Interstate 49 Southbound

The Guide to Interstate 49 is split into four components:

Interstate 49 south & Interstate 20 west overhead posted on Murphy Street westbound at the southbound beginning of the Interstate 49 freeway. Traffic turning left ahead can either stay on Interstate 49 south or depart onto Interstate 20 west. Photo taken 10/18/03.
Pete Harris Drive southbound crosses Murphy Street to form the southbound mainline of Interstate 49. Pictured here is the traffic signal at the intersection of Murphy Street west with Pete Harris Drive southbound. Ahead Murphy Street intersects Ziegler Street. Photo taken 10/18/03.
Turning south from Murphy Street onto Pete Harris Drive and Interstate 49 reveals this scene. As the Interstate 49 freeway begins an off-ramp exists to carry traffic onto Interstate 20 westbound. Photo taken 10/18/03.
Taking the Interstate 20 westbound ramp from Pete Harris Drive & Interstate 49 southbound. The interchange between Interstates 20 & 49 is almost symmetrical. However since there is no ramp from Interstate 49 south to Interstate 20 east, the stack is not fails to meet the criteria of a traditional four-level symmetrical stack interchange. Photo taken 10/18/03.
Before merging onto the Interstate 20 westbound mainline, traffic is given the option to depart the freeway for Lakeshore Drive. The next westbound interchange of Interstate 20 beyond Interstate 49 (Exit 17B) is that of Exit 17A for Lakeshore Drive. The east-west surface avenue travels to Exit 2 of Interstate 220 near Cross Lake and points west. Photo taken 10/18/03.
Entering the original portion of Interstate 49, the U.S. 167 freeway between Opelousas (pop. 22,860) and Lafayette (pop. 110,257), on the freeway southbound at Exit 19. Constructed in the early 1980s, U.S. 167 provided the freeway between Opelousas and Lafayette until Interstate 49 was born. Pictured here is the six-ramp parclo interchange with U.S. 190. The U.S. highway provides a good route between Interstate 49 and the capital city of Baton Rouge (pop. 227,818). Westward U.S. 190 splits into the one-way couplet of Vine and Landry Streets in Opelousas itself. Photo taken 11/15/03.

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