parallels Interstate 375 to the south. Contrary to the 2005 Rand McNally Road Atlas, the entire route is a freeway, not a surface boulevard. There were never plans to extend Interstate 395 any further west than its current terminus at Interstate 275, unlike Interstate 175 to the south.

NOTE: Interstate 375's interchanges are unnumbered. The 2002 exit renumbering plan implemented by FDOT resulted in the removal of the sequential based system for the freeway.

Interstate 375 East
The eastbound beginning of Interstate 375 on the transition ramp from Interstate 275 north. Photo taken 07/30/06.
A typical summertime thunderstorm overhead, drivers soar above the 5th Avenue North (Florida 595) and Interstate 275 on the highest flyover associated with the Interstate 375 eastbound beginning stack interchange. High rises associated with St. Petersburg sprawl on the eastern horizon. Photo taken 06/29/07.
Peering south from the same flyover at Tropicana Field, home of Major League Baseball's Tampa Bay Rays franchise. Photo taken 06/29/07.
The two flyover ramps from Interstate 275 consolidate ahead of the half-diamond interchange with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Street North (9th Street). Interstate 375 continues beyond the ramp with two eastbound lanes. Photo taken 06/29/07.
A look at the original guide signs posted ahead of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Street North (9th Street) off-ramp. The off-ramp connects with parallel Florida 595 (4th Avenue North) ahead of its intersections with MLK Jr. Street North and 8th Street North, a one-way street couplet through the Mirror Lake and Tropicana Field vicinity west of downtown. Photo taken 07/30/06.
Tropicana Field lies west of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Street via 3rd Avenue South. Parking is free for Tampa Bay Rays games and spaces are available at the venue or in adjacent lots at and under the Interstate 275 viaduct. Photo taken 07/30/06.
Sign replacements posted at the ramp departure from Interstate 375 east onto Florida 595 (4th Avenue South) for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and 8th Streets North. 8th Street North merges with MLK Jr. Street ahead of the Crescent Lake and Euclid communities. MLK Jr. Street carries four overall lanes on its northward path to the Gateway community and junction Interstate 275 near the Howard Frankland Bridge. Photo taken 06/29/07.

A look at the previous installation of overheads along Interstate 375 east at the Florida 595 (4th Avenue South) off-ramp. Florida 595 exists as a one-way street couplet between 4th and 5th Avenues South from Florida 687 (3rd Street North) west to near 16th Street North.
Prior to 2001, Interstate 375 eastbound was signed with sequential exit numbers. After the state converted to mileage-based exit numbers, the exit tabs for Interstate 375 were removed. Photo taken 07/30/06.
Like Interstate 175, Interstate 375 has a warning sign 2,000 feet in advance of its eastern terminus of the pending culmination of the freeway. Interstate 375 eastbound also merges onto its parallel frontage road (Fourth Avenue North), which is also eastbound Florida 595. Note the sign replacement by 2007. Photo taken 05/27/05 & 06/29/07.
New condo high rises adorn the western sky as Interstate 375 descends from the 9th & 8th Street viaduct to street grade. Speed limits reduce to 30 mph in anticipation of the merge with 4th Avenue South. Photo taken 06/29/07.
Once on the transition ramp from Interstate 375 east to Florida 595 east, two end shields are posted for Interstate 375, one on each side of the freeway ramp. This photo shows the end shield located on the south (right) side of the freeway. Photo taken 06/29/07.
The mainline of Interstate 375 merges into the left lanes of Florida 595/Fourth Avenue North eastbound, and Florida 595 immediately intersects southbound Florida 687/Fourth Street North followed by northbound Florida 687/Third Avenue North. Photo taken 07/30/06.
Interstate 375 West
Westbound Florida 595 (Fifth Avenue North) yields this left ramp that becomes the mainline for Interstate 375 westbound. A reassurance shield is immediately posted to the right. Like Interstate 175 westbound, Interstate 375 westbound acts as a collector, gathering traffic from downtown to Interstate 275. Photo taken 07/30/06.
A new Interstate 375 shield replaced the original 2-digit width one in 2007. Photo taken 06/29/07.
A directional ramp joins Interstate 375 west from 8th Street North next. Photo taken 07/30/06.
A second on-ramp follows from Florida 595 (5th Avenue North) west after its intersection with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Street North. Photo taken 05/27/05.
Now three lanes wide, westbound Interstate 375 approaches its western terminus at Interstate 275. The left two lanes head south on Interstate 275 toward the Sunshine Skyway, while the right two lanes transition to northbound Interstate 275 to Tampa. Photo taken 07/30/06.
Interstate 375 (North Bay Drive) draws to a quick close at a stack interchange adjacent to the half-diamond interchange between Florida 595 (5th Avenue North) and Interstate 275. Interstate 275 north next meets 22nd Avenue North at the Euclid and Ponce De Leon neighborhoods. Interstate 275 south continues shortly to junction Interstate 175 (South Bay Drive). Photo taken 07/30/06.
Traffic partitions into a pair of two-lane ramps to Interstate 275; Florida 595 (5th Avenue North) travels adjacent below en route to junction U.S. 19 (34th Street North) and U.S. 19 Alternate. Photo taken 07/30/06.
Westbound Interstate 375 transitions onto Interstate 275. Provisions were made to provide an off-ramp to 3rd Avenue North at 20th Street North, creating a "ghost ramp." However, this was not constructed due to a conflict between the proposed ramp from the Interstate 275/Interstate 375 interchange and the location of adjacent Florida 595. As a result, that connecting ramp was not constructed. Photo taken 12/27/00

Other Scenes Pertaining to Interstate 375
Northbound Florida 687/Third Street South approaches the left turn onto the Interstate 375/North Bay Drive Freeway. An overhead sign for this pending junction is visible in the distance. Photo taken 12/00.

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