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Interstate 75 Northbound (Florida to Tifton)

Interstate 75 North
Crossing from Hamilton County, Florida into Lowndes County, Georgia on Interstate 75 northbound. The freeway maintains six lanes northward to Valdosta and Tifton. Photos taken 01/16/04.
The first interchange of Interstate 75 within the Peach State exists at Bellville Road southeast of Valdosta. Bellville Road travels northward out of Florida as NW 34th Avenue 1.2 miles to the Exit 2 diamond interchange with the freeway. Photo taken 01/16/04.
One half mile south of the Exit 2 off-ramp to Bellville Road on Interstate 75 northbound. The north-south road becomes Main Street as it enters the village of Lake Park (pop. 549) three miles to the north. Photo taken 01/16/04.
Interstate 75 northbound at Exit 2 (Bellville Road). Bellville Road ends as Main Street at U.S. 41 & Georgia 376 (Marion Avenue). One block to the east Georgia 376 (East Street) begins its 7.5 mile journey to Georgia 94 and Statenville. Photo taken 01/16/04.
Midway between Bellville Road and Exit 5 (Georgia 376) is the Georgia Welcome Center and Tourist Information Center. North of there Interstate 75 enters the greater Valdosta area to interchange with Georgia 376 (Lakes Boulevard). Photo taken 01/16/04.
Interstate 75 northbound at the Exit 5 off-ramp to Georgia 376 (Lakes Boulevard). Like Belleville Road at Exit 2, Georgia 376 is also signed with the control point of Lake City (pop. 549). The state route merges with U.S. 41 (Marion Avenue) 1.5 miles to the east at Lake City. Photo taken 01/16/04.
Georgia 31 (Madison Highway) intersects Interstate 75 at Exit 11 just south of Valdosta itself. The north-south route becomes Florida 145 nine miles to the south en route to Madison, Florida (pop. 3,061). Photo taken 01/16/04.
Drawing to within one half mile of the Exit 11 diamond interchange with Georgia 31 (Madison Highway) on Interstate 75 north. Georgia 31 travels 4.4 miles southward to the end of Georgia 376 (Clyattville Lake Park Road) at Clyattville from here. Photo taken 01/16/04.
Traffic to Georgia 31 (Madison Highway) leaves Interstate 75 northbound at Exit 11. Madison Highway continues five miles north of the freeway into downtown Valdosta (pop. 43,724) and junction U.S. 41 & Georgia 7 (Patterson Street). Photo taken 01/16/04.
Old Clyattsville Road intersects Interstate 75 at a partial-cloverleaf interchange near Valdosta Regional Airport. The north-south road parallels Georgia 31 northward from Clyattsville to Valdosta and Exit 13. Photo taken 01/16/04.
Northbound at the Exit 13 off-ramp to Old Clyattsville Road and Valdosta Regional Airport. Old Clyattsville Road snakes its way by Airport Road, Gil Harbon Industrial Boulevard, and Stanley Street into downtown to U.S. 41 & Georgia 7 (Patterson Street) one block north of Georgia 31 (Madison Highway). Photo taken 01/16/04.
One mile south of the folded cloverleaf interchange with U.S. 84-221 & Georgia 94 (Hill Avenue) west of downtown Valdosta. U.S. 84 & 221 overlap for 17.3 miles between Quitman (pop. 4,638) and downtown Valdosta (junction U.S. 41). Photo taken 01/16/04.
Georgia 94 joins U.S. 84 & 221 (Hill & Central Avenues) by way of U.S. 41 (Patterson Avenue) in downtown Valdosta. From there the state route turns west to Interstate 75 (Exit 16). The state highway skirts the southern reaches of Georgia between Valdosta, Statenville, and Fargo (pop. 380) before becoming Florida 2. Florida 2 becomes Georgia 94 again within the Okefenokee Swamp in Charlton County. From there Georgia 94 passes through St. George before leaving the Peach State again as Florida 2. Photo taken 01/16/04.
Exit 16 departs Interstate 75 northbound via a loop ramp to U.S. 84-221 & Georgia 94 (Hill Avenue). To the west U.S. 84 travels between Valdosta and Thomasville (pop. 18,162), Cairo (pop. 9,239), and Bainbridge (pop. 11,722). U.S. 221 sinks southward from Quitman to Greenville (pop. 837) and Perry (pop. 6,847) in Florida Photo taken 01/16/04.
