Interstate 10 Eastbound (Lafayette Vicinity)

Interstate 10 East
East of Jennings Interstate 10 enters Acadia Parish. The first of six exits within the parish is Exit 72 for the village of Egan. Bocage Road parallels the eastbound side of the freeway for two miles leading up to Exit 72. Photo taken 10/22/03.
A diamond interchange handles the movements of Interstate 10 and Trumps Road just west of Egan. The local highway connects the freeway with Egan Highway west of the village and Louisiana 91 (Iota Highway). Louisiana 91 turns eastward at Egan and travels three miles to the next exit of Interstate 10. Photo taken 10/22/03.
Louisiana 91 intersects Interstate 10 at the aforementioned interchange east of Egan. The state highway totals 49.67 miles on the trek between Gueydan (pop. 1,598), Morse (pop. 759), Midland, Estherwood (pop. 807), Egan, Iota (pop. 1,376), and Eunice (pop. 11,499). Photo taken 10/22/03.
Drawing to within one half mile of the Exit 76 diamond interchange with Louisiana 91 (Estherwood Highway). Four miles separate Interstate 10 with the town of Estherwood and U.S. 90 (Front Street). U.S. 90 and Louisiana 91 share a two-mile overlap between Estherwood westward to Midland. Photo taken 10/22/03.
North of Interstate 10, Louisiana 91 migrates eight miles to Louisiana 98 (Maxie Highway) at the town of Iota. From there the two highways overlap along 5th and Frey Streets to the intersection of the Des Cannes Highways (Louisiana 98) and Eunice Iota Highway (Louisiana 91 through Iota itself. Photo taken 10/22/03.
Between Exits 76 and 80 a pair of frontage roads accompany Interstate 10. Jasmine Road follows eastbound and Egan Highway follows westbound. Pictured here is the two-mile guide sign for Louisiana 13 (Crowley Eunice Highway). Photo taken 10/22/03.
Interstate 10 crosses over a railroad line one mile west of the Exit 80 diamond interchange with Louisiana 13. Louisiana 13 consists of 64.04 miles between Louisiana 14 near Kaplan (pop. 5,177) and U.S. 167 at Turkey Creek (pop. 356). Photo taken 10/22/03.
One-half mile west of Louisiana 13 (Crowley Eunice Highway) on Interstate 10. As the name implies, the state highway provides the main line between the two communities. 18 miles separate Eunice (U.S. 190) from the city of Crowley (pop. 14,225). Photo taken 10/22/03.
Louisiana 13 follows Pakerson Avenue southward through Crowley to U.S. 90 (2nd Street). Seven blocks east of that intersection the two highways part ways at the intersection of Eastern Avenue. Photo taken 10/22/03.
Louisiana 1111 (Tower Road) intersects Interstate 10 at the East Crowley interchange of Exit 82. Tower Road spurs north from the confluence of U.S. 90 and Odd Fellows Road to Louisiana 98 (Roberts Cove Road). Photo taken 10/22/03.
Drawing to within 0.25 miles of the Exit 82 off-ramp for Louisiana 1111 (Tower Road). Louisiana 1111 consists of 6.01 miles between Louisiana 13 and 98. Photo taken 10/22/03.
Interstate 10 eastbound at the Louisiana 1111 (Tower Road) diamond interchange (Exit 82). Louisiana 1111 intersects U.S. 90 (Crowley Rayne Highway) just south of the junction. Photo taken 10/22/03.
Two miles east of the town of Rayne (pop. 8,552) and Louisiana 35 (Exit 87) on Interstate 10 eastbound. Louisiana 35 begins at Louisiana 82 and ends at U.S. 190 (Lawtell). The highway is 52.24 miles long. Seven miles to the north of Exit 87 Louisiana 35 (Church Point Road) intersects Louisiana 365 (Branch Highway) at the village of Branch. The northbound control city of Church Point (pop. 4,756) is five miles beyond Branch. Photo taken 10/22/03.
