Interstate 55 Southbound

Interstate 55 south
Exit 105A for the Natchez Trace Parkway was closed for reconstruction on Interstate 55 south at the time of this photograph. This sign bridge also shows the first guide sign for the Interstate 220 stack interchange. Photo taken 04/14/02.
Southbound Interstate 55 and guide signage for the upcoming split with Interstate 220 south/Exit 104. Photo taken 04/14/02.
Reversing directions is the southbound split of Interstate 220 from Interstate 55 south at Exit 104. Construction was underway to widen Interstate 55 to six lanes at the time of this photograph. Interstate 220 maintains two lanes and a 70 mph speed limit southward to Interstate 20. Photo taken 04/14/02.
Continuing the commercial strip-like landscape of Interstate 55 on southbound leaving Exit 103. The sign bridge shows advance guide signage for Exit 102. Interstate 55 carries six lanes overall, with an additional exit-only lane throughout north Jackson. The orientation is identical to Interstate 65 through Midtown Mobile. Photo taken 04/14/02.
Southbound at Exit 102 for Adkins Boulevard and Beasley Road. Photo taken 04/14/02.
Exit 102 traffic enters Interstate 55 southbound at the one mile guide sign for Exit 100 for Northside Drive and Meadowbrook Road. Photo taken 04/14/02.
Approaching Exit 100 on Interstate 55 southbound. The freeway resembles Interstate 65 in Mobile and Interstate 10 south of Slidell, with frontage roads developed on each side of the highway. Photo taken 04/14/02.
Interstate 55 southbound at Exit 100 for Northside Drive and Meadowbrook Road. This is Exit 99 for northbound traffic. Northside Drive passes by the Lake Hico area of north Jackson. Photo taken 04/14/02.
The western terminus of Mississippi 25 ties into Interstate 55 at Exit 98B. Lakeland Drive takes Mississippi 25 to the east to Jackson International Airport and along the south side of the Ross Barnett Reservoir. Carthage (pop. 3819) is the first town of significance east of Jackson along the state route. It is situated 50 miles to the northeast and is the county seat for Leake County. Photo taken 04/14/02.
Interstate 55 southbound approaching Woodrow Wilson Boulevard (Exit 98A). This exit facilitates traffic to V.A. Medical Center, Milsaps College, and Veterans Memorial Stadium. Photo taken 04/14/02.
Exit 98A for the four lane divided Woodrow Wilson Boulevard on Interstate 55 south. This roadway eventually ties into U.S. 49 northwest at Interstate 220. Photo taken 04/14/02.
Is this scene in the northeast? No, it is on Interstate 55 southbound near Milepost 97. But it does resemble some of the many suppressed urban freeways situated throughout the northeast U.S. Photo taken 04/14/02.
Exit 96C for Fortification Street on Interstate 55 south. This interchange is also a trumpet. Photo taken 04/14/02.
Interstate 55 southbound at Exit 96B for High Street and the State Capital. The next exit takes traffic onto the Pearl and Pascagoula Street freeway along Pearl Street into downtown. Both of these interchanges are trumpets due to the Pearl River to the east. Photo taken 04/14/02.
Southbound Interstate 55 after crossing the Pearl River with junction signage for Interstate 20 and U.S. 49. Note that eight lanes are maintained through this stretch of the freeway in anticipation of the Interstate 20 junction. Photo taken 04/14/02.
Sign bridge on Interstate 55 south at the junction with Interstate 20/U.S. 49 (Exit 94). Interstate 55 is six to eight lanes north of this location to Interstate 220. The exit ramp takes traffic onto Interstate 20 at the split with U.S. 49. This ramp is important in not only Jackson traffic movements to the eastern suburbs of Brandon, Flowood, Pearl, and Richland, but also for traffic bound for the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Photo taken 04/14/02.
Shifting to southbound Interstate 55 is this view of "The Stack" a three level stack interchange facilitating traffic movements at the eastern end of the Interstate 20/55 marriage. The ramp high overhead takes Interstate 55 southbound traffic to Interstate 20 east and U.S. 49 south. Mainline traffic continues to the west onto Interstate 20 and U.S. 49 north. Photo taken 04/14/02.
Shifting to the upper level of "The Stack", this photograph shows the southbound Interstate 55 ramp to Interstate 20 east and U.S. 49 south. Exit 47A is the next interchange for Interstate 20 east, and sees the departure of the U.S. highway southbound to Hattiesburg and the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Photo taken 04/14/02.
The ramp from Interstate 55 north to Interstate 20 east merges with the mainline just before the ramp for Exit 47A/U.S. 49 south. The control cities of Richland and Flowood (Exit 47B) refer to the immediate Jackson suburbs. U.S. 49 south also serves the suburb of Florence south at Mississippi 469. Photo taken 04/14/02.
Westbound Interstate 20/southbound Interstate 55/northbound U.S. 49 at Exit 45B for U.S. 51/State Street and downtown Jackson. This ramp takes traffic to U.S. 51 at U.S. 80. The next ramp (Exit 45A) serves Gallatin Street and the west side of downtown. Photo taken 04/14/02.
Westbound Interstate 20/northbound U.S. 49 split with Interstate 55/U.S. 51 southbound. U.S. 51 enters the freeway briefly from State Street and downtown before departing with Interstate 55 southward to Exit 78. Note that unlike on Interstate 20, New Orleans is also shown on Interstate 55 southbound guide signage. Photo taken 04/14/02.
Interstate 55 south/U.S. 98 east near the city of McComb (pop. 13,337). This shield assembly refers to U.S. 98 in trailblazer form, yet U.S. 98 actually overlaps with Interstate 55 between Exits 20 and 15. This particular assembly is found south of the Delaware Avenue/Exit 17 interchange. Photo taken 10/23/03.
The last of three McComb area interchanges is the Exit 15 cloverleaf. Pictured here is the Exit 15B ramp departure for Mississippi 24 west. Mississippi 24 eastbound was overtaken by U.S. 98 when U.S. 98 relocated onto the freeway. Westward Mississippi 24 merges with Mississippi 48 to travel 21 miles to the village of Liberty. Photo taken 10/23/03.
U.S. 98 eastbound departs Interstate 55 southbound via the Exit 15A cloverleaf ramp. U.S. 98 travels eastward along Presley Boulevard into south McComb to U.S. 51. Originally U.S. 98 and 51 overlapped between this intersection and the town of Summit to the north. A relocation was presented to divert through traffic away from downtown McComb. Photo taken 10/23/03.
At Fernwood Airport Road, Interstate 55 sees the Exit 13 diamond interchange. This rural exit serves the community of Fernwood and the Pike County/McComb Airport to the east. Westward Airport Fernwood Road concludes at Mississippi 48 by Percy Quin State Park. Photo taken 10/23/03.

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