Interstate 285 (Perimeter Highway)

Perhaps the most notorious Interstate in the Southeast U.S., Interstate 285 is the Atlanta Beltway. Interstate 285 is not only important for traffic passing through metro Atlanta, but also plays an important role in the day to day commute of metropolitan Atlantans. The highway has seen widening and upgrading of some key interchanges in the last several years. Most notably the Interstate 85/285 "Spaghetti Junction" (formally known as the "Tom Moreland Interchange") comes to mind in northeast Atlanta. Other interchanges to see redesign include the southwest Interstate 85/285 and the northwest Interstate 75/285 junctions.

This highway has yielded incredible growth along the outskirts of Atlanta. This is evident in the increasing number of high rise office towers along the Perimeter Highway, as it is also known. Traffic issues have become such a concern, and with the lack of ridership of MARTA (the Atlanta Subway/Rail System), talks for a new Outer Perimeter Highway have rumbled. If constructed, this new outer beltway would be situated 20 or so miles from the outskirts of the current Interstate 285 beltway.

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Interstate 285 Georgia shield located on Washington Road at Exit 1. This partial cloverleaf interchange is situated between the southwest parent junction of Interstate 85 and the Exit 2 diamond interchange with Camp Creek Parkway. Photo taken 12/07/99.

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