Louisiana 35 (The Boulevard) merges with Louisiana 98 (White Oak Highway) just north of the Exit 87 diamond interchange. The two highways follow The Boulevard southward into Rayne to the intersection of Jeff Davis Avenue. There Louisiana 98 turns east and Louisiana 35 becomes Adams Avenue. Seven blocks to the south Louisiana 35 (Adams Avenue) merges with U.S. 90 (Texas Avenue). Photo taken 10/22/03.
Louisiana 95 (Austria Road) intersects Interstate 10 just north of Duson (pop. 1,672) at Exit 92. The highway begins at U.S. 90 and ends at Louisiana 104 46.48 miles to the north. 3.5 miles to the north via the Mire Highway (Louisiana 95) is Louisiana 98 and Mire itself. Photo taken 10/22/03.
The two-mile guide sign of Exit 97 for Louisiana 93 is posted at the Louisiana 742 (Fieldspan Road) overcrossing near Sadou. Louisiana 93 skims the outskirts of the Lafayette metropolitan area (pop. 182,821) between U.S. 167 (Johnston Street) and Cankton (pop. 362). Photo taken 10/22/03.
Louisiana 93 arcs 29.91 miles north from U.S. 167 (Johnston Street) to Louisiana 31 at Arnaudville (pop. 1,398). Locally the state highway follows Apollo Road 0.75 miles south to U.S. 90 (Cameron Street) at the suburb of Scott (pop. 7,870). U.S. 90 & Louisiana 93 share 1.3 miles of pavement through the town. Photo taken 10/22/03.
Eastbound at the Louisiana 93 (Apollo Road) diamond interchange (Exit 97). This is the first of six Lafayette metropolitan area interchanges. Photo taken 10/22/03.
Interstate 10 eastbound at the Mills Street overcrossing near the town of Scott. Posted here is the 1.50-mile guide sign for the upcoming diamond interchange with Ambassador Caffrey Parkway. The north-south surface roadway begins at Louisiana 339 (Verot School Road) south of town. The north end of the roadway occurs 0.5 miles from Exit 100 at Louisiana 723 (Renaud Drive). Photo taken 10/22/03.
Ambassador Caffrey Parkway carries Louisiana 3184 1.97 miles southward from Interstate 10 to Louisiana 3025 (Bertrand Drive). Ambassador Caffrey Parkway also carries all 3.36 miles of Louisiana 3073 between U.S. 167 (Johnston Street) and Louisiana 339 (Verot School Road). Photo taken 10/22/03.
Louisiana 182 travels University Avenue through downtown Lafayette (pop. 110,257) to the northern suburb of Carencro (pop. 6,120). The state highway constitutes the former routing of U.S. 167 between the two communities and sees a diamond interchange with Interstate 10 at Exit 101. Photo taken 10/22/03.
Louisiana 182 travels 173.88 miles from start to finish. The state highway continues south of Lafayette along the old alignment of U.S. 90 through the communities of New Iberia, Morgan City, and Houma among others. In the city of Lafayette Louisiana 182 (University Avenue) joins U.S. 90 Business between U.S. 167 (Johnston Street) and Pinehook Road. The overlap occurs alongside the campus of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Photo taken 10/22/03.
The first Exit 103A/B overhead for the current southern terminus of Interstate 49 is posted at the Exit 101 ramp departure for Louisiana 182 (University Avenue). Interstate 49 shares pavement with U.S. 167 for the first 23 miles. U.S. 167 predated the Interstate as the freeway between Lafayette and Opelousas (pop. 22,860). Photo taken 10/22/03.
Interstate 10 ascends over a railroad line 0.75 miles west of the Exit 103A/B full cloverleaf interchange. U.S. 167 transitions into Interstate 49 via the six-lane Evangeline Thruway. The Evangeline Thruway constitutes the main north-south surface arterial through the city of Lafayette. Photo taken 10/22/03.
