Interstate 285 (Outer Loop)

Outer Loop of Interstate 285
Now removed from the parallel alignment with Interstate 85, Interstate 285 Outer presses eastward to Georgia 139 (Riverdale Road) [Exit 60] and Forest Park (pop. 12,447). Georgia 139 overlaps with U.S. 29 southbound out of downtown Atlanta to Riverdale Road in College Park (pop. 20,382). Photo taken 01/16/04.
The Clark Howell Highway composes the next interchange on Interstate 285 Outer (eastbound). The north-south roadway travels south from the Airport Loop Road and Hartsfield International Airport to Georgia 85 north of Riverdale (pop. 12,478). Photo taken 01/16/04.
Construction takes place midway between the Georgia 139 (Exit 60) and Clark Howell Highway (Exit 59) partial cloverleaf interchanges. Atlanta/Hartsfield International Airport is in the process of constructing a new runway here. The new facility will tally 9000 feet in length and include a crossing of Interstate 285. The underpass for the Perimeter Highway was necessitated when GDOT refused an Airport supported relocation of Interstate 285 to the south.1 Photo taken 01/16/04.
One-half mile south of the Exit 59 off-ramp to Clark Howell Highway. Exit 59 guide signs for Interstate 75 feature the control city of Tampa (pop. 303,447). The Gulf Coast city is 440 miles to the south. Sullivan Road crosses over Interstate 285 ahead. Photo taken 01/16/04.
The 0.50-mile sign bridge of Exit 59 three years prior. Note that the runway construction associated with Atlanta Airport has removed the trees and adjacent frontage road to the right. Photo taken by Jana Clark 10/00.

The ramp to Clark Howell Highway ties into South Outer Loop 0.75 miles ahead of the actual highway. The Airport Loop Road system travels the perimeter of Atlanta Airport between Sullivan Road and Central Avenue in Hapeville (pop. 6,180). Photo taken 01/16/04.
A lengthy collector/distributor roadway serves not only Interstate 75 north and south, but also U.S. 19 & 41 (Old Dixie Highway), and the nearby northern terminus of Georgia 85. The Interstate 285 mainline does not see another interchange until Exit 55 with Georgia 54 (Jonesboro Road). Photo taken 01/16/04.
Two lanes diverge from Interstate 285 Outer for Interstate 75 (Exit 58) and U.S. 19 & 41 and Georgia 85 south. The c/d roadway leaves the Perimeter Highway one mile before the actual Exit 58 interchange. Photo taken 01/16/04.
Lake Mirror Road travels over Interstate 285 in the background as Interstate 75 traffic splits from the Atlanta Beltway. 70 miles to the south Interstate 75 reaches the city of Macon (pop. 97,255). Northward the freeway enters the central business district of Atlanta in ten miles. Photo taken by Jana Clark 10/00.
After the ramps for Interstate 75 & Georgia 85 south and Interstate 75 north, the Exit 58 collector/distributor roadway prepares to enter the folded cloverleaf interchange with U.S. 19 & 41 (Old Dixie Highway). Photo taken 01/16/04.
Traffic to U.S. 19 & 41 departs the Exit 58 c/d roadway on Interstate 285 Outer. U.S. 19 & 41 intersect Georgia 160 (Main Street) just south of the beltway. Main Street travels into downtown Forest Park (pop. 21,447) as U.S. 19 & 41 skirt the western edges of the city by the State Farmers Market. Photo taken 01/16/04.
Interstate 285 continues eastward with four lanes between U.S. 19 & 41 and Georgia 55 (Exit 55). The Perimeter Highway skims the northern reaches of Forest Park before nipping the southeastern corner of Atlanta itself. Pictured here is the 0.50-mile guide sign for Georgia 54 (Jonesboro Road). Photo taken 01/16/04.
Now within the city limit limits of Atlanta (pop. 416,474), Interstate 285 sees the two-mile overhead for Interstate 675 south (Exit 53). Interstate 675 provides a 11.04-mile freeway between Interstate 75 at Stockbridge (pop. 9,853) and the Perimeter Highway. Photo taken 01/16/04.
U.S. 23 & Georgia 42 (Moreland Avenue) and Interstate 675 tie into Interstate 285 within close proximity. Moreland Avenue straddles the eastern city line along the Fulton/Dekalb County line. Southward U.S. 23 serves Fort Gillem and the suburb of Conley (pop. 6,188). Photo taken 01/16/04.
Interstate 285 Outer at the Exit 53 diamond interchange with U.S. 23 & Georgia 42 (Moreland Avenue). U.S. 23 & Georgia 42 become the Macon Highway as they travel southward into Clayton County. The pair shadow Interstate 675 between here and Stockbridge. Photo taken 01/16/04.
South of Gresham Park is the Bouldercrest Road junction with Interstate 285 (Exit 51). Bouldercrest spurs southward from Flat Shoals Road in the city of Atlanta to Ellenwood. Photo taken 05/28/05.
Exit 51 departs the outer loop of Interstate 285 for Bouldercrest Road. Bouldercrest Road meets Clifton Church Road north of the freeway and River Road to the south near Panthersville. Photo taken 05/28/05.
Interstate 285 eastbound reassurance shield posted between Exits 51 and 48. The beltway carries eight lanes through this stretch. Photo taken 05/28/05.
