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Interstate 12

Interstate 12 east
Interstate 12 eastbound at Exit 38B for Interstate 55 north/Jackson. The junction between the two freeways is a standard cloverleaf interchange. All signage on Interstate 12 for this interchange was installed during 2000. The capital city of Mississippi is located 131 miles to the north. Photo taken 06/01.
Exit 40 for Business U.S. 51 on eastbound Interstate 12. The business route serves the downtown areas of Pontchatoula to the south and Hammond to the north. U.S. 51 splits with Interstate 55 just south of Interstate 12, but sees no access to the freeway. Photo taken 06/01.
Leaving the Hammond vicinity on eastbound at the Range Road overpass and Exit 42 overhead for Louisiana 3158. This was one of the few remaining older style guide signs on Interstate 12 with the state outline instead of a full shield. Louisiana 3158 (Airport Road) connects Louisiana 22 with U.S. 190 and the Hammond Municipal Airport. The overhead itself was replaced in 2002. Photo taken 06/01.
Half cloverleaf interchange on Interstate 12 eastbound at Louisiana 445/Exit 47. This state highway travels north-south between Lees Landing and Robert. Photo taken 06/01.
Within Saint Tammany Parish on Interstate 12 eastbound, is the Exit 57 for Louisiana 1077. This state highway connects to Louisiana 21 near Madisonville northward to Goodbee (a place that is not on the Louisiana official highway map). According to the 1982 official state map, this was originally Exit 56. Photo taken 06/01.
Interstate 12 eastbound at Exit 59 for Louisiana 21. Louisiana 21 is one of the main corridors in Saint Tammany and Washington Parishes. The route begins at Madisonville to the south, and travels northeast to Covington and ultimately Bogalusa. Photo taken 06/01.
Eastbound at the U.S. 190/Exit 63A/B interchange between Covington and Mandeville. This directional interchange connects with the north end of the Lake Pontchartrain access freeway. U.S. 190 follows this limited access highway southward for two miles before again turning to the east at Mandeville. Traffic headed to New Orleans via the Causeway sees an uninterrupted jaunt between Interstate 12 and the toll plaza for the bridges on the south shore at Metairie. Photo taken 06/01.
Exit 65 for Louisiana 59 on Interstate 12 eastbound. This route is not to be confused with the relatively close Interstate 59. Therefore the Louisiana Department of Transportation has installed two Interstate 59 trailblazers alerting drivers to continue eastward along Interstate 12 past Exit 65 for Louisiana 59. Photo taken 07/22/01.
At the eastbound end of the off-ramp for Exit 65 is this faded Interstate 59 trailblazer pointing to the return ramp for Interstate 12. To the left Louisiana 59 heads north to Abita Springs and Louisiana 21. To the right is U.S. 190 at Mandeville. Photo taken 07/22/01.
Shifting from a rural to suburban setting at Slidell and U.S. 11, is this eastbound guide signage for Exit 83 with the U.S. route. This is the last interchange before Interstate 12 concludes at Interstates 10 and 59. Photo taken 06/01.
Guide sign for the Exit 82 off-ramp on Interstate 12 eastbound. U.S. 11 is the main north-south thoroughfare through the Slidell downtown and outlying areas. The highway is buffeted by commercial and residential development from near Pearl River southward to North Shore on Lake Pontchartrain. This is a half cloverleaf interchange folded to the west. Photo taken 06/01.
Exits 85A/B/C advance guide sign on Interstate 12 at the U.S. 11 interchange. The main ramp of Interstate 12 transitions to Interstate 10 east, but is given the Exit 85C designation. Photo taken 06/01.
Interstate 10/59 sign bridge at the Interstate 10 westbound ramp (Exit 85A). Traffic exiting here turns to the south and re-enters the Slidell city area en route to New Orleans. The overheads in this photograph has since been replaced (as of Spring 2000). Photo taken 11/06/99.
