Interstate 10 Westbound (Lafayette Vicinity)

Interstate 10 West
Interstate 10 crosses into Iberville Parish ahead of the Exit 139 diamond interchange with Louisiana 77 (Bayou Road). The 49.11-mile highway begins at Louisiana 1 in Plaquemine (pop. 7,064) and ends at Louisiana 10 east of Melville (pop. 1,376). Photo taken 10/18/03.
Westbound Interstate 10 at the Louisiana 77 (Exit 139) off-ramp at Gross Tete (pop. 670). The freeway begins a series of elevated viaducts between here and Henderson Lake. Two miles to the north Louisiana 77 (Bayou Road) travels to Rosedale (pop. 753) and Louisiana 76 (Rosedale Road). Photo taken 10/18/03.
Situated in the proverbial middle of nowhere is the Exit 127 diamond interchange at Whiskey Bay. Louisiana 975 intersects the freeway here in extreme western Iberville Parish. The state highway begins at Exit 127 and ends at U.S. 190 near Krotz Springs 18.43 miles to the north. Interstate 10 crosses the Atchafalaya River in the background. Photo taken 10/18/03.
Traveling the Atchafalaya Swamp Freeway on westbound one mile east of the folded cloverleaf interchange near Butte La Rose (Exit 121). Intersecting Interstate 10 here is Louisiana 3177 (Atchafalaya River Highway). Photo taken 10/18/03.
Louisiana 3177 begins at the Exit 121 interchange with Interstate 10. The state highway follows the Atchafalaya River Highway southward 5.61 miles to its terminus at Butte La Rose. Photo taken 10/18/03.
Interstate 10 crosses Henderson Lake in between Exit 121 and Exit 115. Near the community of Henderson (pop. 1,531) the freeway returns to dry land. The first interchange of Saint Martin Parish resides just west of Henderson with Louisiana 347 (Grand Point Highway). Grand Point Highway carries Louisiana 347 northward to Louisiana 686 (Coteau Rodaire Highway) and the community of Cecilia (pop, 1,505). Louisiana 352 stems 2.64 miles east from Grand Point Highway to Henderson itself. Photo taken 10/18/03.

The second and last Saint Martin Parish exit is that of the Exit 109 diamond interchange at Breaux Bridge (pop. 7,281). Here Louisiana 328 (Rees Street & Anse Broussard Highway) intersects Interstate 10. The 7.87-mile begins at Breaux Bridge and ends at Louisiana 347 in Cecilia. Photo taken 10/18/03.
Interstate 10 sees a new diamond interchange with Louisiana Avenue in Lafayette at roughly milepost 104. The 2003-opened exit utilizes the former mainline carriageways as the ramps to Louisiana Avenue itself. A new set of overpasses were constructed to carry the four-lane mainline above the surface street itself. Louisiana Avenue travels northward from central Lafayette to Pont Des Mouton. Pictured here is the former westbound mainline and now Louisiana Avenue on-ramp. Photo taken 10/18/03.
The one-mile guide sign for the full cloverleaf interchange (Exit 103B/A) with U.S. 167 & Interstate 49 northbound remained on the former westbound mainline. I-49 presently begins here and ends in Shreveport, with a second section nearing completion from I-220 north to Texarkana, Arkansas. The I-49 South project extends the route southeast from Lafayette to New Iberia, Morgan City, Houma and New Orleans. Photo taken 10/18/03.
Exit 103B departs for the northbound beginning of Interstate 49 and U.S. 167 for the cities of Opelousas and Alexandria. U.S. 167 remains overlapped with Interstate 49 for 23 miles. The city of Opelousas and U.S. 190 is 19 miles to the north. Ultimately Interstate 49 is planned to continue northward from Shreveport to Kansas City, Missouri. Photo taken 10/13/03.

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