Interstate 210

Interstate 210 eastbound as it departs Interstate 10 (Exit 25) and crosses Prien Lake. The freeway elevates over a railroad line and Pete Manena Road in between the Interstate 10 mainline and the lake. An on-ramp allows Pete Manena Road traffic access to the eastbound lanes. Otherwise the freeway travels a four-lane high level bridge midway across the body of water. Photos taken 10/22/03.
An empty sign bridge is posted at the east end of the Prien Lake Bridge. Interstate 210 descends into the city limits of Lake Charles (pop. 71,757) at this point. Photo taken 10/22/03.
The high level bridge of Interstate 210 over Prien Lake allows vessels to pass between the Calcasieu River and the Port of Lake Charles. The facility is accessible via Exits 4 and 5 as displayed on this guide sign. Photo taken 10/22/03.
0.50 miles out from the first interchange of Interstate 210, that of Exit 4 with Louisiana 1138-2 (Nelson Road). The state highway loops 3.85 miles between Louisiana 384 (Country Club Road) and Louisiana 385 (Ryan Street). Photo taken 10/22/03.
Interstate 210 eastbound at Exit 2 for Louisiana 1138-2 (Nelson Road). Louisiana 1138-2 turns eastward on Prien Lake Road parallel to Interstate 210 between Exits 4 and 6A. Photo taken 10/22/03.
The freeway ascends over Holly Hill Road one half mile west of the Exit 5 diamond interchange. The upcoming exit serves Lake Street, a north-south arterial between Lake Charles and Lake Charles Regional Airport. Photo taken 10/22/03.
Motorists to Lake Street depart the Interstate 210 eastbound Exit 5 off-ramp. Lake Street travels northward to Shell Beach Road on the south shore of Lake Charles itself. Photo taken 10/22/03.
A third auxiliary lane facilitates traffic from Interstate 210 onto Louisiana 385 (Ryan Street). The four lane freeway otherwise elevates over Ernest Street just before the Exit 6 off-ramp to Ryan Street. Photo taken 10/22/03.
The off-ramp to Louisiana 385 (Ryan Street) consists of a slip ramp between Interstate 210 east and the parallel College Street. Prien Lake Road (Louisiana 1138-2) parallels the westbound carriageway of the Interstate. The state highway travels Ryan Street, Common Street, and Gulf Highway southward from Interstate 10 (Exit 30A) to Louisiana 384 for a total distance of 15.99 miles. Photo taken 10/22/03.
Interstate 210 east at Exit 6B for Louisiana Avenue and Enterprise Boulevard. Like the Exit 6A interchange with Ryan Street, the ramps in the eastbound direction utilize College Street to make the connection to the north-south pair of Louisiana Avenue and Enterprise Boulevard. Photo taken 10/22/03.
Traffic to Louisiana Avenue and Enterprise Boulevard leaves Interstate 210 via the Exit 6B ramp above Kirkman Street. The two north-south streets merge three blocks to the south and continue to McNeese Street (Louisiana 3186). Photo taken 10/22/03.
Interstate 210 eastbound at the Texas Street undercrossing and 0.75-mile overhead of Exit 8 (Louisiana 14). Louisiana 14 is a 100.44 mile state highway beginning at downtown Lake Charles and ending at New Iberia. The highway begins at U.S. 90 and ends at Louisiana 182 (old U.S. 90). Photo taken 10/22/03.
Louisiana 14 (Gertsner Memorial Drive) travels southward from the intersection of U.S. 90 (Fruge Street) and U.S. 171 to Holmwood and Louisiana 27. Louisiana 27 stems southward from Louisiana 14 23 miles to Creole and 37 miles to the coastal community of Cameron (pop. 1,965). Photo taken 10/22/03.
The 1.50-mile overhead of Exit 10A is posted at the Louisiana 14 undercrossing. Interstate 210 turns northerly between Exit 8 and 10A (Legion Street). Photo taken 10/22/03.
Interstate 210 crosses the Union Pacific Railroad line one half mile south of the Legion Street diamond interchange. Legion Street and Avenue A loop between Louisiana 14 (Gertsner Memorial Drive) and U.S. 90 Business (Broad Street) in the vicinity of Chennault Industrial Airport. Photo taken 10/22/03.
Interstate 210 eastbound at Exit 10A (Legion Street). Photo taken 10/22/03.
Traffic merging onto Interstate 210 eastbound from Legion Street forms an auxiliary lane of Exit 10B (Broad Street). Broad Street (U.S. 90 Business) provides the main east-west surface arterial into downtown Lake Charles. Photo taken 10/22/03.
Exit 10B is a split diamond interchange with Broad Street (U.S. 90 Business) and U.S. 90 (Fruge Street). U.S. 90 Business travels Pamco Road southward alongside Interstate 210 between Fruge and Broad Streets. At Broad Street U.S. 90 Business turns westward toward the central business district and Enterprise Boulevard. At Enterprise Boulevard the business route turns northward to Interstate 10 (Exit 31A) & U.S. 90. The Lake Charles Business Loop of U.S. 90 is one of four statewide and the second shortest at 3.23 miles. Photo taken 10/22/03.
The final exit of Interstate 210 is the directional interchange with Interstate 10 (Exit 12). Pictured here is the first of four sign bridges for the eastern terminal. The assembly is posted above the Broad Street undercrossing. Photo taken 10/22/03.
Interstate 210 crosses over U.S. 90 (Fruge Street) at the first of two Diagrammatic overheads for the Exit 12 junction with Interstate 10. Photo taken 10/22/03.
U.S. 90 (Fruge Street) motorists merge onto Interstate 210 to give the freeway three northbound lanes through to the ramp partitioning to Interstate 10. Two lanes are allocated for Interstate 10 eastbound and the city of Lafayette (pop. 110,257). 63 miles separate the upcoming junction with Lafayette. Photo taken 10/22/03.
A return ramp to Interstate 10 westbound departs from the left and carries the designation of Exit 12. Interstate 10 westbound sees four exits for the city of Lake Charles before U.S. 90 merges onto the freeway for the Lake Charles high level bridge. The last Lake Charles area interchange of Interstate 10 eastbound is two miles to the east at Exit 36 with the northern terminus of Louisiana 397 (Pujol Road). Photo taken 10/22/03.

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