One-mile overhead for Exit 48 (Georgia 155). The state highway follows Flat Shoals Road from Panthersville (pop. 11,791) southward to Snapfinger. Candler Road begins nearby at the South Dekalb Mall. Photo taken 05/28/05.
Nearing the Exit 48 diamond interchange with Flat Shoals Road (Georgia 155). Georgia 155 merges with U.S. 23 in the city of Decatur (pop. 18,147) and continues from there northward to North Atlanta (pop. 38,579) and Chamblee (pop. 9,552). Use Exit 48 for the GBI Headquarters and the Georgia Perimeter College Dekalb Campus. Photo taken 05/28/05.
Interstate 285 eastbound at the Exit 48 off-ramp to Georgia 155 (Flat Shoals Road). Georgia 155 parts ways with Flat Shoals Road nearby for Candler Road north. From there Georgia 155 interchanges with Interstate 20 (Exit 65). Flat Shoals Road meanwhile heads west toward Gresham Park. Photo taken 05/28/05.
Interstate 20 meets Interstate 285 at the following interchange (Exits 46B/A). Interstate 20 (Ralph D. Abernathy Freeway) travels east from the downtown Atlanta area 11 miles to meet the Perimeter Highway in the Panthersville vicinity. Photo taken 05/28/05.
The Perimeter Highway reduces to six overall lanes through the junction with Interstate 20 (Exit 46). The junction between the two highways remains one of the original freeway to freeway interchanges along Interstate 285. A directional-cloverleaf interchange manages the movements, and of those a left-hand ramp serves movements from Interstate 285 south to Interstate 20 east. Photo taken 05/28/05.
Rainbow Drive passes over Interstate 285 northbound ahead of the Exit 46B ramp departure onto Interstate 20 east. Interstate 20 continues eastward through the metropolitan area through to Covington and Exit 92. From there Interstate 20 continues eastward through rural environs to Augusta and Columbia, South Carolina. Photo taken 05/28/05.
A cloverleaf ramp facilitates the movements from Interstate 285 north onto Interstate 20 west. The freeway within the Perimeter Highway is designated the Ralph D. Abernathy Freeway in honor of a former Atlanta mayor. DOT crews replaced signs with a fervor in the mid 1990s to reinforce the designation. Interstate 20 otherwise otherwise skims through the Gresham Park and Decatur areas en route to central Atlanta, Douglasville, and the western suburbs. Photo taken 05/28/05.
Traveling through the Interstate 285 & 20 junction. The junction officially is named the Pierre Howard Interchange. Photo taken 05/28/05.
Continuing north from the Interstate 20 junction toward the junction with Georgia 260 (Exit 44). Georgia 260 (Glenwood Avenue) travels east-west from East Atlanta to U.S. 278 (Covington Highway) near Belmont. Photo taken 05/28/05.
One half mile south of the Exit 44 diamond interchange with Georgia 260 (Glenwood Avenue). Georgia 260 ends three-quarters of a mile to the east at U.S. 278 (Covington Highway). The state highway intersects Columbia Drive 1.25 miles westward near Belvedere. Photo taken 05/28/05.
A mileage sign lists the distances to the Interstate 285 junctions with Interstate 85, Interstate 75, and Interstate 20 for motorists who entered the Perimeter Highway from Interstate 20 at Exit 46 and other long-distance travelers. Photo taken 05/28/05.
Northbound at the Exit 44 ramp departure to Georgia 260 (Glenwood Avenue). Georgia 260 ventures west seven miles to its terminus at U.S. 23 (Moreland Avenue) in the city of Atlanta. Photo taken 05/28/05.
Attached to the Glenwood Avenue overpass is the one-mile guide sign for U.S. 278 (Exit 43) on Interstate 285 north. U.S. 278 (Covington Highway ventures northeast from its intersection with Georgia 260 (Glenwood Avenue) to meet the Perimeter Highway near the Glen Haven community. Photo taken 05/28/05.
Now beyond the Georgia 260 on-ramp, Interstate 285 draws to within one half mile of the Exit 43 diamond interchange with U.S. 278 (Covington Highway). U.S. 278 meanders westward within Interstate 285 to Belvedere, Avondale Estates, and Decatur before entering the city of Atlanta. Photo taken 05/28/05.
Redwing Circle passes over Interstate 285 at the Exit 43 ramp departure to U.S. 278 & Georgia 12 (Covington Highway). U.S. 278 links the greater Atlanta area with Belmont, Conyers, and Covington to the east. All of those communities are better served by Interstate 20. U.S. 278 merges with U.S. 78 west of Decatur and through the city of Atlanta otherwise. Photo taken 05/28/05.
Interstate 285 continues north toward the Exit 42 interchange for the Indian Creek Transit Station. The East Line of the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) begins here and travels west toward downtown Atlanta. Photo taken 05/28/05.
Sound barriers join the Interstate 285 frontage as the freeway pushes north toward Clarkston. Photo taken 05/28/05.
Exit 42 departs Interstate 285 northbound at the Redan Road over crossing. The off-ramp ties directly into the Indian Creek Transit Station adjacent to Durham Park Road and Elder Lane. Photo taken 05/28/05.
