Interstate 75 Northbound (Macon to Atlanta)

Interstate 75 North
Entering the greater Atlanta metropolitan area on Interstate 75 northbound at the Walter Stephens Road overpass. Attached to the bridge is the 1.25-mile diagrammatical overhead for the upcoming split of Interstate 75 & 675 (Exit 228). Opened in 1987, Interstate 675 allows traffic a straight shot to the eastern half of the Perimeter Highway (Interstate 285) from Stockbridge (pop 9,853). Photo taken 01/16/04.
Four lanes of Interstate 75 plow northward toward the beginning of Interstate 675 (Exit 227). The 11.04-mile freeway features the control cities of Interstate 285 for the connections with Interstate 20 (Exit 46) and Interstate 85 (Exit 39) Photo taken 01/16/04.
An auxiliary guide sign explains the control cities of Interstate 675 at Exit 227. Interstate 675 also features four interchanges between Stockbridge and Dekalb County. They are Exit 1 (Georgia 138), Exit 2 (U.S. 23 & Georgia 42), Exit 5 (Forest Parkway), and Exit 7 (Anvil Block Road). Photo taken 01/16/04.
Three lanes of Interstate 75 veer northwest to College Park (pop. 20,382), East Point (pop. 39,595) and Atlanta (pop. 416,474). A pair of lanes departs Exit 227 for Interstate 675 northbound. The four-lane freeway was once planned to continue northward into Atlanta to tie into what is now the Georgia 400 Toll highway on Interstate 85. Photo taken 01/16/04.
The gore point of Exit 227 on Interstate 75 & 675 northbound. Georgia 138 ties into both highways at the next respective exit of each freeway. Known as the Stockbridge Highway, Georgia 138 provides the main route between Jonesboro (pop. 3,829) and Stockbridge (pop. 9,853). Photo taken 01/16/04.
One half mile south of the Exit 228 diamond interchange with Georgia 138 (Stockbridge Highway) on Interstate 75 north. Georgia 138 merges with U.S. 23 & Georgia 42 just east of its interchange with Interstate 675. Westward the state highway also interchanges with Interstate 85 at Exit 65 outside Union City (pop. 11,621). Photo taken 01/17/04.
Interstate 75 northbound at the Exit 228 off-ramp to Georgia 138 (Stockbridge Highway). The Stockbridge Highway reaches Jonesboro five miles to the west. Georgia 138 however bypasses the city northward between Stockridge Road and North Avenue. The loop entails a short overlap with Georgia 54 north of town. Photo taken 01/17/04.
Northbound at the Fielder Road overpass one mile south of the Exit 231 six-ramp partial cloverleaf interchange with Mt. Zion Boulevard. Mount Zion Boulevard loops between Georgia 54 (Jonesboro Road) and Lake Harbin Road west of U.S. 23 & Georgia 42 (Macon Highway). Photo taken 01/17/04.
Traffic to Mt. Zion Boulevard leaves Interstate 75 at the Exit 231 off-ramp. Situated nearby to the Mt. Zion Boulevard interchange are Mt. Zion Road and Mt. Zion Parkway. All of the surface roads serve the Morrow (pop. 4,882) suburb of south Atlanta. Photo taken 01/17/04.
Interstate 75 expands to eight overall lanes on the approach to Exit 233 with Georgia 54 (Jonesboro Road). Jonesboro Road spurs northward out of Jonesboro to Morrow, Lake City (pop. 2,886), and Forest Park (pop. 21,447). Exit 233 also serves nearby Southlake Mall on South Lake Parkway adjacent to Interstate 75 southbound. Photo taken 01/17/04.
Interstate 75 passes underneath Georgia 54 (Jonesboro Road) at the loop ramp of Exit 233. The junction between the two highways comprises a folded-cloverleaf interchange. 2.5 miles to the south is Jonesboro and junction Georgia 138. Three miles northward is Fort Gillem, Lake City, and junction Georgia 331 (Forest Parkway). Photo taken 01/17/04.