Interstate 75 northbound after the west end of Georgia 94 and Hill Avenue. At the Exit 18 diamond interchange Georgia 133 (St. Augustine Road) intersects the freeway near Troupville. The north-south alignment of St. Augustine Road was once signed as Georgia 94. The route was truncated southward and now Georgia 133 utilizes the highway. Photo taken 01/16/04.
Interstate 75 reduces from six to four lanes at the Georgia 133 (St. Augustine Road) off-ramp. St. Augustine Road carries Georgia 133 northward from its beginning at U.S. 84-221 & Georgia 94 (Hill Avenue) to Exit 18. From here the state highway continues 13 miles to Morven (pop. 634). Photo taken 01/16/04.
Traffic to Georgia 133 (St. Augustine Road) leaves Interstate 75 at Exit 18. The state route provides the most direct route between Valdosta and the city of Moultrie (pop. 14,387) 37 miles to the northwest. Photo taken 01/16/04.
The last Valdosta exit of Interstate 75 exists at Exit 22 with U.S. 41 (North Valdosta Road). There U.S. 41 merges onto the freeway for a seven mile overlap to Hahira (pop. 1,626). Photo taken 01/16/04.
North Valdosta Road continues west of Interstate 75 & U.S. 41 as Shiloh Road to the settlement of Shiloh. Eastward the road intersects Inner Perimeter Road north of downtown Valdosta. Moody Air Force Base lies 13 miles to the northeast of downtown along the Georgia 125 (Bemiss Road) corridor. Photo taken 01/16/04.
U.S. 41 leaves Interstate 75 at the first exit of the seven-mile overlap. The federal route joins Georgia 122 eastbound into downtown Hahira via Main Street. There U.S. 41 turns north onto Church Street as Georgia 122 continues east to Lakeland (pop. 2,730). The village of Barney lies 7.5 miles to the west at the junction of Georgia 122 and Georgia 76. Photo taken 01/16/04.
Interstate 75 crosses into Cook County between Exits 29 and 32. The first exit within the county occurs at Old Coffee Road outside of Cecil (pop. 265). The two-lane road loops northward from Georgia 122 4.5 miles to Interstate 75. East of the diamond interchange Old Coffee Road becomes Richardson Street on the four-block drive to junction U.S. 41. Photo taken 01/16/04.
One mile south of the first of two interchanges for the town of Adel (pop. 5,307). Crossing the Interstate at Exit 37 is the Old Quitman Highway, a north-south road between U.S. 41 (Hutchinson Avenue) and County Road 243. Photo taken 01/16/04.
Northbound at the Exit 37 off-ramp to Old Quitman Highway and Adel. One mile separates the diamond interchange with U.S. 41 (Hutchinson Avenue) south of downtown. Old Quitman Road also provides access to Georgia 76 (Pine Valley Road) via County Road 149 to the west. Photo taken 01/16/04.
Entering the town of Adel on Interstate 75 northbound at the Georgia 76 (Elm Street) under crossing. Posted here is the one-mile guide sign for Georgia 37 (West 4th Street), the Cook County Airport, and downtown Adel. Photo taken 01/16/04.
Four lanes of freeway enter the diamond interchange with Georgia 37 (Exit 39). Georgia 37 migrates 20 miles westward to junction U.S. 319 and the city of Moultrie. Georgia 76 joins Georgia 37 along Fourth Street through downtown Adel to the east. The two share 2.6 miles of pavement before splitting east of town. From there Georgia 76 curves northeast 11 miles to Nashville (pop. 4,697). Georgia 37 meanwhile sinks 12 miles southeast to Ray City (pop. 746) and junction U.S. 129. Photo taken 01/16/04.
The town of Sparks (pop. 1,755) acts as a northern suburb to the Cook County seat of Adel. There Roundtree Bridge Road crosses paths with Interstate 75 at Exit 41. Photo taken 01/16/04.
Roundtree Bridge Road loops 1.7 miles northward from Georgia 37 and Colquitt Street at Sparks. Colquitt Street continues the road eastward 0.6 miles to U.S. 41 & Georgia 7 (Goodman Street) and downtown Sparks. Photo taken 01/16/04.