Georgia 10 (Memorial Drive) doubles as the Cynthia McKinney Parkway, a road named for Georgia's first African-American congresswoman. McKinney gained national attention for a March 29, 2006 scuffle with a Capitol police officer. The incident occurred when a police officer failed to recognize her as a member of Congress and pursued her for failing to pass through a metal detector (members of Congress are not required to pass through the detector). The pursuit culminated with McKinney striking the officer after he grabbed her by the arm.1 The ensuing weeks resulted in scrutiny of McKinney's change in hair style (resulting in the officer not recognizing her the day of), claims of racism, and other attention-getting statements by the media and McKinney herself. Photo taken 05/28/05.
Georgia 10 (Memorial Drive) doubles as the state-highway counterpart for U.S. 78 throughout most of Georgia. However Georgia 10 follows its own routing along Memorial Drive from U.S. 278 (College Avenue) east to Stone Mountain. Use Exit 41 for the Georgia Perimeter College Clarkston Campus and Dekalb Tech. Photo taken 05/28/05.
Northbound at the Exit 41 diamond interchange with Georgia 10 (Memorial Drive). Georgia 10 parts ways with Memorial Drive via Mountain Drive on the one-mile drive to U.S. 278 & Georgia 12 (College Avenue) at Avondale Estates. The state highway follows U.S. 278 west on its return to U.S. 78 through Decatur. Eastward, Memorial Drive carries Georgia 10 toward Pine Lake and Stone Mountain. The highway upgrades to the Stone Mountain Bypass ahead of U.S. 78 & Georgia 410. Photo taken 05/28/05.
Interstate 285 continues north to the Exit 40 split-diamond interchange with Church Street. Church Street travels alongside Ponce De Leon Avenue and the Georgia Railroad line northeast from Scottdale into city of Clarkston. Photo taken 05/28/05.
The one-half mile guide sign for Church Street (Exit 40) resides next to the 1.25-mile overhead for junction U.S. 78 & Georgia 410 (Stone Mountain Freeway). Church Street and Ponce De Leon Avenue are bisected by the Georgia Railroad line with a half-diamond interchange joining Ponce De Leon Avenue on the north side of the tracks. Photo taken 05/28/05.
Interstate 285 northbound at the Exit 40 off-ramp to Church Street, Scottsdale, and Clarkston. Church Street merges with Ponce De Leon Avenue en route to Stone Mountain. U.S. 78 & Georgia 410 meanwhile provide a high-speed route to Stone Mountain from Exit 39. Photo taken 05/28/05.
Passing underneath Church Street, the Georgia Railroad line, and Ponce De Leon Avenue on Interstate 285 northbound. An Exit 39B auxiliary sign posted here indicates the U.S. 78 & Georgia 410 (Stone Mountain Freeway) connections to the village of Stone Mountain and Stone Mountain Park. Photo taken 05/28/05.
U.S. 78 provides a direct route to the eastern suburb of Snellville and Athens. The Stone Mountain Freeway continues U.S. 78 8.75 miles east to a point five miles out from Snellville. Athens lies 55 miles to the east. The Stone Mountain Freeway itself was once considered part of an unconstructed Interstate 485 in conjunction with the Stone Mountain Tollway. The tolled portion between the North Dekalb Mall and the Old Fourth Ward in Atlanta was never built. Photo taken 05/28/05.
Exit 39B departs Interstate 285 northbound for U.S. 78 & Georgia 410 (Stone Mountain Freeway) eastbound. The Stone Mountain Freeway includes interchanges for Clarkston, Tucker, Stone Mountain, and Stone Mountain Park. Georgia 410 entails the freeway between the U.S. 78 split with U.S. 29 (Lawrenceville Highway) and the U.S. 78 merge with Georgia 10 (Stone Mountain Bypass). Photo taken 05/28/05.
Exit 39A quickly departs Interstate 285 northbound for U.S. 78 & Georgia 410 (Stone Mountain Freeway) westbound. U.S. 78 interchanges with Druid Hills Road ahead of its merge with U.S. 29 (Lawrenceville Highway) near the North Dekalb Mall. U.S. 29 & 78 overlap southwest through Decatur to U.S. 23, U.S. 278, and Georgia 10. Photo taken 05/28/05.
The off-ramp for U.S. 29 (Exit 38) departs from within the Exit 39 interchange with U.S. 78 & Georgia 410. The ramp departure segregates the oncoming traffic movements emanating from the Stone Mountain Freeway westbound. U.S. 29 travels the Lawrenceville Highway northeast from Dekalb to Tucker, Lilburn, and Lawrenceville. Photo taken 05/28/05.
Georgia 236 (Lavista Road) intersects Interstate 285 at the Exit 37 diamond interchange. The state highway serves Tucker and the Northlake Mall area near the Perimeter Highway. Photo taken 05/28/05.
0.75 miles south of the Exit 37 and Georgia 236 (Lavista Road). Lavista Road heads 2.3 miles east to U.S. 29 (Lawrenceville Highway) at Tucker. Georgia 236 continues west along Lavista Road seven miles to Cheshire Bridge Road in northeast Atlanta. Photo taken 05/28/05.
Interstate 285 northbound at the Exit 37 ramp departure to Georgia 236 (Lavista Road). Georgia 236 intersects Northlake Parkway to the east and Briarcliff Road to the west. Use Georgia 236 west for North Druid Hills. Photo taken 05/28/05.
Advance guide signs for the "Spaghetti Junction" complex with Interstate 85 and Chamblee-Tucker Road reside at the Exit 36 half-diamond interchange with Northlake Parkway. The nicknamed interchange joins Interstate 285 with Interstate 85 via an elaborate symmetrical stack interchange with collector/distributor roadways. Formerly a cloverleaf interchange, Spaghetti Junction was constructed in the early 1990s. Despite the high-speed ramps, the interchange still is a source congestion. Photo taken 05/28/05.