View of the replacement signage on Interstate 12 eastbound at Exit 85A/Interstate 10 west. The sign panels are bit misleading, as both travel lanes continue to Interstate 10 east, with Interstate 59 northbound traffic departing from its own lane. Interstates 10, 12, and 59 all retain concrete pavement through this confluence. Downtown New Orleans is 35 miles to the southwest, with Interstate 10 westbound entering the city limits only 15 miles from this location. Photo taken 10/03/01.
Interstate 12 eastbound approaching Exit 85B for Interstate 59 north. All traffic not exiting onto Interstate 59 transitions to Interstate 10/Exit 85C. Bay Saint Louis, although a poor control city choice, is situated 28 miles to the east. Continuing further on Interstate 10 are Gulfport (39 miles), Biloxi (52 miles), and Mobile, Alabama (101 miles). Drivers turning onto Interstate 59 north travel to Hattiesburg (75 miles) and Meridian, Mississippi (261 miles). Photo taken 10/03/01.
Interstate 12 west
After leaving the Interstate 10 and 59 confluence, Interstate 12 quickly sees its first interchange with U.S. 11/Exit 83. U.S. 11 takes Interstate 12 travelers southward into the downtown area of the city. Photo taken 08/12/02.
The westbound signage for U.S. 11/Exit 83 is identical to that on Interstate 12 eastbound. All signage for the associated interchange on U.S. 11 was replaced by Summer of 2001. Photo taken 08/12/02.
Exit 80 serves Northshore Boulevard and Airport Drive on the outskirts of Slidell. This westbound photograph looks at the diamond interchange. Slidell Airport, located a short distance to the north, gives Airport Drive its name. Photo taken 08/12/02.
Approaching Louisiana 434/Exit 74 on Interstate 12 westbound. A raindrop from a renegade rain shower obscures the view of the guide signage. Lacombe (pop. 7518) is a city along the northshore of Lake Pontchartrain and U.S. 190. The village of Saint Tammany is just four miles northward along Louisiana 434 from the freeway. The upcoming interchange is the only in a 14 mile stretch between the Slidell and Covington/Mandeville areas. Photo taken 08/12/02.
One-half mile guide sign for Louisiana 59 on Interstate 12 westbound. The best way into Mandeville (pop. 10489) is to travel southward on Louisiana 59. The Lake Pontchartrain shoreline city has seen its growth as a bedroom community due to the outward expansion of New Orleans metro. Photo taken 08/12/02.
Louisiana 59/Exit 65 off-ramp from Interstate 12 westbound. The town of Abita Springs (pop. 1957), is home to various arts and crafts shops and should not be confused with the bottled water company of the same name (The Abita Springs water company is based out of New Orleans). However, the town is home to the Abita Brewery, creater of the state-wide known "TurboDog" and "Purple Haze" brews.1 AARoads recommends the "Abita Amber". Photo taken 08/12/02.
Because of the importance of the Exit 63 interchange, a two-mile guide signage is in place along Interstate 12 westbound. It should be noted, that U.S. 190 west also connects with Louisiana 25, a north-south highway that travels to the Washington Parish seat of Franklinton (pop. 3657) on route to the state of Mississippi. Photo taken 08/12/02.
Unlike the eastbound direction, westbound Interstate 12 utilizes independent ramps for U.S. 190. This photograph looks at Exit 63B for U.S. 190 west/Covington. Bogalusa (pop. 13365) is the largest Louisiana city north of Interstate 12 and U.S. 190. The Washington Parish seat is accessible via Exit 63B. The downtown area of the Covington (pop. 8483), is just four miles to the north. Photo taken 08/12/02.
Westbound Interstate 12 cloverleaf ramp for U.S. 190 east/Exit 63A. This ramp also serves the tolled Lake Pontchartrain Causeway. The 24-mile bridge is accessible via the U.S. 190 freeway at the city of Mandeville. The tolled crossing ($3 per passenger vehicle) provides a direct route into the New Orleans metropolitan area. Photo taken 08/12/02.
The last Covington exit on Interstate 12 westbound is for Louisiana 21/Exit 59. The state highway between Covington and Bush/Louisiana 41, is slated for four-laning within the next ten years. This interchange also serves Fairview Riverside State Park. Photo taken 08/12/02.