One quarter mile from the ramp departure of U.S. 167 (Evangeline Thruway) southbound. U.S. 167 overlaps with U.S. 90 between Mudd Avenue and Johnston Street near downtown Lafayette. U.S. 90 continues the Evangeline Thruway southward from Johnston Street (U.S. 167) to Lafayette Regional Airport, New Iberia, and Morgan City. U.S. 90 and 167 through Lafayette represent the future corridor of Interstate 49 south. Portions of U.S. 90 are already a freeway on the stretch between Lafayette and metro New Orleans. Photo taken 10/22/03.
Traffic to U.S. 167 (Evangeline Thruway) southbound departs Interstate 10 east at Exit 103A. U.S. 167 ends 21 miles south of downtown Lafayette at Louisiana 14 in Abbeville (pop. 11,887). U.S. 90 (Future Interstate 49) meets New Iberia (pop. 32,623) 21 miles and Franklin (pop. 8,354) 45 miles south of Lafayette. Photo taken 10/22/03.
The northbound beginning of Interstate 49 departs Interstate 10 eastbound via the Exit 103B loop ramp. At present the Interstate compiles 208.25 miles between Lafayette and Interstate 20 at Shreveport (pop. 200,145). 80 miles to the north Interstate 49 enters the greater Alexandria-Pineville area (pop. 126,337). Photo taken 10/22/03.
Interstate 10 eastbound at the 2003 opened (Exit 104) diamond interchange with Louisiana Avenue. Louisiana Avenue ventures northeast from downtown to Pont Des Mouton and Mouton Switch Road. The new interchange utilizes the former Interstate 10 mainline as the on and off-ramps. The four lane freeway travels new bridges over Louisiana Avenue itself within the median of the old carriageways. Photo taken 10/22/03.
Interstate 10 enters Saint Martin Parish between Lafayette and Breaux Bridge (pop. 7,281). The first interchange within the parish exists with Louisiana 328 (Rees Street) at Exit 109. The one-mile guide sign for Louisiana 328 is posted near the Louisiana 31 (Main Highway) overcrossing. Photo taken 10/22/03.
Nearing the off-ramp to the 7.87-mile long Louisiana 328. The state highway follows Rees Street southward from Interstate 10 into Breaux Bridge itself where it ends at Louisiana 336-1. Photo taken 10/22/03.
Louisiana 328 (Anse Broussard Highway) travels north from Exit 109 to Louisiana 347 at Cecilia (pop. 1,505). Photo taken 10/22/03.
Louisiana 347 itself junctions with Interstate 10 at the Exit 115 diamond interchange. The state highway begins at Saint Martinville (pop. 6,989) at Louisiana 31. From there Louisiana 347 (Resweber Highway) parallels Louisiana 31 northward through Parks (pop. 533) to Breaux Bridge. Photo taken 10/22/03.
The first of several variable message signs installed in 2002 and 2003 for the Atchafalaya Swamp Freeway is posted at the Bordelon Road overcrossing. The normal speed limit is 60 mph for cars and 55 mph for trucks on the crossing. Before the variable signs were installed the speed limit was strictly 55 mph for all vehicles. Photo taken 10/22/03.
One mile west of the Louisiana 347 (Grand Point Road) junction of Interstate 10 east (Exit 115). The freeway crosses over a railroad line ahead. Photo taken 10/22/03.
Atchafalaya Basin Exit 115 auxiliary guide sign for the Louisiana 347 exit. Louisiana 352 (Henderson Highway) stems eastward from Louisiana 347 just south of Exit 115 to the town of Henderson (pop. 1,531). Photo taken 10/22/03.
Eastbound at the Louisiana 347 (Grand Point Road) off-ramp of Exit 115. Grand Point Road continues Louisiana 347 northward 3.5 miles to Cecila. The 40.78-mile roadway travels ten miles north of Interstate 10 to Arnaudville and 16 miles to the terminus at Leonville (pop. 1,007). Photo taken 10/22/03.