Northbound at the Henderson Road over crossing, three quarters of a mile south of the Exit 33 ramp departure to Interstate 85. Interstate 85 ventures northeast from Interstate 75 (Downtown Connector) in Atlanta to the suburbs of North Atlanta, Norcross, Duluth, and Suwanee. The freeway constitutes the mainline of the Atlanta to Raleigh megapolitan corridor, traveling 128 miles to Greenville, South Carolina. Photo taken 05/28/05.
A two-lane off-ramp departs Interstate 285 northbound for Interstate 85 ahead of the Exit 34 diamond interchange with Chamblee-Tucker Road. The ramp travels below the interchange itself, segregating the movements to Interstate 85 from the Interstate 285 mainline. Photo taken 05/28/05.
Exit 34 departs the Interstate 285 mainline for Chamblee-Tucker Road. Chamblee-Tucker Road meanders east-west from Chamblee and Doraville to Tucker nearby. The road meets Northcrest Road south of its interchange with Interstate 85 (Exit 96). Photo taken 05/28/05.
Continuing along the Exit 33 ramps to Interstate 88 near the Chamblee-Tucker Road over crossing. The off-ramp partitions into ramps for Interstate 85 north to Greenville and Interstate 85 south to Atlanta. Photo taken 05/28/05.
The Exit 33 off-ramp partitions into two-lane ramps for both directions of Interstate 85. Interstate 85 enters the city limits of Atlanta within 7.5 miles. Photo taken 05/28/05.
At the last minute, the Interstate 85 northbound ramp splits again with an access ramp to the Interstate 85 c/d roadway for Northcrest and Pleasantdale Roads. Interstate 85's c/d roadway systems segregate the Northcrest And Pleasantdale Road interchanges from the Interstate 85 & 285 four-level stack interchange. Photo taken 05/28/05.
Like the junction with Interstate 75 to the south of the city, "Spaghetti Junction" of Interstate 285 & 85 northeast of Atlanta features lengthy collector/distributor roadways for the adjoining interchanges. Pictured here is the northbound c/d roadway after Spaghetti Junction and the associated sign bridge for the U.S. 23 & Georgia 13 (Buford Highway) off-ramp. Photo taken 06/21/05.
Two lanes depart the Outer c/d roadway for U.S. 23 & Georgia 13 (Buford Highway). The exit is one of two within the city of Doraville (pop. 9,862). Southward the Buford Highway crosses into the city limits of Chamblee. Photo taken 06/21/05.
Next in line for Interstate 285 Outer is the directional cloverleaf interchange of Georgia 141 (Peachtree Industrial Boulevard). Georgia 141 provides a full freeway from the Perimeter Highway northeastward toward Norcross (pop. 8,410) and Georgia 140. Photo taken 01/17/04.
New Peachtree Road and MARTA pass over the freeway ahead of the Exit 31B/A interchange with Georgia 141 (Peachtree Industrial Boulevard). Georgia 141 travels northeast from the Buckhead section of Atlanta to Georgia 9 (Atlanta Highway) near Cumming. Photo taken 06/21/05.
Exit 31B leaves Interstate 285 Outer for Georgia 141 (Peachtree Industrial Boulevard) northbound. Georgia 141 sees a frontage road system along the freeway portion of Peachtree Industrial Boulevard. These frontage roads compose the original roadway through to the freeway's completion in the mid 1990s. Photo taken 01/17/04.
The Exit 31B off-ramp splits between Georgia 141 north and the adjacent northbound side frontage road. Georgia 141 features the U.S. 19 & Georgia 400 (Turner McDonald Parkway) control cities of Cumming (pop. 4,220) and Dahlonega (pop. 3,638). The state highway ends at the freeway just south of Cumming. Photo taken 01/17/04.
Upcoming exits sign featuring the distances to Georgia 141 south, North Peachtree Road, and Ashford-Dunwoody Road. The three interchanges serve the Chamblee area south of Interstate 285. Photo taken 06/21/05.
A loop ramp carries motorists onto Georgia 141 (Peachtree Industrial Boulevard) southbound to Chamblee. Georgia 141 merges with Peachtree Road south of Chamblee en route to Brookhaven and Buckhead in Atlanta. Photo taken 06/21/05.
Interstate 285 turns westward from Doraville to Sandy Springs. The Perimeter Highway meets north-south surface roads south of Dunwoody over the course of the next 3.50 miles. Photo taken 06/21/05.
The Exit 30-split diamond interchange joins Interstate 285 with North Peachtree Road, North Shallowford Road, and Chamblee-Dunwoody Road via the Cotillion Drive frontage road. North Peachtree Road travels north from Chamblee to Mt. Vernon Road east of Dunwoody. North Shallowford Road splits from Peachtree Road on a northwest track to the intersection of Peeler Road and Chamblee-Dunwoody Road. Chamblee-Dunwoody Road ventures northwest from U.S. 23 & Georgia 13 near Dekalb-Peachtree Airport to Dunwoody. Photo taken 06/21/05.
Mileage sign listing the distances to Interstate 75, 20, and 85 on the west and southwest sides of Atlanta. Photo taken 06/21/05.
