Interstate 220 - Shreveport

Interstate 220 West
The first interchange of Interstate 220 westbound is situated close in proximity to the terminus at Interstate 20. Therefore the 0.50-mile overhead of the Exit 17A interchange with U.S. 79 & 80 (Texas Avenue) is posted on the eastbound off-ramp of Interstate 20 to Interstate 220 west. Photo taken 10/18/03.
A four-ramp parclo interchange provides the junction between Interstate 220 and U.S. 79 & 80 (Texas Avenue). The east-west orientated pair parallel Interstate 20 between Greenwood (pop. 2,458) and Minden (pop. 13,027). A racetrack exists just to the southeast of the Exit 17A interchange. Otherwise U.S. 79 & 80 travel between Bossier City (pop. 56,461) and Red Chute (pop. 5,984) within the vicinity of Exit 17A. Photo taken 10/18/03.
0.75-mile guide sign for the Exit 15 diamond interchange at Shed Road. Interstate 220 ascends over a railroad line at the sign assembly. Photo taken 10/18/03.
Interstate 220 westbound at the Exit 15 off-ramp to Shed Road. Shed Road travels east out of Bossier City from Old Benton Road to Stockwell Road. Photo taken 10/18/03.
Swan Lake Road intersects Interstate 220 at the Exit 13 diamond interchange. The north-south road travels between U.S. 79 & 80 (Texas Avenue) northward to Airline Drive (Louisiana 3105). Photo taken 10/18/03.
Exit 12 is the first of two interchanges signed for Bossier City itself on Interstate 220 westbound. Guide signs for the junction include Louisiana 3105 shields for the Airline Drive alignment. The Airline Drive interchange of Interstate 20 however omits the fact that Airline Drive carries the state highway. Photo taken 10/18/03.
Drawing to within one half mile of the Louisiana 3105 (Airline Drive) exit of Interstate 220 westbound. Airline Drive begins at U.S. 71 (Barksdale Boulevard) and provides one of the main routes to nearby Barksdale Air Force Base from the north. Photo taken 10/18/03.
Interstate 220 westbound at the Exit 12 off-ramp for Louisiana 3105 (Airline Drive). The junction is the third of four Bossier City area diamond interchanges. Photo taken 10/18/03.
Louisiana 3 crosses paths with Interstate 220 at Exit 11. The state highway follows Benton Road from Louisiana 72 (Old Minten Road) northward to the Bossier City bypass. Photo taken 10/18/03.
0.25-mile overhead for the Exit 11 diamond interchange with Louisiana 3 (Benton Road). The state highway continues ten miles northward to Benton (pop. 2,035) and Louisiana 162. From there Louisiana 3 continues 15 miles to Plain Dealing (pop. 1,071) and Louisiana 2 before becoming Arkansas 29 33 miles north of Interstate 220. Photo taken 10/18/03.
Interstate 220 westbound at Louisiana 3 (Benton Road). The next interchange exists four miles to the west in Caddo Parish west of the Red River. Photo taken 10/18/03.
U.S. 71 & Louisiana 1 (Market Street) see a six-ramp parclo interchange with Interstate 220 at Exits 7B/A. The two highways overlap between downtown Shreveport (pop. 200,145) to a point two miles north of the Shreveport bypass. From there U.S. 71 continues northward to Hosston (pop. 387) and Texarkana, Arkansas (pop. 26,448). Louisiana 1 travels to Oil City (pop. 1,219), Vivian (pop. 4,031), and the Arkansas-Louisiana-Texas tri-corner. Photo taken 10/18/03.
Louisiana 173 is a 19.25 mile highway between U.S. 71 & Louisiana 1 (downtown Shreveport) and Louisiana 3049 (Dixie Shreveport Road). The state highway follows Blanchard Road through the parclo interchange of Interstate 220 at Exit 5. The junction resides just north of the Cross Lake bridge of the Shreveport bypass. Photo taken 10/18/03.
Interstate 220 westbound south of Cross Lake nears the Exit 2 diamond interchange at Lakeshore Drive. Lakeshore Drive skirts along the southern reaches of Cross Lake west of the Shreveport central business district. Photo taken 10/18/03.
The final off-ramp of Interstate 220 westbound is the Exit 1C cloverleaf ramp to Interstate 20 eastbound. The interchange also marks the eastbound beginning of Louisiana 3132 (Inner Loop Expressway). Pictured here is the U.S. 79 & 80 (Greenwood Road) overcrossing and the 0.25-mile overhead for the Shreveport and Monroe ramp of Interstate 20 east. Photo taken 10/18/03.
Interstate 220 ends and Louisiana 3132 begins. The interchange between the two highways and Interstate 20 is a directional cloverleaf with high-speed flyovers for the movements to Interstate 20 west and from Interstate 20 east. The Inner Loop Expressway continues the exit numbering convention of Interstate 220 with Exit 1D (Louisiana 511) 0.75 miles to the south. Photo taken 10/18/03.

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