The beginning of the Atchafalaya Swamp Freeway occurs at Henderson Lake in eastern Saint Martin Parish. A pair of two lane viaducts elevates a good 20 miles over the swampy wetlands of the Atchafalaya River basin. Variable speed limit signs were posted in 2002/03 for dense fog and other potentially hazardous weather driving conditions. Photo taken 10/22/03.

Scenes along the Atchafalaya Swamp Freeway eastbound between Exit 115 (Louisiana 347) and Exit 121 (Louisiana 3177). The highway crosses Henderson Lake and Swamp on the six-mile trek. Photos taken 10/22/03.

The one-mile overhead of Exit 121 for Louisiana 3177 (Atchafalaya River Highway) is posted at Lake Bigeaux. The 5.61-mile state highway links the freeway with the village of Butte La Rose. Photo taken 10/22/03.
Nearing the off-ramp to Louisiana 3177 (Atchafalaya River Highway) on Interstate 10 eastbound. All signs posted along the Atchafalaya Swamp Freeway are overhead structures. The folded cloverleaf interchange of Exit 121 also features a travel rest area for the freeway. Photo taken 10/22/03.
Detail of the overheads attached to the Exit 121 sign bridge at Louisiana 3177. This is the last Saint Martin Parish interchange. Photo taken 10/22/03.

More scenery along the Atchafalaya Swamp Freeway eastbound. The Atchafalaya River splits between two branches along the basin between Henderson and Grosse Tete. Interstate 10 crosses the western branch at the Exit 121 interchange. The viaduct crosses the eastern branch at Whiskey Bay (Exit 127) along the Iberville Parish line. Photos taken 10/22/03.

The one-mile overhead of Louisiana 975 is displayed just west of the high level bridge over the east branch of the Atchafalaya River. Louisiana 975 begins at the Exit 127 diamond interchange. Photo taken 10/22/03.
Descending from the Atchafalaya River crossing into Whiskey Bay. Louisiana 975 straddles the river for 18.43 miles between Interstate 10 and U.S. 190 (Acadiana Trail) across from Krotz Springs. Atchafalaya National Wildlife Refuge and Sherburne Wildlife Management Areas encompass almost the enter path of Louisiana 975. Photo taken 10/22/03.
Eight miles separate Exit 127 from the next exit on Interstate 10 eastbound at Whiskey Bay. The freeway partitions a bit in between the Atchafalaya River and Exit 135 at Ramah. Photo taken 10/22/03.
Interstate 10 eastbound as it departs the Exit 135 diamond interchange. Photo taken 10/22/03.
The southern terminus of Louisiana 3000 (Ramah Road) occurs at the Exit 135 folded-cloverleaf interchange. The 1.33 mile route travels from a point 0.14 miles south of Interstate 10 to Louisiana 76 (Rosedale Road). Photo taken 10/22/03.
Louisiana 3000 (Ramah Road) facilitates the movements between Interstate 10 and the Louisiana 76 (Bayou Road) town of Maringouin (pop. 1,262). Maringouin resides seven miles north of Exit 135 at the northern terminus of Louisiana 76. Photo taken 10/22/03.
The freeway returns to dry land at the community of Ramah and Exit 135. The empty sign bridge here once held the Exit 135 overhead for Louisiana 3000 (Ramah Road). Photo taken 10/22/03.
Louisiana 77 sees a diamond interchange with Interstate 10 (Exit 139) at Gross Tete (pop. 670). Beginning at Louisiana 1 in Plaquemine (pop. 7,064), Louisiana 77 encompasses 49.11 miles of pavement northward to Indian Village, Gross Tete, Rosedale (pop. 753), Maringouin, Livonia (pop. 1,339), and Fordoche (pop. 933). Photo taken 10/22/03.
Exit 139 departs Interstate 10 for Louisiana 77 at Gross Tete. Rosedale resides two miles to the north at Louisiana 76 (Rosedale Road). 12 miles to the east Interstate 10 enters the greater Baton Rouge metropolitan area (pop. 602,894) at Louisiana 415 (Lobdell Highway). Photo taken 10/22/03.

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