The last Dekalb County interchange of Interstate 285 westbound joins the freeway with Ashford-Dunwoody Road at Exit 92. Ashford-Dunwoody Road travels north-south between North Atlanta (Georgia 141) and Mt. Vernon Road at Dunwoody. Photo taken 06/21/05.
The rolling hills of the Appalachian piedmont carry Interstate 285 westward toward the city of Sandy Springs. Sandy Springs incorporated in 2005, becoming Georgia's seventh largest city with over 85,000 residents. Photo taken 06/21/05.
Approach overheads for the Ashford-Dunwoody Road partial-cloverleaf interchange. Ashford-Dunwoody Road intersects Hammond Drive and Perimeter Summit Parkway nearby. The hyphened road series continues at the next exit Peachtree-Dunwoody Road. with Photos taken 06/21/05.
Interstate 285 westbound at the Exit 29 ramp departure to Ashford-Dunwoody Road. Photo taken 06/21/05.
0.75 miles east of the Peachtree-Dunwoody Road half-diamond interchange (Exit 28) on Interstate 285 west. Peachtree-Dunwoody Road heads north from Georgia 141 (Peachtree Road) in northern Atlanta to Mt. Vernon Highway in Sandy Springs. Photo taken 06/21/05.
An auxiliary overhead touts the U.S. 19 & Georgia 400 freeway connections to the northern suburbs of Roswell and Alpharetta. The two cities lie eight miles to the north across the Chattahoochee River. Photo taken 06/21/05.
Interstate 285 prepares for the directional-cloverleaf interchange with U.S. 19 & Georgia 400 (Exit 28) at the Exit 27 off-ramp to Peachtree-Dunwoody Road. U.S. 19 & Georgia 400 follow a freeway (J. Turner McDonald Parkway) northward from the Perimeter Highway 29 miles to Cumming and Lake Sidney Lanier. The congested route serves the growing northern suburbs from Sandy Springs to locations as far as Dahlonega (52 miles out). Photo taken 06/21/05.
Exit 27 splits from the Interstate 285 westbound mainline for U.S. 19 & Georgia 400 (J. Turner MacDonald Parkway) northbound to Sandy Springs and Georgia 400 Toll south to Buckhead in Atlanta. Georgia 400 toll provides a direct link to Interstate 85 at a cost of just 50 cents for passenger vehicles. The tolled facility represents the northernmost leg of unconstructed Interstate 475/675, a planned freeway from Stockbridge to Sandy Springs through east Atlanta. The segment between Interstate 85 and Interstate 675 at Interstate 285 was never built due to vehement opposition. However a compromise led to the completion of the Georgia 400 toll segment through Buckhead in northern Atlanta. Photo taken 06/21/05.
At the Exit 27 interchange with Georgia Toll 400, U.S. 19 enters Interstate 285 westbound for a short one-mile overlap. This cosigning allows U.S. 19 to directly connect with the Georgia 400 Cumming (pop. 4,220) freeway spur. In this westward perspective photograph, Georgia 400 and U.S. 19 traffic merge onto the outer loop of the Perimeter Highway. Photo taken 06/21/05.
Long distance travelers emanating from U.S. 19 & Georgia 400 (J. Turner McDonald Parkway) are advised to remain on Interstate 285 westbound for connections to Chattanooga (via Interstate 75 north) and Birmingham (via Interstate 20 west). Photo taken 06/21/05.
U.S. 19 southbound departs the beltway in quick fashion at the Roswell Road diamond interchange (Exit 25). Roswell Road continues northward from Interstate 285 into the Sandy Springs (pop. 85,781) suburb of Atlanta. Photo taken 06/21/05.
Westbound upcoming exits sign listing the distances to Exits 25 (Roswell Road), 24 (Riverside Drive), and 22 (New Northside Drive). Photo taken 06/21/05.
U.S. 19 leaves its quick overlap with Interstate 285 for Roswell Road south to Buckhead in north Atlanta. U.S. 19 & Georgia 9 venture through downtown and Hapeville before meeting Interstate 285 again at Exit 58. Photo taken 06/21/05.
Riverside Drive crosses paths with Interstate 285 at the next interchange (Exit 24). Riverside Drive meanders through the west Sandy Springs area between Mt. Vernon Highway and Dalrymple Road. Use Riverside Drive north to Johnson Ferry Road for Chattahoochee Plantation and Mt. Bethel. Photo taken 06/21/05.
Interstate 75 debuts on Interstate 285 westbound signs ahead of the Riverside Drive diamond interchange (Exit 24). Photo taken 06/21/05.
One half mile east of the Exit 24 off-ramp to Riverside Drive. Riverside Drive derives its name from a parallel routing to Chattahoochee River. The north-south road intersects Johnson Ferry Road 2.1 miles to the north. Photo taken 06/21/05.
Westbound at the Exit 24 ramp departure to Riverside Drive. Riverside Drive merges onto Mt. Vernon Highway southwest of Interstate 285 en route to Powers Ferry Road. Photo taken 06/21/05.
Interstate 285 turns southwesterly at the Exit 22 interchange confluence. This junction serves a myriad of surface streets: Northside Drive, a north-south secondary arterial; Powers Ferry Road, essentially a frontage road along Interstate 285 east; New Northside Drive, a companion to Northside Drive for the eastern half of the Exit 22 ramps; and Interstate North Parkway, a frontage road for Interstate 285 west. Photos taken 06/21/05.
