Interstate 20 Westbound

The Guide to Interstate 20 is split into two pages:

Interstate 20 West
Traffic from Lakeshore Drive (Exit 17A) merges onto Interstate 20 westbound to form an auxiliary lane for nearby Exit 16B with U.S. 79 & 80 (Greenwood Road). The freeway travels north-south briefly between the two diamond interchanges. Photo taken 10/18/03.
Interstate 20 westbound at the Exit 16B off-ramp to Greenwood Road. U.S. 79 & 80 scoot south of the freeway via Texas Avenue from the Interstate 49 stack interchange to Exit 16B. The U.S. highway pair will again intersect Interstate 20 at Exit 4 near Greenwood (pop. 2,458). Photo taken 10/18/03.
One-half mile west of U.S. 79 & 80 is the Exit 16A interchange with Hearne Avenue (U.S. 171). The north-south avenue carries U.S. 171 from its terminus at Greenwood Road southward to Mansfield Road. Photo taken 10/18/03.
U.S. 171 is an intrastate route from Shreveport south to Lake Charles. Photo taken 10/18/03.
Interstate 20 bends westward at the Hearne Avenue (U.S. 171) diamond interchange (Exit 16A). U.S. 171 ends four blocks to the north at U.S. 79 & 80. Situated to the west of Hearne Avenue and north of Interstate 20 is the State Fair Grounds. Photo taken 10/18/03.
Next in line for Interstate 20 westbound motorists is the Exit 14 interchange with Jewella Avenue. The north-south surface street travels between U.S. 171 (Mansfield Road) and Lakeshore Drive through western reaches of the city. Photo taken 10/18/03.
Posted within the Exit 13 diamond interchange with Monkhouse Drive is the 0.75-mile overhead for Exit 11 (Interstate 220 & Louisiana 3132 east). Exit 11 sees ramps for Louisiana 3132 south (Inner Loop Expressway) and Interstate 220 east (Shreveport-Bossier City north loop). Photo taken 10/18/03.
Just west of the Interstate 220 terminus interchange is the Exit 10 diamond interchange with Pines Road. The Shreveport metropolitan area continues another six miles to the town of Greenwood. Pines Road travels between Louisiana 526 (Bert Koons Industrial Loop) and Lakeshore Drive. Photo taken 10/18/03.

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