Interstate 110 & Mississippi 15

Interstate 110 & Mississippi 15 provide a freeway spur from Interstate 10 and D'Iberville south to Biloxi, Keesler A.F.B., and U.S. 90 (Beach Boulevard). The freeway follows a viaduct north from an elevated trumpet interchange that protrudes partially over the Gulf of Mexico to a drawbridge over the Back Bay of Biloxi. The northernmost 1.50 miles of the Interstate is a standard four-lane freeway.

Interstate 110 weathered Hurricane Katrina rather well with only sign and guard rail damage. The route was closed for a short duration until crews could clean up debris from the southern end and get U.S. 90 (Beach Boulevard) back in operation. The adjacent old Mississippi 15 bridge however was partially destroyed by high storm surge.

Interstate 110 Highway Guides

Scenes Related to Interstate 110
Looking to the northwest at the Interstate 110 Back Bay of Biloxi Bridge from the old Mississippi 15 bridge near the Imperial Palace Casino. Photo taken 09/16/00.
View of the Interstate 110 drawbridge from nearby Bay Shore Avenue. Perspective looks from the southwest. Photo taken 09/16/00.
Interstate 10/110 and Mississippi 15 shields and guide sign assembly at the Exit 2 diamond interchange on the eastside. Photo taken 11/06/99.
The last Interstate 110 Mississippi shield remaining was this trailblazer located just to the east of the Exit 2 interchange. It was replaced by 2003. Photo taken 06/01.
Detail of the Interstate 110 Mississippi trailblazer in the above photograph. Thanks to Jeff Royston for finding this shield. Photo taken 09/16/00.

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