Interstate 285 westbound at the Exit 22 split-diamond interchange with New Northside Drive and Northside Drive. The Perimeter Highway gains the Powers Ferry Road & Interstate North Parkway frontage road system southwest to Exit 20 (junction Interstate 75) and Akers Mill Road. Photo taken 06/21/05.
Twelve lanes of travel facilitate Interstate 285 between Exit 22 and Interstate 75 (Exit 20). The busy northwest Atlanta junction sees three through lanes for the Perimeter Highway south and three lanes for the Exit 20 ramps. Photo taken 06/21/05.
A second diagrammatical overhead outlines the Exit 20 ramp configuration for the directional-cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 75. Interstate 75 provides a direct route between Atlanta and Chattanooga, Tennessee, 98 miles to the northwest. Photo taken 06/21/05.
Interstate 285 turns southward beyond the Interstate 75 junction toward Smyrna and west Atlanta. Photo taken 06/21/05.
Interstate 285 crosses the Chattahoochee River ahead of the ramp split to Interstate 75 (Exit 20). Interstate 75 represents a major commuter route for metro Atlanta and a long-distance route between the upper Midwest and Florida. The freeway serves the Smyrna, Marietta, and Kennesaw areas northwest of Interstate 285. In addition Interstate 75 north serves Atlanta N.A.S. and Dobbins A.R.B. Photo taken 06/21/05.
Auxiliary overhead of Exit 20 for U.S. 41 (Cobb Parkway). The companion for Interstate 75 throughout Georgia, U.S. 41 parallels the freeway to the west. Connections to Cobb Parkway are available via the Windy Hill Road interchange to the north and Cumberland Boulevard interchange to the south. Photo taken 06/21/05.
Interstate 285 westbound as it nears the Interstate 75 stack interchange. Flyovers and sweeping ramps attempt to smooth the transition between the two respective freeways. As for the Interstate 75 mainline however, congestion is part of the daily routine. Photo taken 06/21/05.
The Exit 20 ramp for Interstate 75 partitions into two lanes for both north and southbound. Expansion of these ramps to three lanes appears to be underway. The city of Marietta (pop. 58,748) and Dobbins Air Force Base are among the destinations along Interstate 75 northbound. Interstate 75 merges with Interstate 85 eight miles to the south. Photo taken 06/21/05.
Continuing along the northbound transition ramp to Interstate 75, Exit 20 includes the connection to Windy Hill Road, an east-west surface arterial between Austell Road and Powers Ferry Road. Photo taken 06/21/05.
Windy Ridge Parkway passes over the Interstate 75 mainline and collector/distributor roadways (Exit 20). Exit 260 departs the freeway in this scene to join the Exit 20 ramp to Windy Hill Road. Photo taken 06/21/05.
The ramp from Interstate 285 northbound to Interstate 75 northbound joins the on-ramp from Interstate 285 westbound to form a four-lane c/d roadway to the Windy Hill Road (Exit 260) partial-cloverleaf interchange. Interstate 75 meets Georgia 260 (Delk Road) next. Photo taken 06/21/05.
Shifting back to the Exit 20 collector/distributor roadway, motorists enter from Interstate 75 north just ahead of the Interstate 75 southbound off-ramp. Interstate 75 travels southeast 11 miles into downtown Atlanta. The freeway continues from there to Hapeville, Forest Park, Macon, and Tampa, Florida. Photo taken 07/13/05.
The Exit 20 c/d roadway also provides access to the adjacent diamond interchange with U.S. 41 (Cobb Parkway). U.S. 41 shadows Interstate 75 to the west between north Atlanta and Dobbins Air Reserve Base. The federal highway serves the Cumberland Mall and Cobb Galleria Centre mall area between Interstate 285 and the community of Vinings. Photo taken 07/13/05.
Interstate 285 turns southward and passes under Cumberland Parkway and an adjacent railroad line ahead of the Exit 18 diamond interchange with Paces Ferry Road. Paces Ferry Road leads west from Atlanta through Vinings to Smyrna. Photo taken 07/13/05.
For motorists that entered Interstate 285 Outer from Interstate 75, a mileage sign lists the distances to the Perimeter Highway junctions with Interstate 20, 85, and the south interchange with 75. Photo taken 07/13/05.
Exit 18 leaves Interstate 285 southbound for Paces Ferry Road. Paces Ferry Road ends at South Atlanta Road 0.75 miles to the west and intersects Paces Mill Road in Vinings less than a mile to the east. Photo taken 07/13/05.
South Atlanta Road ventures south out of Smyrna to cross paths with Interstate 285 at Exit 16. The 0.75-mile overhead for Exit 16 resides at the Orchard Road overpass. Photo taken 07/13/05.
Drawing to within one half mile of the Exit 16 diamond interchange with South Atlanta Road. South Atlanta Road continues 2.75 miles southeast to Bolton Road in the city of Atlanta. At the Chattahoochee River crossing South Atlanta Road becomes Marietta Boulevard. Photo taken 07/13/05.
Interstate 285 southbound at the Exit 16 off-ramp to South Atlanta Road. South Atlanta Road serves the Bolton community of north Atlanta. Northward the surface road leads to central Smyrna and N.A.S. Atlanta. Photo taken 07/13/05.
Georgia 280 (South Cobb Drive) meets Interstate 285 at the Exit 15 diamond interchange near Oakdale. The state highway travels between west Atlanta and Marietta. Photo taken 07/13/05.