View of Interstate 75 between Exits 233 and 255 through the suburb of Morrow. Pictured here is a classic suburban freeway with nine overall lanes and a jersey barrier median. Photo taken 01/17/04.
The next exit of Interstate 75 northbound occurs at U.S. 19 & 41 (Old Dixie Highway) outside Forest Park. The tandem overlap northward from the city of Griffin (pop. 23,451) through Jonesboro to Interstate 75 and Atlanta. Photo taken 01/17/04.
Drawing to within one half mile of the Exit 235 with U.S. 19 & 41 (Old Dixie Highway). The upcoming interchange features ramps to Tara Boulevard from southbound and intersections on the Old Dixie Highway with Upper Riverdale Road, Lees Mill Road (southbound I-75 frontage road), and a northbound I-75 frontage road. Photo taken 01/17/04.
A northbound frontage road coincides with Interstate 75 from Exit 235 northward to Interstate 285. The on-ramp from U.S. 19 & 41 merges to form a fifth auxiliary lane to Georgia 331 (Forest Parkway). Georgia 331 constitutes a short east-west route between Georgia 85 and Georgia 54 (Jonesboro Road). Photo taken 01/17/04.
The two-mile overhead for Interstate 285 (Exits 238A-B) is posted ahead of the Exit 237 off-ramp for Georgia 331 (Forest Parkway). Note the northbound side frontage road to the right. The Georgia State Farmers Market resides east of the Frontage Road intersection with Forest Parkway on Georgia 331. Photo taken 01/17/04.
Northbound at the partial-cloverleaf interchange with Georgia 331 (Forest Parkway) at Forest Park. The west end of Forest Parkway ties into Georgia 85 at the intersection of Clark Howell Highway. The Clark Howell Highway and nearby Sullivan Road serve the southern reaches of Hartsfield-Atlanta International Airport. Photo taken 01/17/04.
Directional ramps from Georgia 331 (Forest Parkway) east and Georgia 85 split into north and southbound components south of Forest Parkway itself. The northbound loop ramp from Georgia 331 east east ties into Interstate 75 behind an HOV-2 Variable Message sign bridge. The HOV-2 restriction applies to the left-most lane of Interstate 75 throughout the city of Atlanta. Photo taken 01/17/04.
Three of the overall five northbound lanes of Interstate 75 serve the Exit 238A/B ramps to Interstate 285, the Atlanta Perimeter Highway. The upcoming directional cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 285 entails collector/distributor roadways on the Perimeter Highway between Lake Mirror Road and U.S. 19 & 41. Photo taken 01/17/04.
A second variable message sign bridge for the HOV-2 lane restrictions. Unlike in other cities, Atlanta maintains enforcement of the restriction throughout the day and night. Photo taken 01/17/04.
Flyover ramps associated with the Interstate 75 & 285 junction rise above the horizon as a plane departs Hartsfield International Airport above. Opened between 1962 and 1969, Interstate 285 is less of a bypass and more of a commuter route for the daily movements of metropolitan Atlanta. Despite that fact the freeway receives control points based upon its respective connections. Photo taken 01/17/04.
Continuing beyond the Exit 238A off-ramp to Interstate 285 Outer (Greenville - Interstate 85 and Augusta - Interstate 20) on Interstate 75 north. A loop ramp facilitates the movements between northbound and Interstate 285 Inner. To reach the terminal of Hartsfield International Airport, use Interstate 285 Inner to the Interstate 85 Riverdale Road exit. Note also that through traffic for Interstate 75 north to Chattanooga is advised to take Interstate 285 Inner west of the city. Photo taken 01/17/04.
Four miles north of their previous encounter with Interstate 75, U.S. 19 & 41 pay a return visit to the urban freeway at Exit 239. Ramps depart the HOV-2 lanes for Aviation Boulevard just south of the mainline Exit 239 loop ramps. Aviation Boulevard travels between Hartsfield International Airport and U.S. 19 & 41 (Old Dixie Highway). Photo taken 01/17/04.