Exit 59 is the first of seven interchanges along Interstate 75 serving the city of Tifton (pop. 15,060). The diamond interchange serves the southern terminus of Business Loop Interstate 75 (Southwell Boulevard) and Whiddon Road. Pictured here is the one-mile guide sign for Southwell Boulevard near the Oak Ridge Road overpass. Photo taken 01/16/04.
Interstate 75 expands to six overall lanes through the Tifton vicinity. Business Loop Interstate 75 loops into the city with U.S. 41 & Georgia 7 along Main Street. Southwell Boulevard otherwise continues east to junction Georgia 125 and Henry Tift Myers Airport. Whiddon Road ends a short distance to the west at Old Union Road. Photo taken 01/16/04.
Passing underneath Whiddon Road at the 1.25-mile guide sign of Exit 60 (Central Avenue). Old Union Road travels northward to become Central Avenue north of Tech Drive and the western branch of Whiddon Road. Central Avenue moves through Phillipsburg (pop. 887) before intersecting U.S. 82 & 319 (7th Street) 1.3 miles to the north. Photo taken 01/16/04.
The diamond interchange of Exit 60 cut Golden Road in half. The east-west road begins at Carpenter Road west of U.S. 319 & Georgia 35 before meeting Central Avenue. 1.2 miles to the east of Central Avenue, Golden Avenue intersects Business Loop Interstate 75, U.S. 41, and Georgia 7 (Main Street) and Henry Tift Myers Airport. Photo taken 01/16/04.
Interstate 75 passes over Central Avenue 0.75 miles south of the Exit 61 folded-cloverleaf interchange with Omega Road. Omega Road acts as a connector between Interstate 75 and the nearby U.S. 319 & Georgia 35 and 17th Street West. Photo taken 01/16/04.
Traffic merging onto Interstate 75 northbound from Exit 60 (Central Avenue) forms the fourth auxiliary lane of the freeway. The freeway crosses over a railroad line before entering the Exit 61 interchange with Omega Road. Like Exit 60 to the south, Exit 61 also serves the Tifton suburb of Phillipsburg. Photo taken 01/16/04.
U.S. 319 & Georgia 35 pass over Interstate 75 with no direct access between Omega Road and U.S. 82 & Georgia 520 (Seventh Street). To access the federal route, use either Omega Road for southbound or Seventh Street for eastbound. Pictured here is the northbound Exit 62 off-ramp for U.S. 82 & Georgia 520. U.S. 82 & Georgia 520 overlap 37 miles west of Tifton to the city of Albany (pop. 76,939). Along the way are Ty Ty (pop. 716), Sumner (pop. 309), Poulon (pop. 946), and Sylvester (pop. 5,990). Photo taken 01/16/04.
Northbound Interstate 75 at the U.S. 82 & Georgia 520 on-ramp and 0.50-mile overhead for Exit 63A (Second Street). A half-diamond interchange facilitates the movements between Interstate 75 and Second Street. From there a pair of frontage roads coincide with the freeway northward to Eighth Street. Photo taken 01/16/04.
Passing over U.S. 82 & Georgia 520 (Seventh Street) on the approach to the Exit 63A off-ramp (Second Street). The lane gained from the Exit 62 on-ramp becomes exit-only for Second Street. Photo taken 01/16/04.
A slip ramp composes the Exit 63B off-ramp from Interstate 75 to Eighth Street. The ramp utilizes the northbound side frontage road between Second Street and Eighth Street. Second Street becomes King Road west of the freeway. Photo taken 01/16/04.
Both Second and Eighth Street provide primary surface streets between downtown and Business Loop Interstate 75 & U.S. 41 (Love Avenue) and Carpenter Road on the west side of town. Eighth Street changes names to Whiddon Mill road after passing over Interstate 75. Photo taken 01/16/04.
Northbound at the one-mile guide sign for Exit 64 (U.S. 41) and the Eighth Street/Whiddon Mill Road overpass. U.S. 41 leaves downtown to cross from the southeast to northwest of Interstate 75 at the upcoming diamond interchange. The federal highway remains west of Interstate 75 through to Exit 121 at Unadilla (pop. 2,772). Photo taken 01/16/04.
Although not signed, U.S. 41 carries Business Loop Interstate 75 back to Interstate 75 at Exit 64. Southward the two highways enter downtown via 12th Street West and Love Avenue. Photo taken 01/16/04.

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