Looking south at the one-half mile overhead for Georgia 280 (Exit 15) on Interstate 285. Exit 15 serves the Silver Comet Trail, a rails to trails facility leading west from Atlanta to the Alabama state line. Photo taken 07/13/05.
Interstate 285 southbound at the Georgia 280 (Exit 15) off-ramp. Georgia 280 follows South Cobb Parkway northward through Smyrna to Fair Oaks, Marietta, and Dobbins ARB. The state highway enters Atlanta and becomes James Jackson Parkway on the 1.25 mile drive to Bolton Road. Georgia 280 continues south of there 4.2 miles through west Atlanta to junction Georgia 139. Photo taken 07/13/05.
A look at some of the rock cuts that Interstate 285 traverses on the west side of Atlanta. The freeway crosses the Chattahoochee River between Exits 15 and 13. Photo taken 07/13/05.
Interstate 285 enters the city of Atlanta ahead of the Bolton Road partial-interchange (Exit 13). An on-ramp brings motorists onto the southbound freeway from Bolton Road west ahead of the Exit 12 junction with U.S. 78 & 278 (Hollowell Parkway). U.S. 78 & 278 overlap throughout the city of Atlanta, following Bankhead Avenue east through Grove Park to downtown. Photo taken 07/13/05.
U.S. 78 & 278 share pavement west ten miles to Mableton and Austell. The two part ways on respective paths toward Alabama from there. U.S. 78 follows the Interstate 20 corridor west to Douglasville, Bremen, and Anniston, Alabama. U.S. 278 meanwhile turns northwest to Dallas, Cedartown, and Piedmont, Alabama. Photo taken 07/13/05.
A diamond interchange composes the junction of U.S. 78 & 278 with Interstate 285 just one quarter mile east of the Hollowell Parkway junction with Georgia 70 (Fulton Industrial Boulevard) and Bolton Road. Georgia 70 leads southwest to Fulton County Airport-Brown Field. Photo taken 07/13/05.
The on-ramp from U.S. 78 & 278 (Hollowell Parkway) forms the exit-only lane for Interstate 20 west (Exit 10B). The forthcoming junction joins Interstate 20 (Ralph D. Abernathy Freeway) with Interstate 285 at the Adamsville section of west Atlanta. Photo taken 07/13/05.
The interchanges between Interstate 20 and 285 on both sides of the city remain in their original configurations and therefore left-hand ramps are part of the movements. Pictured here is a diagrammatical overhead displaying the left-hand off-ramp for Interstate 20 east to Atlanta. Interstate 20 westbound journeys 135 miles west to Birmingham. Photo taken 07/13/05.
A third sign reminds motorists of the Exit 10B exit-only lane for Interstate 20 westbound. Interstate 20 continues through the western suburbs of Atlanta all the way to Breman (Exit 11). From there Interstate 20 ventures into rural environs and the north Alabama foothills to Anniston, Talladega, and ultimately Birmingham. Photo taken 07/13/05.
A second diagrammatical overhead lays the interchange configuration out for motorists on Interstate 285 south for Interstate 20 (Exits 10A/B). The directional-cloverleaf interchange resides alongside Harwell Heights Park. Motorists bound for the Hamilton E. Holmes Transit Station should use Exit 10A for the MARTA line into downtown Atlanta. Photo taken 07/13/05.
The final Exit 10B overhead includes the Tom Murphy Freeway designation for Interstate 20 west of Atlanta. Interstate 20 leaves the city and interchanges with Georgia 70 (Fulton Industrial Boulevard) and Six Flags Parkway nearby. The freeway crosses the Alabama state line in 51 miles. Photo taken 07/13/05.
The left-hand off-ramp to Interstate 20 east (Exit 10A) leaves Interstate 285 southbound. Interstate 20 (Ralph David Abernathy Freeway) travels through the West End, downtown, and East Atlanta communities of the city. The freeway widens to 14 lanes on its cross town routing, meeting Interstates 75 & 85 (Downtown Connector) in six miles. Photo taken 07/13/05.
Next in line for southbound travelers is the Exit 9 partial-cloverleaf interchange with Georgia 139 (Martin Luther King Jr. Drive). Passing over the freeway in this scene is the westbound ramp from Interstate 20 to MLK Drive. Photo taken 07/13/05.
Exit 9 serves the Adamsville neighborhood of west Atlanta. Georgia 139 (Martin Luther King Jr. Drive) travels east-west between Mableton and downtown Atlanta. The state highway meanders alongside Interstate 20 through Adamsville, intersecting Fairburn Road to the west and Lynnhurst Drive to the east. Photo taken 07/13/05.
Interstate junction mileage sign posted ten miles north of the south junction with Interstate 85. Photo taken 07/13/05.
Interstate 285 continues southward toward the Exit 7 diamond interchange with Cascade Road. Cascade Road serves the Cascade Heights neighborhood of west Atlanta. Photo taken 07/13/05.
Interstate 285 maintains eight overall lanes on the stretch between Interstate 20 and 85 in southwest Atlanta. The freeway briefly exits the city limits at the Exit 7 interchange with Cascade Road. Photo taken 07/13/05.
Exit 7 departs Interstate 285 southbound for Cascade Road. Cascade Road heads 2.25 miles east to Cascade Heights and 4.25 miles west to junction Georgia 70 (Fulton Industrial Boulevard). Photo taken 07/13/05.