Exit 239 traffic leaves Interstate 75 at the Aviation Boulevard over crossing. The HOV-2 off-ramp intersects the east-west arterial above. Photo taken 01/17/04.
The Exit 239 off-ramp splits into two components. The loop ramp turns southward to form International Parkway. International Parkway from there intersections Aviation Boulevard midway between its crossing of Interstate 75 and junction with U.S. 19 & 41 (Old Dixie Highway). The western component parallels Interstate 75 through to the cloverleaf interchange with U.S. 19 & 41 (Henry Ford II Avenue). Photo taken 01/17/04.
A look at the sign bridge on the adjacent Exit 239 collector/distributor roadway for the ramps to U.S. 19 & 41. The pair travel Central Avenue northward to Hapeville (pop. 6,180) and Atlanta. Southward Henry Ford II Avenue carries the tandem to the Clayton/Dekalb County line where U.S. 19 & 41 name change to Old Dixie Highway. Photo taken 01/17/04.
Northbound at the Exit 239 loop ramp to Central Avenue northbound to Hapeville. U.S. 19 & 41 cross paths with Interstate 85 1.50 miles to the north into the East Point and College Park vicinity. Photo taken 01/17/04.
Leaving the Exit 239 ramp confluence on Interstate 75 northbound one mile south of Cleveland Avenue (Exit 241). Cleveland Avenue travels out of East Point (pop. 39,595) to Jonesboro Road (Georgia 54) in southeast Atlanta. Photo taken 01/17/04.
One quarter mile south of the Exit 241 partial-cloverleaf interchange at Cleveland Avenue on Interstate 75 north. Situated nearby is the Exit 254 junction with Georgia 166 (Langford Parkway). Cleveland Avenue also sees a diamond interchange with Interstate 85 nearby at Exit 76. Photo taken 01/17/04.
The penultimate exit along northbound Interstate 75 before it merges with Interstate 85 northbound is Exit 241, Cleveland Avenue. Ramps to Georgia 166 depart ahead of the Interstate 75 & 85 merge. Georgia 166 otherwise exists as a full freeway between Interstate 285 and Lakewood Avenue through East Point and south Atlanta. Photo taken 01/17/04.
The final exit along northbound Interstate 75 before it merges with Interstate 85 northbound is Exit 243, Junction Georgia 166 (Langford Parkway/former Lakewood Freeway). The exit for this highway is situated near the point where Interstate 85 comes into Interstate 75 from the southwest, but the actual interchange is located north of the merge. This exit is merely to move traffic headed to Georgia 166 from Interstate 75 onto the collector-distributor lanes. Photo taken 01/17/04.
Ramps to Georgia 166 (Exit 243) depart Interstate 75 northbound to join the Cleveland Avenue on-ramp from Exit 241. Traffic from Interstate 85 northbound to the Langford Parkway also ties into the collector/distributor roadway ahead of the actual Exit 243 interchange. Photo taken 01/17/04.
Now on the collector-distributor roadway, the first exit is for eastbound Georgia 166, which follows Langford Parkway east toward the Lakewood Heights neighborhood of Atlanta. The freeway portion of Georgia 166 concludes at a folded-diamond interchange and ghost stub end with Lakewood Avenue just east of Interstate 75 & 85. Photo taken 01/17/04.
This interchange was originally proposed to be the connection from Interstate 75-85 to unconstructed Interstate 420, which would have overtaken Georgia 166 from Douglasville east to Gresham Park via Langford Parkway/Lakewood Freeway. Only the section between Interstate 285 and Interstate 75-85 was constructed; the rest of the route was never constructed. The next exit is for westbound Georgia 166, which leads east to the city of East Point and Interstate 285. Photo taken 01/17/04.
Scenes Related to Interstate 75
Eagles Landing Parkway eastbound at the Interstate 75 northbound on-ramp within the Exit 224 diamond interchange in Henry County. Photos taken 01/17/04.

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