Leaving the Covington vicinity, Interstate 12 sees Exit 57 for Louisiana 1077. The rural character of the highway takes precedence, as the freeway sees ten uninterrupted miles before the next interchange. Photo taken 08/12/02.
The Louisiana 445 overpass looms in the background as the Exit 47 off-ramp from Interstate 12 west departs. Photo taken 08/12/02.
Louisiana 3158/Airport Road, connects Interstate 12 at Exit 42 northward with U.S. 190 and Hammond Municipal Airport. Photo taken 06/01.
Approaching Business U.S. 51 on Interstate 12 westbound. The business route begins at Interstate 55/Exit 23 south of Pontchatoula, heading north into Baton Rouge to U.S. 190. Photo taken 08/12/02.
Southeastern University is served by the Exit 40 interchange as displayed by this guide sign. The campus is situated within the Hammond City limits to the north. Photo taken 08/12/02.
Westbound Interstate 12 at Exit 40/Business U.S. 51 within the Hammond vicinity. If this route were placed out west, Business U.S. 51 would most likely be Interstate Business 55. Photo taken 08/12/02.
Exit 38B/Interstate 55 northbound guide signage on westbound Interstate 12. Interstate 55 also passes by smaller Mississippan cities such as McComb (pop. 13337) and Brookhaven (pop. 9861) on the trek northward to Jackson. Photo taken 08/12/02.
Westbound after some intermittent light showers tapered off at Exit 38A/Interstate 55 south. The bridges for Interstate 12 over Interstate 55 are substandard with no right-hand shoulder. 29 miles separate Interstate 12 from 10 via Interstate 55 to the south. Photo taken 08/12/02.
One-mile guide sign on westbound for Exit 35/Louisiana 1249. The state highway is a connector between Louisiana 22 to the south and Louisiana 1040 to the north. The community of Baptist is situated on U.S. 190 to the north, while Pumpkin Center is located two miles to the south. Photo taken 08/12/02.
The first exit on Interstate 12 westbound in Livingston Parish (pop. 91814) is with Louisiana 43/Exit 32. Louisiana 43 travels between Springfield and Albany (pop. 865) within the vicinity of Interstate 12, but continues northward to the Mississippi state line north of Easleyville. A tourist information center is located on the southside of the diamond interchange, as is the village of Hungarian Settlement. Photo taken 08/12/02.
Westbound Interstate 12 at Exit 29/Louisiana 441 for Holden. Louisiana 441 travels north-south between Louisiana 42, Interstate 12, U.S. 190, and Louisiana 442. The next interchange is that of Exit 23 for Louisiana 63. This is the only westbound exit that is not covered on this page. Photo taken 08/12/02.
The rural landscape of Interstate 12 is undaunting, as the freeway travels between Baton Rouge and Hammond. This westbound photograph looks at the one-half mileage guide signage for Exit 19/Livingston Parish 45. The guide signs for Exit 19 were installed as part of a 2000/2001 signing project of Interstate 12. Photo taken 08/12/02.
A rare instance in the state of Louisiana where a Parish Route (similar to County routes in the rest of the country) is displayed on an Interstate mainline guide sign. This photograph takes a look at Interstate 12 westbound signage for Exit 19/Livingston Parish Route 45. The local road connects with Louisiana 42 south at Colyell and U.S. 190 to the north. The village of Satsuma is so small that it does not even appear on the official 2002 Louisiana state map. An instance of a parish shield appearing on an Interstate guide sign occurs on Interstate 20 in northeast Louisiana and future Interstate 49/U.S. 90 near New Iberia. Photo taken 08/12/02.
Westbound Interstate 12 at Exit 15/Louisiana 447. The north-south highway links Louisiana 16 near Port Vincent (pop. 463) with U.S. 190 at Walker, continuing northward to Louisiana 63 in northwestern Livingston Parish. Photo taken 08/12/02.