Georgia 154 & 166 meet Interstate 285 at the next southbound interchange. The pair follow Langford Parkway, an east-west freeway linking the Perimeter Highway with the Downtown Connector. A directional-cloverleaf interchange (Exits 5B/A) facilitates the movements between the two highways. Photo taken 07/13/05.
One half mile north of the Exit 5B ramp departure onto Georgia 154 & 166 (Campbellton Road) westbound. Campbellton Road carries the tandem west through the Ben Hill community of southwest Atlanta. Georgia 154 & 166 continue together toward Douglasville and junction Georgia 70 where they part ways. Photo taken 07/13/05.
Interstate 285 features the control points of Montgomery and Macon for Interstates 75 and 85 at the Exit 5B off-ramp to Campbellton Road west. Georgia 154 travels southwest from Georgia 166 (Campbellton Road) with Georgia 70 to Campbellton west of the city. Georgia 166 meanwhile continues west toward Douglasville, but veers south with Georgia 92 toward Campbellton as well. Photo taken 07/13/05.
A loop ramp carries motorists onto Georgia 154 & 166 (Langford Parkway) eastbound to East Point and Fort Mc Pherson. The Langford Parkway, formerly the Lakewood Freeway, ends at the Lakewood section of Atlanta east of Interstate 75 & 85. The freeway was originally considered as part of the unconstructed Interstate 420 corridor between Douglasville and Gresham Park. Photo taken 07/13/05.
Interstate 285 leaves the city of Atlanta again and enters East Point, an older suburb. Meeting the freeway at Exit 2 is Camp Creek Parkway (Georgia 6), an east-west arterial serving Hartsfield International Airport. Named because it fell at the eastern terminus of the Atlanta & West Point Railroad, the city of East Point is home to 39,595. Photo taken 07/13/05.
Camp Creek Parkway arcs northwest from East Point to Austell west of Atlanta. The divided highway travels through College Park on the 3.25 mile drive to Atlanta Airport and junction Interstate 85. Use Camp Creek Parkway east for Georgia International Convention Center. Photo taken 07/13/05.
Southbound at the Exit 2 diamond interchange with Camp Creek Parkway (Georgia 6) on Interstate 285 south. College Park began in 1890 as Manchester and received its College Park name as it was the former home of Cox College and Georgia Military Academy.3 The city is home to 18,940 residents. Photo taken 07/13/05.
The final interchange of Interstate 285 Outer joins the Perimeter Highway with Washington Road in southern East Point, one mile north of the southern junction with Interstate 85. Photo taken 07/13/05.
Washington Road ventures southwest through East Point between U.S. 29 & Georgia 139 (Main Street) and U.S. 29 & Georgia 14 (Roosevelt Highway) near Red Oak. Photo taken 07/13/05.
Interstate 285 southbound at the Exit 1 partial-cloverleaf interchange with Washington Road. Washington Road straddles alongside Interstate 285 between Camp Creek Parkway and U.S. 29 & Georgia 14 (Roosevelt Highway). Photo taken 07/13/05.
Interstate 285 approaches the southern junction with Interstate 85 and Georgia 14 Spur (South Fulton Parkway). Interstate 285 turns east at Exit 62 and travels alongside Interstate 85 through College Park. Georgia 14 Spur stems west as a freeway to U.S. 29 & Georgia 14 (Roosevelt Highway) near Red Oak. South Fulton Parkway continues west from there as an at-grade facility to Georgia 92 (Campbellton-Fairburn Highway) and Georgia 154. Photo taken 07/13/05.
Exit 61 claims the right-hand lane of Interstate 285 southbound for motorists continuing southward onto Interstate 85. Interstate 85 continues southwest through the Atlanta metropolitan to Newnan and Grantville on the 148-mile drive to Montgomery, Alabama. Photo taken 07/13/05.
A neutered reassurance shield lies ahead of the directional-interchange with Interstate 85 (Exit 61) and Georgia 14 Spur (Exit 62). Photo taken 07/13/05.
Exit 62 leaves Interstate 285 southbound. The off-ramp serves Georgia 14 Spur (South Fulton Parkway) west and also provides access to Georgia 279 (Old National Highway) via the Interstate 85 northbound collector/distributor roadway through Exit 61. Georgia 279 stems southward from U.S. 29 & Georgia 14 in College Park to Georgia 85 near Fayetteville. A diamond interchange joins Old National Highway with the Interstate 85 and 285 freeway network at I-85 Exit 69. Photo taken 07/13/05.
Tampa debuts as a control point for Interstate 285 Outer for the connection to Interstate 75 southbound three miles to the east. Ramps for Interstate 85 partition at Exit 61 ahead of the Interstate 285 eastward curve to College Park. Interstate 85 northbound serves Atlanta Airport and downtown Atlanta. Interstate 85 southbound serves Columbia via connections with Interstate 185 south. Photo taken 07/13/05.
Exit 61 defaults onto Interstate 85 southbound ahead of the Exit 66 interchange with Flat Shoals Road at Union City. A single-lane ramp curves eastward to join the Interstate 85 northbound mainline ahead of its northward turn toward Riverdale Road (Georgia 139) and Atlanta Airport. Photo taken 07/13/05.
Looking southward from the Exit 61 ramp split at Interstate 85 along the horizon. The northbound ramp onto Georgia 14 Spur passes overhead in the distance. Photo taken 07/13/05.


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