The first exit of Interstate 12 within the Baton Rouge metropolitan area is that of Louisiana 3002 at Denham Springs. Louisiana 3002 is heavily developed within the vicinity of the interchange with the usual suburban type setting. One block north of the westbound off-ramp to Louisiana 3002 is Louisiana 3003. Louisiana 3002 also acts as a connector between Louisiana 16 and U.S. 190. Photo taken 08/12/02.
Just west of the Amite River is the Louisiana 3245/O'Neil Lane interchange of Exit 7. This is the first exit on westbound within East Baton Rouge Parish. Photo taken 08/12/02.
Exit 6 for Millerville Road departs on westbound Interstate 12 in this photograph. Interstate 12 widens to six lanes from Exit 6 west to Interstate 10. Photo taken 08/12/02.
1.75 mile overhead on westbound for Exit 4. Sherwood Forest Boulevard is a north-south highway that loops from Louisiana 37 in northeast Baton Rouge southward to Interstate 10 and Louisiana 3246 at Siegan Lane. Note the median highway lighting. These lights line Interstate 12 from the western terminus eastward to the Denham Springs interchange/Exit 10. Photo taken 08/12/02.
The legendary Sherwood Forest from the tales of Robin Hood seems to be a popular geographical name for cities these days. This westbound Interstate 12 photograph looks at the Sherwood Forest Boulevard interchange (Exit 4). Sherwood Forest Road is actually East Baton Rouge Parish 68, but not signed on Interstate 12 guide signage. Its one of the only parish routes in the Baton Rouge area. Photo taken 08/12/02.
Advance guide signage the U.S. 61 northbound exit on Interstate 12 westbound. Just north of the cloverleaf interchange for Exit 2, is Louisiana 426, the Old Hammond Highway. Our speculation is that this may have been U.S. 190 at one time. Photo taken 08/12/02.
Exit 2B for U.S. 61/Airline Highway north departs from Interstate 12 westbound. The ramp takes motorists to the Independence Park and The Mall at Cortana vicinity of east Baton Rouge. Photo taken 08/12/02.
A full cloverleaf interchange facilitates movements between Interstate 12 and U.S. 61/Airline Highway. The name Airline Highway applies to all of U.S. 61 from New Orleans westward to Baton Rouge. The designation continues westward along U.S. 190 from Baton Rouge to Opelousas. Photo taken 08/12/02.
Interstate 12 sees an urban speed limit of 60 mph posted from Exit 10 westbound to the terminus. This photograph looks at the advance overhead for Exit 1B/Louisiana 1068.
Westbound at Exit 1B for Louisiana 73/Jefferson Highway and Louisiana 1068/Drusilla Lane. Eastbound Interstate 12 motorists see Exit 1B depart at Louisiana 3064/Essen Lane to the west. This interchange serves the Westminster community. Photo taken 08/12/02.
Interstate 12 westbound signage converts to Interstate 10 westbound as the highway approaches its western terminus. Three lanes are allocated for Interstate 10 west, while Exit 1A takes the right-hand lane back to the southeast along Interstate 10 east. The city-center of New Orleans is 73 miles from this point. Photo taken 08/12/02.
Exit 1A is the last mainline Interstate 12 interchange for westbound traffic. It takes traffic to Interstate 10 eastbound for the southeast suburbs of Baton Rouge. Exit 158/College Drive is the first westbound Interstate 10 exit Interstate 12 travelers encounter after the Interstate ends. Photo taken 08/12/02.
Exit 158 overhead signage for the Interstate 10 College Drive exit is posted on the westbound transition lanes for Interstate 12. The close proximity and lane allocation for the interchange warrant this assembly. College Drive is designated as such because of the placement of Baton Rouge Community College. Photo taken 08/12/02.
The westbound lanes of Interstate 12 transition to Interstate 10 westbound in this photograph. Interstate 10 enters with just two lanes, as Interstate 12 adds three. Downtown Baton Rouge is just five miles to the west, with Lafayette another 53 beyond there. Photo taken 08/12/02.


  1. Marc Welby.

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